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Would you live in a home that has no blinds or curtains?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you live in a house that had no curtains, blinds, or other window coverings?

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Top Answers
No that is one thing I could not do -I always have the feeling someone is looking in, especially at night.

No idea where this phobia comes from, but I definitely could not live in a house without window coverings.

Even when I lived on 5 acres, all fenced, I just HAD to close all the blinds as it got dark for fear that someone would be looking in -even though I knew there just was no one about there!
by Finy
No.....I am a great lover of Light, but I feel, even in the most remote homes where no one is around, one would want something up at the windows...from fear of a intruder, looking in.

Plus the Summer heat, winter cold I would need to have some protection.

I would like White Curtains maybe, in a wonderful Fabric.Something with a lot of class.

I'm with you Finy, the thought someone is looking in would be just awful, love my privacy.
We have velvet. Very classy. Look great with the new paint. It took a couple of years to be able to afford them when we first married and they are blockout ones. Had to have blockout ones due to doing night shift occasionally, so need no light coming in. They have the tie backs, as in your picture, and will never date . We went without for some years. Wanted blackout ones in childrens rooms so they wouldn't wake up at dawn, and everyone got a decent sleep.
by Lluxi
Although I love natural light in my house I like to block out summer heat and on a winter night, the cold. I like privacy at night and the cosiness of shutting out the rest of the world of an evening.
What Finy said. Even on 40 acres I would close the curtains at night. I tend to think it is a bit of an British/European thing due to our long daylight hours in Summer. . . . oh . . and fear of Peeping Toms ^_^
by Rice
I know a lot of people my parents age who DID. My parents couldn't afford curtains when they first moved into their new home as they lived in a new estate. Most of the other young couples were the same in the 50's and 60's at this housing estate. Mum put sheets and blankets over the windows. Eventually, Mum put up some scrim curtains that she made, but scrim is see through at best. It was some time, and a lot of hard saving, before they could afford anything better. It is amazing when I am out driving at night, the number of homes who have curtains, but choose not to draw them. You can see in, and see what they are doing, but there is nothing to be ashamed of, in that. A couple of years ago, we had our house painted. All the curtains had to be taken down, so we decided to get them all dry cleaned. It felt weird to be without curtains, but it was only for a few days. If people want to set up camp out the front of our house and look in, good luck to them. I have nothing to be ashamed of going on in my home. We are just regular people. If people find amusement in that, good on them (of course no one did ). Sometimes people can be paranoid about others ' watching and looking ' at them for no good reason. Vivid imaginations maybe. Go out and sell tickets !!! In 5 minutes I'll be eating dinner, that will be 5 dollars thank you !!!!
lol...lol...lol... :)
by jonaja
There's no way that I'd live in a house without blinds or curtains. No way!!
I live in an old home with frosted and coloured glass. Over time I have replaced some with clear glass, but I could go without blinds or curtains.
Oooh. That's sounds lovely :-)
by Rice
I often wonder when I see homes on TV shows that have no curtains and blinds how much extra it costs to cool/heat the homes. No thanks. I much prefer my privacy.
Prefer curtains. I have cream Indian cotton on the lounge and family room windows. They are very fresh and light and go with any sort of decor.
Of course I would, I rarely close my curtains to begin with. I love lots of light in my house, and most of my curtains are sheer anyway.
With our Wedding Gift List, 'controlled' by both Mothers', one of the 'asked for' was 'Cash or Cheque', which many guests' thought was an excellent idea, as didn't have to waste time looking for a gift.

The funds we obtained enabled us to curtain, blind, & carpet our brand new built home.

Each of those lasted forty years'.

And, no, I would never live in a dwelling without them.
Every home I moved into had no curtains or blinds it was number one priority to put them up before the furniture arrived. I couldn't live without curtains though. I don't know anyone that has. I need to have privacy from peeping toms.
D'you know?I had never even given this any thought until now!!! It depends on the room really and the outlook/position in regards to whether people can see in or not at night. My house can be fairly dark inside so I don't bother with any coverings on the downstairs glass sliding door which is tinted anyway!! It looks straight out into my fernery which I absolutely LOVE!! The window on the other side of this large room is the hot western side of the house and I do have a lovely neutral canvas and bamboo blinds for protection from the sun and heat more than from privacy from peeping toms!! They would need to have come right into the yard to get any view anyway!!! The dogs would alert me if there was some uninvited guest in my yard ,so I have no fear of this happening in this area of the house!! Upstairs I also have blinds on the western side of the house for the same reason and I also have curtains along all the rooms which have any view to the actual street! Of course this includes my master bedroom which has many lovely large windows. I removed the kitchen cafe style curtains years ago, as I never closed them anyway,with them also looking down and out to my fernery which is at the rear of the house anyway,and very privately fenced. I have truly loved seeing the little native birds nesting within the hanging baskets in this area and to BE the 'peeper' is something very special in these sorts of circumstances!!! I have been afforded the opportunity to take amazing photos of the tiny little critters after hatching, and as they have been fed by the parents right up until it was time to leave the nest!!! What a privilege!!! I do like my privacy in all other areas of my home though!!
Unless I lived in the middle of nowhere, then no. And even then I would feel strange.
by Vee
No. I could never live that way. I like my privacy.
I dont think so.
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