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After an argument, do you always make up before sleeping?

by Finy (follow)
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After an argument or disagreement, do you make up before going to sleep?

Or can the resentment carry on for more than a night?

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Top Answers
I no longer have a partner, so I do not have any disagreements any more.

When I did have a partner there were plenty of disagreements however he didnt really speak to me at all for the last 3 months so we did not argue. I just went about being upset at this situation all the time.

I cannot stand it when someone will not communicate.
I used to carry on the resentment for days sometimes, and he carried it for years and years and kept bringing up things that happened 15 years earlier, so NO we definitely did not make up before going to sleep.

He was a FIFO worker and never made up even if I tried -he would just not answer or talk to me.
Wow, glad I am out of that one!
by Finy
Never let the sun go down on an argument! This is one of the earliest lessons taught to me by my parents when I was a small girl. I do nolt hold grudges over silly arguments at all,as this is such a waste of time and alos energy!! If something is freally serious,it HAS to be discussed or walked away from completely.if it is possible to do so.
I don't have a partner to have disagreements with, but I suppose it would depend on how big the disagreement was and if it happened in the morning or in the evening.
After a bad argument, not always. But those are pretty rare I'm pleased to say.
u lucky thing Megg!!
by Finy
u lucky thing Megg!!
what a funny expression -"thing"!
by Finy
Hi, if my husban did not reconecled with me i'll stay upset and it can resentment carry on more than a night.
Many times yes but not always. We make an effort to make it up before bed time. But what happens when you have an argument when you're already in bed?
Thank heavens I am no longer married!
Never ever again.

Jonaj-never say never -you NEVER know what is around the corner!! I agree with you but would not say NEVER!
by Finy
Oh man, is my life a testament to that: NEVER SAY NEVER.
by Vee
No girls, I could never do it again.
I could not think of anything more awful for Me.
I just want to be alone, I love my own company.

by jonaja
Not applicable nowdays but in the past...no not all the time, being human there were times when we would make up before going to sleep but also some times when we 'turned our backs' and went to sleep....well he prob did (snoring away) but I would prob cry for a bit before falling asleep eventually!
by Fran
We don't ever really have bad arguments but if we do we always make up before going to bed
by AJ
No. I used to be of the opinion that you should never go to bed angry, but sometimes all you need is a little sleep to help calm down and put things into perspective.
by Vee
No, I can carry it on for days even weeks if I feel the need to. Don't like the idea of going to bed and "making up". I think he would get the wrong idea and think that he was so wonderful in the cot that that was all he had to do to either make me given in on the argument OR to forget the argument. Nup - until he sees that I am in the right during the argument, then he just has to suffer.
My husband and I try very hard not to go to sleep angry. We're successful 9/10 times. We try really hard and can't stay mad at each other for long anyways!
At one time we did go to bed after an argument. He was angry and I wouldn't say anything. Thankfully, we don't argue like that anymore.
When my husband and I were young we didn't always make up before bedtime. As we grew older we always used to kiss goodnight and say "I love you" whether or not there had been an argument beforehand.
We hardly ever have an argument, & we've always kissed before bedtime. Well I kiss him before I go to bed, as he's still up, & he goes to bed hours after me, usually. So I'm guessing we've had 2/3 before bedtime arguments in 48 years, without making up & about that same amount, when we did make up before going to bed. My mother had also always told me to makeup before bed time, if we had a argument, or a 'tiff' I do remember it being called once.
by Miro
Once we didn't, this year, but all was ok by the following afternoon. But the argument my husband had with our eldest daughter about her partner 1 night, 3 & 1/2 hears ago, is still ongoing. He's only seen her once since then, & that was only for 1 minute! I think life it far to short to carry on like that!
by Miro
Sorry, I didn't notice I'd already answered this question.Ops.
by Miro
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