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Would you wear a corset?

by annep (follow)
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Women are getting more and more creative in their quest for a perfect body. As the result, corsets are making their comeback to many women's wardrobe as an effective method to achieve a sleek hourglass figure without the trouble of dieting.

What do you feel about this? Would you wear a corset yourself?

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Top Answers
Yep. I have done in the past and I quite like them, though I wouldn't wear one every day as they are a bit of a hindrance if you need to be active.
I think they went out of fashion because people used to faint when they tightened them too much, so they don't appeal to me. I like the theory of loosing a dress size in an instant, but it has to go somewhere!
A corset may make you look thinner and give your body shape, but it does not actually help you lose weight, which is the main goal you should be thinking of if you are overweight. I wouldn't wear a corset because they are uncomfortable, fiddly, and I don't really want to look sexy.

A lot of people wear corsets as part of a costume in Cosplay, which I think is totally fine, and kind of fun.
Just giving you my vote because you threw in Cosplay...heehee
Aw, thanks. Yeah, cosplay is cool.
I am not sure about them. Have never worn one before. In the meantime I am happy with the clothes I have - especially as I now have to wear dresses and suits again for work. My jeans (for example) are too big now. As I have lost a lot of weight, that is fine. Maybe not a corset, unless I really have to.
I don't wear corsets everyday, but I guess wearing it once in a while makes me feel sexy and more confident of my body.
I think the lacy, old-fashioned kind are really beautiful but I'd never wear one as they're extremely unhealthy when they're laced up tightly....like they were in the 'good old days'.
Fancy dress affairs only. I don't think regular use would do much for the digestive system.
I would! maybe not permanently but for fun. They look very attractive.
No. I had to wear one in a play, and I had to practice getting up from a bench from lying done, as you actually can't bend at the waist in it. While doing this, I fell to the floor and I couldn't get myself up (fortunately friends came in and helped me) - it was hilarious! So, for ease of movement, no way!!
lying down...not done.
Yes, yes, yes! I love corsets. But not for everyday, and definitely not for making the perfect figure, and never hidden underneath other clothing!

I love them for dressing up. I have a beautiful black lace corset, that I bought at Gallery Serpentine in Newtown (Sydney) and I love to wear it. I only wear it occasionally, but when I do I feel sexy. I probably don't look it, but who cares? I feel good, and my husband loves that I feel sexy (coz you know what that leads to).

I can't tightlace it on my own, but on the rare occasion I have found a suitable party to where it at, I can usually find a friend willing to tight lace it for me. That only lasts a couple of hours and then I have to let it out again. But it gives me spectacular cleavage, makes me feel 'contained' and I feel special. The few hours doesn't hurt my insides, and actually it probably helps with the weight loss as I can't eat at the party. Nor can I sit down so it is standing only - a few calories expended there! But the most important thing is that I love wearing it because it makes me feel special. And if you haven't checked out Gallery Serpentine, then do it, because the corsets there are just amazing!

PS the image isn't me, I borrowed it from the Gallery Serpentine gallery.
I have a couple of corsets for fun and sexy occasions. As I have very few curves I like the shape they give my body and they make a nice top to pair with jeans or a flowing skirt. Im not overweight and dont wear them for that reason; honestly they would be far too uncomfortable if I were squeezing into them to appear thinner.
I wear a corset with my Victorian costume and find it more comfortable than I expected. It helps that it was made especially for me and so fits well. If you do it up quite tightly to begin with, it soon loosens up and in half an hour is quite comfortable. It gives very nice posture and is rather good if you have a sore back. It's not worse than a pokey bra. I know some people who can do it up themselves but you really need a 'maid'.
Yes I think they're cool
On special occasions when I want that look.
I love corsets and use to wear them more often then I do now. I think they are incredibly sexy and make me feel more attractive when I'm wearing one
Yes, I would. Not every day, but for the right occasion. I think they can make you look great and strangely enough I kinda like the 'constricted' feel!
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