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Would you report bullying in your worplace, or would you be too concerned about the potential implications of being a 'tattletale'?

by Vee (follow)
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Bullying in the workplace is a very real and very damaging issue.

If you or somebody you know was being victimised by a bully at work, would you report the bully or ignore them because of the potential implications of being perceived as a 'tattletale'?

#Workplace Safety
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Top Answers
I have been on the end of workplace bullying....I think there are a few of us out there who have.

It just go's on and on and on.
But! I do in the end say something, but it has got to the place of crazy, before I do.

By then I am so happy to 'WALK' from the job....if my boss is not on my side.

I just say.....Later!

No one or job will ever have control over me.

I have a HUGE DISLIKE for a Bully.

Have met some really hard core ones too, and I just say a prayer ''Lord get me out of this''!
He does, and something better is always around the corner.

It has always been my saving grace.

Winning :)
I did report it once, and to my surprise (I hoped, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out) it actually helped. The bullying stopped. I can certainly understand why people are sometimes reluct to report bullying though.
I would report it immediately. Bullying of any kind is not acceptable in my book. Report report!
I reported it as it affected me badly. The school accountant came down to my library and went off at me for a 'messy workspace' which I was working on cleaning up that week.

Hindsight is wonderful for 2-3 years after this bullying, the accountant was discovered to have swindled money out of the school.
No way.
by Vee
Yes, Vee. Her going off at me was to create a distraction against her actions.
by amanda
I would report the bully but the bully is often a manager, boss or someone else in a position of greater authority.
I would actually pull the individual up and tell them to behave, there is never any excuse for being a bully.
I've been the victim of workplace bullying and also witnessed it done to colleagues. Unfortunately, Management is quite often very lax when it comes to handling these situations unless they're forced to. The worst treatment I had was from a new General Manager who had it in for me from day 1 (to this day I still don't know why). He was from another culture and posted to our office from overseas for 4 yrs. There was no way I was going to continue to put up with his &$#% , especially when I'd done nothing wrong. I documented everything in detail. He got 3 chances then it went in writing to my direct Manager to deal with it or pass it on to HR. Then there was a 4th incident and I put that in writing too insisting something was done and advising I refused to deal with him without a witness present. I had seen him be quite awful to other people in the office too, including my direct boss. Anyway, someone did or said something, maybe reminding him we have laws in Australia to help protect workers from those types of situations. Now, he is very polite to me but I have as little to do with him as possible.
My recommendation is to always document incidents, especially when it is happening continually. If it is a colleague, tell them straight up it isn't acceptable and if it is a boss, then put it in writing to someone higher above. Bullies prey on the weak and if you stand up to them, most of the time they'll back down. If we have to spend 7-8 hours a day at work, we shouldn't have to tolerate bullying from anyone.

Well said Therese. Thanks for sharing. :)
by Vee
I have once reported it and was told to "back off" and "toughen up". It's absolutely ridiculous and almost dangerous in impacting one's emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. :( Now, if there's an issue in the workplace, I have to think twice before the implications are more damaging than good :(. It's a very tough position to be in.
It's indeed a very crap position to be in. I'm sorry that has been your experience. I detest that kind of attitude - "toughen up". Instead of addressing the issue and reigning in the ones throwing their weight around or resorting to violence (physical or emotional), we in effect blame the victim. Come on guys.

I hope the issue has at least subsided for you.
by Vee
Exactly my thoughts. Considering how I work in a field that encourages transparent communication, it has been just the opposite. I am starting at a new workplace in a week's time and am hoping that things will be better there.
by Xarah
All the best Xarah. I hope it works out for you.
by Vee
Over my long career, I have had to deal with quite a few instances of bullying to myself, & others.

This is when being a Union Member is invaluable.

Mostly, I just told person to 'stop'. All was diary documented. The last person, a female supervisor, I'd had enough of her verbal abuse. I made an Appointment, on my RDO, to see my (male) Manager. So with Diary in-hand, dates flagged. I explained circumstances to him, & after reading four accounts, he said to me he would sort it.
He sure did. Immediately. I was put into Team I'd requested. I was as far away as possible from her, & thankfully, had nothing to do with her from then on.
He must've given her a good talking to. I wasn't the only person she'd bullied. She was very lucky to keep her job.

THE most important action to take is to DIARIZE everything, word for word, if possible. If needed, that can be submitted in Court.

In my experience, it's usually been female supervisors, as they can be just plain, straight out jealous b@&$:/-.

I was highly-qualified in my job, with years' of experience, in many areas' of the same Company.
I, too, had been not only a Supervisor, but also an Acting Manager, both here & overseas'. In most instances, it was a case of 'I could do their job, but they couldn't do mine' scenario.

Did I have any qualms about doing what I did? Not in the slightest. I'd do it again, if it had been required, but thankfully, never was.

So I just worked hard, as normal, at my job I loved, until my Retirement, four years later.
thats a terribly broad question as it all depends on so many different things, but generally NO as I do not like "telling" on someone. Up to the person.
by Finy
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