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Would you share your toothbrush?

by Shelley Murphy (follow)
http://counsellorshelley.wix.com/shelley-murphy @GrowinEsteem
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How would you feel about sharing your toothbrush with your partner, friend or child? Could you do it, and if not why not?

#Dental care
#Relationship norms
#Infection Control
#Social norms
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Top Answers
No, not even with my husband. We kiss, so we're bound to have all the same germs already but the idea is just gross.
No, hence the reason I stock a spare 'emergency toothbrush'.
by Vee
I hear you, and I agree!
I would, but only if it were an emergency!
No, no, no. Never. I have a slight OCD so no sharing of toothbrushes and germs.
Absolutely not. It's disgusting sharing a toothbrush. I'd rather not use it ever again if someone used mine (even my partner).

Although as I son of a dentist I am particularly weird about oral hygiene so maybe it's ok!
No way, no how. If it gets used by someone else, it goes in the garbage.
No, hence the reason I stock a spare 'emergency toothbrush.
by Vee
Only in an emergency with my family members.
Absolutely NEVER EVER.
by jonaja
No, not even with my husband. I know the oral hygiene of everyone in my family, I'm their dentist! So no, not at all
You've covered all bases - PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL.!
NO WAY, not even in an emergency. I would rather go "unbrushed" than share a toothbrush!
No way!
No way, that'd be awful.
Never thought I would , however 1 day in an emergency I shared my partners toothbrush.
Bad move, never again.
Rather go "unbrushed"..chew some gum

by Zen
Sounds like a story there!
No way! I use a battery operated one, so I wouldn't mind sharing the brush holder.. but my partner gets terribly upset if I have to borrow her brush holder when I forget to charge mine!
Blech - never. Even with my hubby who I love to bits & we probably have all the same germs anyway. Just couldn't do it.
No, absolutely not. There is no 'emergency' that warrants sharing of a toothbrush. The is a fundamental issue of not transferring bacteria. An emergency is better dealth with through chomping on mint or a gum leaf or washing ones mouth with fresh water, any liquid infact, or scraping with a soft twig of a tree or rubbing some ash or bicarb on the gums. Do not do it. its not worth it when living in a developed context where a solution is literally just around the corner.......keep your distance, laugh about it but don't share a tooth brush
Yes, with my husband and probably kids
by Gia
Never! I just think its unhygienic.
No, unless only option - I.e. couldn't clean teeth otherwise. Would use son's first, then hubbies. No one else's

Just clean teeth with salt, then rinse, if not in possession of a toothbrush, in emergency situation.
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