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Would you try a Brazilian wax?

by annep (follow)
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Photo: Danila Panfilov - Wikimedia Commons

Summer is coming back and hair removal is up there on the to-do list. Think of furry underarms or unkempt bikini lines and your sexy image might turn into an eyesore.

However, would you ever go so far as to get a Brazilian wax?

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Top Answers
I personally wouldn't want to endure the pain of having hair ripped out down there, especially since the same task can be accomplished at home, in private, with a razor. I'm modest about things like that, what can I say? I've had my legs waxed before and it didn't work well for my hair type. It was very painful and I still had stubble when it was all said and done. I guess my hair tends to break rather than be ripped out. If I felt that it would actually work well, I might consider it but for now, I'll stick to at-home grooming.
Seriously, I don't think you should use a razor down there. You might hurt yourself. Because it hurts, I think having someone else to help would be a good idea. One of my friend let the wax on too long since she couldn't get the courage to pull it out and trust me, she had reason to regret later.
by annep
So by shaving myself I 'might' hurt myself OR I can have some stranger go at my crotch with hot liquid and hurt me for sure? I'll take my chances. At least if I injure myself, I only have me to blame :). I used to have a best friend who was an esthetician. She used to tell me all sorts of waxing horror stories and personal information about her clients. I'm way too shy to be subjected to that.
No, it's not on my "To do" list. I do not think that body hair makes a woman "an eyesore." That's pretty sexist. I won't be wasting time and money getting rid of hair that is normal for a grown woman.
I have and I recommend it to anyone who's willing to try a more permanent hair removal method. I tried my first Brazilian wax at 19, and I was undeniably shocked a little by the pain. That said, wthin 5 minutes, everything removed, I felt fine, free, and quite proud of what I'd just had done.

Sometimes, you need to take the stress out of hair removal, and having someone else do the hard work, it turns into a bit of a tree, and I can assure you, there's a certain swing to your step, once you've had it done.

The pain decreases over time, and as long as you visit a professional salon, you should be 'done' in under 10 minutes. Happy waxing ladies.
Is it permanent?
by jonaja
Unfortunately it's not permanent, but the hair thickness reduces considerably even after the one wax. I've had countless waxes, so, (we're all grown ups here), I can happily report it is much finer than before.

I have also been waxing my legs since as far back as I can remember, and I now have areas on my legs where the hair simply doesn't grow. I've a feeling the same will happen on my bikini area. I'm hoping.
wow your very brave, to have it done,,,,Oh! the pain
by jonaja
Lol. I take the strss out of hair removal by not removing my hair.
Haha Jonaj, it's really not that bad!
Since I'm not planning to wear something too revealing in terms of swimsuit, I probably don't want to have a Brazilian wax. Just normal arms and legs waxing is fine for me.
Waxing might hurt a little at first, but the real risk is keeping the waxed area clean afterward. For bikini area, it's harder to achieve total cleanliness, so if you are not sure, don't do it.
No. I used to get waxed when I was a bit younger,
but now I couldn't be bothered with the effort
or the expense. Happy to use a razor at home!
And wouldn't do a Brazilian with the razor
either, just a bikini line.
Done it, painful indeed.
If it was totally permanent....Absolutely!

But....if I had to keep having it done, then no ...........
Even with laser treatment, hair still grows back. I tried on my leg and now my hair grows out so unevenly it looks funny, forcing me to wax every summer.
by annep
no one mentioned that dreadful itch on regrowth - does that happen after it has been waxed?
Thankfully, I've never experienced this down there. Never. Not after a wax.
Is it your first waxing? You feel itchy because your skin gets irritated
by annep
No way Jose'!! I have my bikini line waxed every few months and that's enough for me. I personally find women's crotch/vaginal area disgusting to look at and would NEVER take away the one thing that hides it from view. My husband wanted me to do it a while ago and I said I"d do it when he does (he's quite hairy all over). He dropped that conversation quite quickly and has never mentioned it again! I don't get why men find a bare crotch erotic. Do they imagine they're having sex with a pre-pubescent girl or something? EEEEWWW!! Mandy E.
Well yes, what did you think he was thinking. Child - that's what he was thinking. But, I don't have it done but if I was younger, I certainly would, winter or summer. Lovely clean feeling. Nice sleek look. But I would never do it to please someone else. Just for me.
by fran.
Have tried it and liked it. Felt quite fresh and breezy.
by Vee
Nope. Not interested, & NOT into pain!
Saw my sister, & an Aunt waxing their legs, underarms, & eyebrows when I was a kid.
That was plenty enough to turn me off it for life!

The razors/blades that are specifically made for women these days, I'm comfortable with totally!
I'm too frightened to have it done. My imagination runs wild with things like this. Like what if they put too much wax on, like a big blob of wax and then when they rip it off it takes more than the hair. You could end up speaking with a lisp !
by fran.
Not had a brazilian down there and not sure I want to look so nude and young! Very short pubic hair is enough for me, after all, we have hair there for a purpose...Providing cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, And shaving it all off makes it courser and itches when growing back.
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