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Would you keep a monkey as a pet?

by meggf (follow)
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

In Australia it's illegal to keep a monkey as a pet but in other places it isn't. Would you keep a monkey as a pet? Why or why not?

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Top Answers
Definitely not! Maybe it's cultural, but I think they need to be with other monkeys, swinging in trees.
No. They would make a very high maitenence pet since they have hands and can get into everything (your fridge, medicine cabinets etc.) which would annoy me. Also, they're not a domestic animal so I wonder if they could be happy as a pet. I saw a doco about people who had pet monkeys they considered their "children" (sometimes to the extent of dressing them up in clothes and feeding them human food) and nearly all the stories ended badly. One of them was a woman with a male monkey and when it became a "teenager" full of hormones she got between it and something it wanted and it freaked out and bit her really badly. She ended up giving it to an animal sanctuary.
No way !
by Rory
The timing for this question couldn't be better. Day before yesterday, I was talking to my husband about this. Someone in our family has adopted a baby monkey. When we saw the picture of a monkey dressed up and in her arms, we totally freaked out ! This is dangerous according to me. These animals need to be in wild and open, not at home . Not safe.
by BK
Absolutely not. Monkeys look cute and cuddly but they aren't. Bit like polar bears.... they just aren't suitable pets to have in a domestic setting and it isn't fair to a wild animal to try to make it fit into a domestic home either.
There are so many lovely domesticated animals and insects that make great pets that there is no need to keep a monkey.
No way.
Plus they deserve to be wild, that would be too cruel to me.
Plus: They are too wild, they like to jump all over the place, and to tell the truth that would drive me crazy! maybe I would have to climb a few trees*#!@?
No it's not right for them to be kept as pets.
Definitely not! Can't stand them. They give me the 'creeps' & always have done since a child, seeing them in circuses'.

A few years' ago, in USA a pet monkey ripped the face off a woman. The monkey had been treated as a 'child' & possible went berserk due jealousy. Woman had a face transplant. But injuries' inflicted by monkey were absolutely horrendous. Another person shot the monkey dead. Good riddance! Stupid woman learnt her 'lesson' the hard way. And, of course, she'll be suffering with pain until she dies. Just not worth it.
As much as I have loved monkeys, since seeing & buying a postcard of them on a postcard stand in Paris, France '68, I would defenly NOT wan't 1 as a pet. Let them have the freedom their entitled too, out in the WILD!
by Miro
I meant to write: FROM a postcard stand, not, ON a postcard card stand!
by Miro
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