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Are there any friends or family you do not speak to at the moment?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there any friend of family that you are not speaking to at the moment?

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Top Answers
I am lucky with family as I do not have this problem.

I have over the years not spoken to friends but generally always end up talking again after a disagreement -in fact one of my very good friends, I did not talk to for a while several times but we are now OK again!
by Finy
When I was growing up I watched the show that picture is from, It was called ''The Man from U.N.C.L.E.''..LOL....I really loved the show, I was 14-15 at the time, and had a huge crush on the blonde guy.(David McCallum). :)
by jonaja
Me too Jonaj-Ilya Kuriakin -sp?
by Finy
Re: above tv show.
I remember in Series 1 of 'NCIS' when a workmate asked Gibbs 'who was 'Ducky' before he came to us? And he replied 'Ilya Kuryakin'.....
I cracked up at this because I loved David McCallum, in 'Man from U.N.C.L.E'!
by donjo
I have tried to talk to 2 people, and both will not talk to me.
So it is their issue, I would just like to move on with life...and be friends.
Both women are very strong personalities, and both 'hate' to be told anything.
They both like to be leaders....and sometimes we just can't always be...

But sadly, pride is what is stopping our friendship to continue.
I miss their company, and if only they knew.
I can't keep saying something, because that will look like I am being a pest.
We have to respect their wishes....
I am fine with all my friends and they with me, life is too short, however family are another thing. One cares much more about flesh and blood of course and at present my son and I are not communicating....has happened before and we reunited so it will probably be okay again before I die!
by fran
No, my family are pretty easy going on both sides. We talk to everyone and look forward to spending tome together at xmas. I feel very lucky!
Yes. 2 people. It got to a point that I had to withdraw from these people as it was affecting my mental health.
Very sadly,despite my trying so hard for so many years,I do not speak with my biological sister who is 2 years older than I am. Even when we were growing up,we were never all that close. It seemed that she held a genuine jealousy of and for me from the moment I was born. This has ALWAYS broken my heart and now that we are both well into our 50's,It is even more sad for me. I have a stepsister who is much closer than my real sister,and this helps a little,but I still wish to mend the bridge over the gaping chasm between my only biological sibling and myself. Very sad indeed.....
Before it is too late, be brave and face her and just ask quietly 'why'.
Take her some flowers, so she will feel your going with peace-pipe...and just once and for all 'ask' her....Be brave, and once you know maybe she can see something that was not be the best attitude to have with you.

by jonaja
She is in S.E.Victoria while I am in Nth Qld,so it is a bit far to walk or drive!! But I do know what you mean. I have definitely already tried to find out what the problems are in her life in a very compassionate and kind manner.And I have also sent cards to let her know I am thinking of her.
Some things are meant to be,and some are unfortunately,not! She knows where I am if ever she feels she would like to cross the bridge back to me.
by Jules
Any further development, Jules?
by Miro
Friends, no. If I wasn't speaking to someone, then I wouldn't class them as a friend! That's not how friendship works for me.
Family is a different matter, you can't choose your family.... so yes, in the past I didn't speak to my mother-in-law and she didn't speak to me. This came after years of a highly toxic relationship and was a huge relief when I just said "I've tried to be pleasant and accommodating for years, enough is enough." She died a year ago and sadly it was like having a huge weight lifted for both me and my husband.
I have friendships that fizzled out but not because of a fight or disagreement - sometimes time or distance can do this
by AJ
No, I try to speak to all my friends and family members, even the most difficult ones.
My sister, 10 years younger, has not wanted to know or talk to me since a friend helped me to move out of the family home in 2007. I was unable to do it myself then due to failing physical and mental health which my family didn't recognise, instead saying that everything I said/did was just for more attention.

She's due back from England next week after four years of study and always thought I would be the dumb, unemployable one stuck at home with the parents while she went off and did what she wanted.
How is it now, for you Amanda, with your sister who's returned from the UK?
by Miro
Due to the sudden death of our father two years ago, we are kind of talking again but it's nowhere near a 'normal' relationship.
by amanda
I do but not by choice. I have reached out and done what I needed to do. Sometimes you just have to let stuff go. It would be a bit harder with someone I have to see everyday.
by Gia
Several of each.

They've issues that they have got to sort through themselves.
The so-calked 'friends' won't be back. Good riddance. They were 'users' but I didn't see that at the time.

The family.....well their immaturity doesn't help. They've done the wrong thing by me, & they'll learn in the long run.
Time is the factor here for them to sort themselves out. If they don't, I'll just enjoy my new life! It's too short to not enjoy oneself with the allotted time on earth ticking by!

Unfortunately yes. My youngest sister who chooses not to have anything to do with her older older sisters. It saddens me, but there it is.........
Yes, my nephew. Unfortunately he has gone totally off the rails and after much trying to help out, I had to distance myself as it was starting to negatively affect my mental health.
Yes. My only daughter. Seems that I am so horrible a person, she has refused to have anything to do with me for more than 20 years. Ignored me even when I wished her a Merry Christmas one Christmas day. I'm sure she has justified it all to herself. I get on with my life & have learned others can make any choice they want as to whom they want or not want in their lives, daughters included. When someone decides to have nothing else to do with another, own it. Just don't blame the other person because they may or may not be aware of the other's reasons. Accept life on it's terms & it's not as bad. The Greeks knew what they were doing with their Greek tragedy's. Holding a mirror up to life.
We had a falling out with your eldest daughter, 2 & 3/4 years ago, because of her partner ignoring me, when we used to stay with them, to be with the granddaughter. She's always pleasant to me, when I collect the now 2 granddaughters to take them to their local park. My husband, hasn't seen nor spoken to either of them, since the dreadful night of the argument. He's also hoping to be allowed to cut her out his will. They live in Melbourne, we live in Sydney. We stay with our youngest daughter when we're down there to see the granddaughters. It was lucky for us, she moved down there. Unfortunately, the eldest daughter doesn't seem to want to have much to do with her only sibling. (We go down there 4/5 times a year.)
by Miro
Sadly things are no different, I will be building this particular bridge for years and years, and I think I shall run out of bricks!!! Ah Well....I have certainly tried over the years...... I feel VERY sad for the kids involved.My son would LOVE to have known his cousins when he was still little!! He HAS made contact as an adult, bless his heart!!
by Jules
Well apparently there is! I logged into facebook and found myself unfriended.

I have sent a message to see if I have been accidentally unfriended or I have accidentally offended.
Watch this space for the next exciting instalment.
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