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Are doomsday preppers practical, paranoid or just mad?

by Vee (follow)
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The end sign
Image by bmcmath, morgueFile.com

People have always feared 'the end', but, with the world as it is and more people jumping on the bandwagon, I think it's worth considering 'prepping'.

Are doomsday preppers practical, paranoid or just mad?

Could you imagine some calamity befalling us and having to watch your children suffer because you haven't prepared?

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Top Answers
There is wisdom in being prepare but this level of paranoia that the world is going to end and the conspiracy theories leads to a life of fear. I know people who are preppers of sort, they watch what they eat so closely that they never enjoy anything, never get dressed up, never go anywhere, don't have friends because no one can be trusted and the man is going to get us any day now.
by Gia
I wouldn't say people who keep predicting the end of the world are 'preppers' or practical. they don't do anything about it other than march around scaremongering with signs and causing a disturbance. I wouldn't say they were paranoid either, because a lot of natural disasters that could destroy us are possible. What I do think is is a bit paranoid and mad, however, is predicting an exact date on which it will occur. When it does't happen, they just say the maths was wrong and calculate a new date that they are sure is the end.
Totally nutters as far as I'm concerned and scaring gullible people. Life is what you make it so you may as well enjoy it before you meet your maker whatever form that may be in.
I am quite happy with my life, but do believe the world, as it always has, will evolve. I do not believe our planet can sustain so many billions of us, who really, just keep greedily taking from the planet, and give very little back. History shows that nothing stays the same forever. For those of us who live a fortunate life, be thankful and enjoy.
A lot of the prepping they do could be useful during actual emergencies that are not only likely but pretty much certain to happen sooner or later. In 2011 when we had the big floods in Queensland people who had some tinned food, bottled water, torches and batteries at the ready were pretty glad of it. With other types of "prepping" I think the expense and inconvenience aren't worth the small likelihood of their actually being useful, so yes, they do strike me as a bit mad.
They had about 100 years to keep laughing at Noah....but in the end, it did come.That was one man who knew the truth.
Wisdom = being prepared...but sometimes not quite the way one should be 'prepared'?
I think doomsday preppers are paranoid. What a sad way to live life, waiting and preparing for its end. I wonder if these folks unwittingly banish happiness from their lives.
I think its better to be safe than sorry. This world will come to an end one day but no one can predict the date. You just have to be mindful of what is happening around you. Try to find the positives to live a happy life and be prepared spiritual when the day comes.
by jonaja
Interesting. Very interesting. The two of you.
by Vee
They are human, and humans need a purpose, and perhaps it may be all of the above. As long as they are not doing anyone any harm then I have no judgement whatsoever.
good on ya :)
by jonaja
To each, their own.
Well, you've got to admire their organisational skills. They all seem a bit left of centre to me. Wonder if any of them would like to come and straighten up my pantry.
by Rice
I would think quite MAD
by Finy
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