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Are diamonds a girl's best friend?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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In a world where there is so much beauty in things which have no aesthetic value, are diamonds still considered a girls best friend?

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Top Answers
I don't really like diamonds all that much. Partly it's because I think there are other gems that are prettier (saphires and a lot of nice semi precious ones like labradorite, amethyst, malachite, garnet and amber,) but also because it's hard to obtain them ethically. You can get diamonds that are certified as not conflict diamonds or buy preloved or estate jewellery (my engagement ring was from estate jewellery, which worked for me because I wanted a vintage setting) but I think owning very expensive jewellery would make me feel a bit guilty and make me worry about it getting damaged (so many women I know have lost their rings or lost stones out of them while out and about) whenever I wore it.

Are they still a big deal to other women? I don't know. Probably to some of them.
Undeniably, jewellery is still a 'big' thing, it's quite sad considering the issues with Sierre Leone. I can only hope the industry is dying, but I just don't think so.
I meant diamonds specifically, not just jewellery in general. Most of the women I know don't seem to be all that fussed about diamonds. It's weird really the way we decide certain kinds of shiny rock are more valuable than others, and horrible that some think they are worth killing for.
I think so. They're elegant and pretty. Feel great wearing a diamond necklace with any form of dress.
Diamond earrings do it for me! I love them!
I would secretly say yes :)
Can't wait to have my first one...
Haha, I agree!
Diamonds are not really my favourite. They are expensive, and hard to get one suitable to match with all your clothes. I would prefer something colourful and cute, like sapphires or rubies.
Interesting...to match? I always thought diamonds 'went' with everything because they are neutral.
Not if you're wearing something very casual. It just looks strange.
by annep
On the whole....in most cases a Mother can be a girls best friend.

That said, there is a lot of romantic ideas about a Diamond.

Women have loved them for a long long time, and will continue to do so.

For the women who like myself, who have no interest! we find other things in life that become important.

Years ago, some women would fall in love, and make sure! they had a nice big rock on their finger.

When I asked 'why' to the person telling me(a grand lady she was) ''Oh! my dear if things went bad in the marriage, that diamond a few years later was her way of starting life again",by selling it..

The value was then placed on the one big stone....(Mind you, it would take some years in those day to be even able to bail).The picture on the left is a 1950's engagement ring, and today one would be lucky the be able to buy just one diamond that size! They were a lot less expensive,but! after a few years like anything they do go up in price.

Also people got a good price in those days, hence I think the saying ''Diamonds are a girls best friend''! was true because she had little else.

It may seem brazen, but it was a part of the times.
Nice bit of historic perspective. Thank you for that.
I'm the exception; I've never been much of a diamond fan. Sometimes when my mum is watching the shopping channel, I'll see these rings covered in tiny diamonds, and I think it looks tacky. I like it when there is just one diamond; that looks simple and elegant. Lots of diamonds just looks like bling.
I know what you mean, too much looks awful. A simple diamond ring/pair of earrings are just what you need.
I like one on an engagement ring for aesthetic reasons, but these days when women can work it isn't the big deal it once was to have something to fall back on in the form on a diamond if the marriage didn't work out. As far as earrings go, I love the look but prefer crystals as I can get much bigger ones for less money, they look just as good to me when they're set in gold, and I won't care if I lose one anywhere near as much as if it were a diamond.
Amen! I completely agree!
Jewellery has never been really important to me. I prefer to spend my money on travel and discovering gems of knowledge and experience along the way.
Love my Diamond Rings!

Wear my 'Wedding Set' consisting of wide Gold plain band, Eternity Ring, Engagement, then 10 year Anniversary one, daily. The Diamond ones' all have their 'shoulders' at same angle, so they 'sit' neatly together!

I keep them scrupulously clean, at all times, & they 'sparkle' beautifully, even though decades' old.
Get them cleaned professionally, by my Jeweller, every Wedding Anniversary! Then they look 'brand new'!
So they say, but I think that probably applied in years gone by when a diamond would be something to fall back on financially if needed. Diamonds are not my personal choice as I much prefer coloured semi-precious stones and I usually don't have to worry if they are ethically mined. I am a big fan of eclectic, unusual one-off jewellery.
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