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Would you let your pets sleep in bed with you?

by annep (follow)
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Photo: by Rosino - Wikimedia Commons

Many people treat their pets as family members. They talk with them, dress them up, take them around and introduce to friends. Some even share with their little friends everything from food to sleeping space.

How about you? Would you let your pets sleep in your bed?

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Top Answers
If I had pets I would. For me they are a part
of the family and with small children I would
want to keep them clean anyway.
We've done it with our cats but never in the long-term. Our three cats have their own bedroom because they like to break things if we leave them out with full run of the house. If we go away for a day trip we will often let them sleep with us for the night. We normally feel guilty that they have been locked in a room all day, so we let them sleep with us, so they can at least have some company, which they seem to love.
Definitely not. As much as I like my dog, I know where it has been and what it has done there.
I used to allow my three dogs and three cats in bed with me!! Didn't get a lot of sleep!! Those three dogs have passed away. Now my two dogs sleep in their own beds. The cats sleep on the bed if they want to - they are not as big and wriggly.
If I was allowed to have a pet where I live they could also eat at the table
When my sister left home my dog took her place at the table. He just sat up on the chair and never touched the table. I think he just wanted to feel involved. LOL. He's been gone for forty years and I still miss him, he was a real cool dog. He looked like Snoopy. He slept on my bed as my parents were shift workers.
by Rice
No. Even though my puppies are clean, allowing them to sleep in the bed at night will let them think that it's natural to do so. It will be difficult to make them sleep in their own place later when they grow bigger. Besides, I tried that before and it turned out really uncomfortable when my puppies wouldn't stay still. They tried to get under the blanket and put their heads near my face.
I do. Agree, they are part of the family and they want that. They love it as well. If you don't let them sleep with you, they can get upset with you.
Yes I would because they are part of the family.
As cute as it is.... No I wouldn't allow my pet to sleep with me.

It can make a pet very much reliant on you for all their comforts.By that I mean they would have you in their sight 24 hours a day.

That alone is not good for any pet, they are like children and need to have their own little bit of independence.

Some of the best animal trainers here and overseas recommend that we must be the 'top-dog' as it were.We set rules, and pets follow and understand and comply in love.

By allowing a pet to be so close (on our bed) when sleeping gives mixed signals.That they are equals to us, nothing is more further from the truth.

I do understand they are sweet and cute and yes, part of the family.

With every good family there is structure, and so it should be with pets.

They should be obedient, and at no time assume they can do as they wish.

P.S. that is not my dog...on my chair.
by jonaja
No I would not. Animals should know their place. They are not humans.
Oh! Wow!
by donjo
I used to let my 2 dogs sleep in my Queen bed with me however after about a year I realised that my older dog was waking me up sometimes 4 times a night by moving around, sitting half on top of me, and generally disturbing my sleep. They had to sleep on a large blanket I put down however, as, much as I love dogs, I do not like dog hair in my bed.
by Finy
No. It is not a healthy thing to do and I can't bear the thought of animals near babies or toddlers and I can't stand people that let their dogs lick babies and toddlers on the face- sort of in particular when the dogs or cats have probably just been to the toilet. Whatever happened to the worry about worm infestation.
GGMS.....and what about babies inhaling cat hair and dog hair, I mean you have to be worrying all the time now about bloody peanuts and food allergies, but no worries about faeces and worms etc. from animals.
Yes! Especially the older dog in the household (14) when he comes in to jump on the bed we pick him up and make room, sometimes he just needs human company at night.
yes I have a poodle that sleeps with me every night and he also likes to have a bath with me
We don't have much choice with our kitty. When we wake up, she's there on the bed. Especially when it's a bit cooler. In saying that, we certainly don't complain, even though she hogs the bed and gets a little crappy when you try to move her.
My cat sleeps on my bed on her blanket and bedding along my side. If its a little cool she snuggles up as close as she can to my body but ifits really cool, she comes up and taps me on the shoulder, I lift up the sheet and she snuggles into the curve of my body till around 4 a.m., wakes up, shakes her head and heads back on her bed. If she needs to go outside she comes up and puts her paw on my shoulder and I let her out the front.When she's ready (about 1/2 hour later) she knocks on my shutter, I let her in and she goes back to sleep snuggled up along side me again.
With the cold/cooler weather, my Siamese cat crawls under doona at end of bed & stays there until I get up.
He's not a nuisance, & his bones just seem to need the warmth.
On, but never in. Luckily, my two dogs love their own sofa and sometimes come onto to my bed for a wee while for cuddles and then mosey off to their own for the night.
by Rice
When we still had our two dogs, they didn't sleep with us. Our cat does. He sleeps curled up against my legs.
Yes I do let my dogs sleep in the bed with me and my husband, I wouldn't have it any other way.
The dogs we had, were not allowed to. they were quite contented to sleep in their own beds'.
Our pet cat does sleep with us. He is our ''fur baby'' and knows it.
My pets are always in bed with me, or on the bed,I love to spoil them, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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