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Would you pull over for a possible fake under cover cop car?

by Sandy Ludinski (follow)
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Under cover police car
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In Brisbane currently there is a worrying scam taking place. Women are being targeted by fake under cover cop cars at night. They are being high beamed and given the flashing red and blue light treatment in a effort to get them to pull over.

Knowing that this scam is happening, would you pull over or would you err on the side of personal safety and keep driving to somewhere safe?

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Top Answers
Since I don't live somewhere where this takes place, it is hard to give an answer. I would say I'd stop, because there is a greater chance that it is real police officer. If you get a bad feeling from them, then drive off again.

Your answer could also be determined by the fact if you know you have done something wrong or not - gone through red light, speeding, etc - why else would they be stopping you?
I'm afraid I wouldn't be pulling over, it's too late to make your escape when they have you pulled over! It's a bit scary really!
WOW.. that's a tough question. This is exactly why I don't live in the big city... or drive at night for that matter. I don't know. It's pretty rare for me to be out at night alone. Have to think about that. Tough question.
It is Tracie, although we have told our daughter NOT to stop if she's alone at night if this happens to her. Would rather cop a fine than have her put herself at risk!
But how would you know the difference?

I think I would be worried NOT to stop in case it was genuine and then have a full police chase after me!
However if I was on my own, would also worry it was a scam, so the simple answer to the question is, I don't know!
by Finy
This is very scary!!!
It would be quite difficult to know if the car is the Police, or one undercover, or these 'grubs'.

I would pull over, have all doors locked and windows up...and ask for I.D.
Dammed if you do....Dammed if you don't?
I would think these people may be doing it, where there is no one around.

One thing you don't want to do, is keep going 'if' it is the real Police.

That can land you into serious trouble, (no matter what you were thinking).

I would keep driving. If it genuinely is the police, surely they would understand - especially given the circumstances. I do like jonaj's idea though.
by Vee
How on earth would you know if it's a fake? That's a tough one, how are you to know?!
You can't know and that's the problem.
I'd keep driving to either (a) Petrol Station or (b) Police Station, whichever the closer!
I only drive within a certain 'circle' of my home, so I know where the above are!

Unmarked cop car? If they genuine cops, they would understand my tactic.
I agree. If you do drive off (and stop at a petrol Station or a Police Station) then the police if they were for real, would have to understand….particularly if you cited cases of women being approached by fake cops.
I guess the key thing is that you would DRIVE off at a reasonable speed and not hit the accelerator.
by fran.
I would pull over. If it were a real police car and I didn't stop, I would have broken all kinds of laws. Just make sure the car is locked and windows up and you should be ok.
I guess I would stop if I thought it was a policeman.
You would cop a fine if it really was a police car if you didn't pull over. I don't know how it would stand up in court if you gave the scam excuse. As for not stopping knowing you didn't do anything wrong, it could simply be a matter of real police pointing out some problem with your lights or something else you possibly didn't know about.
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