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Are there any areas you are a little obsessive compulsive about?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there anything that you are bordering on obsessive compulsive about?

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Top Answers
Yes, I have several.
Probably tidiness is the one - I have a problem when I mind my two grandchildren - they make a mess and they eat with food going on the floor, and it makes me very anxious for some reason.

I am also neurotic about getting rid of things on the computer even though my hard drive is huge and I do not need to get rid of it!

I also have a problem taking plastic off new items - e.g. my new fridge had the plastic over the door till a friend tore it off, and my keyboard still has a bit of plastic around the edge to protect it.

I think there is more, but cannot think of them at the moment - oh, yes, at the shop I volunteer - they all laugh about my efforts to always straighten the book shelves and make sure the books line up perfectly and I have been known to get annoyed when a customer messes them up by looking at them!
by Finy
Finy, I like to straighten pictures or paintings on the wall, even in other peoples homes. I like symmetry, like you do with your books. The most attractive people like models and some movie stars , have completely symmetrical faces. Most people like symmetry, but I guess some people are a bit slack in enforcing it in their own homes, and that's where I come in !!!
by Lluxi
I straighten up after customers when I am shopping . . . . heck, Finy, there we go again. LOL
by Rice
No. I tend to think we use the term 'OCD' lightly. After seeing people suffer with it on TV, I can safely and happily say I am not 'OCD' about anything. I do have a preference for a tidy house, and I don't like to own a lot of things because I like the idea of living simply. I also don't like dirty fridges, cupboard, or bench tops - but I'm assuming that's "normal".
by Vee
Yes. I know what you mean. I have a cousin with it and she sees a psychiatrist. She finds it hard to go out because she always has to go back and double check everything over and over. Most people's preference for a tidy home is nowhere near as bad as the medically diagnosed illness, and cant be compared at all.
by Lluxi
Wow. It really can be debilitating. :-|
by Vee
I am a bit ocd about germs. The other has to do with my musical equipment and electronics. My wife says I am in love with my bass guitar but I just like being careful so I will have it for a long time.
Oh yes !!! Just ask my husband about it !!! There are quite a few things that have to be done MY WAY or not at all, so he lets me do it. Cleaning is one thing that I like to do and I do it very thoroughly. If someone else does it, I never feel as if it is done properly, and I feel that I need to do it again ( but I don't ). Therefore, if I am away or sick, it doesn't get done, but I don't mind, as I want to be the one to do it when I am able. There are lots of little things. I probably should go through the day and write them down. Things like wanting to hold the tv remote are probably more about control than being OCD, so cleaning is the main one for me
Lluxi, good for you not 'redoing' what others have done. My mother would insist we wash the dishes and wipe the benches. I The dishes were fine, but she would always wipe down after me. I didn't see the point of doing it in the first place, but I had to. If I hung up clothes on the clothesline, she would inspect it and redo what I had done wrong. It really killed the motivation for me.
by Vee
Now that really is OCD Vee !!!
by Lluxi
I know! I told her. She didn't think so - denial!
by Vee
Can't afford to be OCD with the cleaning, as my husband does it on my regular volunteer day, but I always do the dusting.
by grann
I like a clean and very tidy house. I can't stand clutter of any kind. I am the type everything has a place and should be put back into that place. I have been called a perfectionist and it drives my family crazy. I can't help how I am.

I think we are all entitled to have our houses clean and tidy and I can't ever understand other peoples' ridicule. Maybe they are all pigs at home . . . ? Why do people, even unrelated ones, think they need an opinion on our living quarters?! You just continue to live how you want my dear :-)
by Rice
I am just getting rid of the hoarder in my house and looking forward to A) a clean and tidy house B) not having to be upset because THAT person makes mess all over the place and C) Not having to hear myself shrieking like a damned fishwife because another piece of * has just been secreted into my house! I have seen people on tv who are so OCD that they have washed their hands until their skin peeled. Very sad. I line things up a little, tuck tags in and colour match my pegs but I don't think I am anywhere near OCD. When I was working there was a man who used to go round and round in tiny circles outside the building opposite . . . . he would then turn around and go the other way. It all had some sort of pattern for him and he seemed terribly anxious. That is what I would term true OCD.
by Rice
your getting rid of
hoarder? or the things that have been piling up.
by jonaja
Too bad, so sad, he can't come, he has to stay in Brisbane for work. *shame* Muwahahahahahaha.
by Rice
I am not OCD fortunately and have a friend who is so I see how debilitating it is.
I like to look after my things in a certain way and I am careful. I don't like to see people being rough with other people's property.
After locking my car I frequently begin to walk away and then stop to check that it's locked. I think that is because the initial locking is such an automatic action.
I get worried when I see small children near roads or other dangers or who are too far from their parents. My husband calls me a mother hen. I am probably obsessive about child safety. My grandmother saw a small child break away from his mother's hand and get killed by a passing car and I have always imagined how horrible that must have been. Children

Not at all.I would never claim to have this debilitating and ghastly affliction! It is a genuine psychiatric condition which needs professional attention and to see someone who truly does suffer with it is so very sad,to say the least. I believe that many people who are rather fussy use the term OCD to describe what is basically just their preference for how they like things to be,and to be done. It is definitely NOT the the condition known as OCD!! It is simply the little foibles in their lives which make them who they are!! When these things disrupt a life, THEN it is OCD!!!
I dont think I am but I have friends who are. Some of them are not harmful habbits but others I am not too sure !
I HATE Dust.
So I am forever trying to keep it away from my life, maybe not obsessive, but getting there.

I HATE Clutter, and just had a huge clean out....much to my delight, yet we don't have much?
Go figure.

I'm very afraid of having too much, and the house being messy (even though it's isn't), quite the opposite, yet that is my big big fear.
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