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Would you ever eat a cockroach for any amount of money?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: www.smh.com.au

Recently in the TV show I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here, the contestant had to eat, amongst other things, a cockroach.

Would you do this for any amount of money?

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Top Answers
Although parts of this TV show are gross, I still watch it as I cannot believe what people will do. A few people who are picked by Australians voting, have to do these tasks in order to get stars which in turn give them more food to eat in the camp they live in in the jungles of Africa.

I cannot believe the things these people have eaten and done - and I do not really know why I keep watching it other than it is the best of a bad bunch, and I find it hard to imagine anyone doing some of the things they do.
by Finy
You know.....I could not eat a cockroach, for ANY amount of money.
I just could not do it......at all.
No way.
Jonaja,Your cockroach in your photo is only a BUSH 1, so I could, if I REALLY had to, & if it was fried. When I find a bush cockroach in our house, I'll catch it in a jar, & put it outside into the bush, where we live. They're very harmless, unlike the house cockroaches!
by Miro
by jonaja
I have not watched any episodes of this show as I am simply not interested AT ALL!!! I have no desire to eat a cockroach,and I also have no desire to have masses of money.I live a simple and extremely content existence and have everything I want or need, without having to consider this silly way to make money!!! I am sure there are much better ways to get rich if this is your desire!
No, nope, nyet, nein, non, no way. If I was starving & there was no food, I'd probably starve to death as I'm not going to eat bugs of any kind.
I know there's a lot of money (and fame) on offer in these reality shows but seriously, what are they thinking.

I would never eat a cockroach, in fact you'd be hard pressed to get me to hold one. Nor would I embarass myself or engage in behaviours that are far from the norm, for the sake of money.

I can imagine someone who is starving being prepared to do this but have we become so materialist a world as to call this entertainment?
these are all celebrities and doubt if they are doing it for the money??? But they do it so easily -no one says NO! Perhaps that is why I find it entertaining
by Finy
by Fran
No way ! I could not even look at the picture Jonaj posted for more than a second. I would not do it even if it makes a billionaire.
by BK
It depends on how much - if it made me a millionaire I'd gladly do it. But not on TV.
by AJ
No I don't think so. Maybe if I was starving then yes but otherwise, no.
I'm not sure how the Australian version of the show works but I do know that the UK show the contestants are raising money for charity rather than themselves, so I guess that might be different.
Nope, nope, nope; not unless somebody else would be badly impacted by me not doing so.
NEVER I am not desperate
Eeeeeewwww! No way!
its a wonder they do not throw up , or do they,
I suppose if you were staving on a desert island you would eat anything to keep alive.
watched this show once and decided never again,
Honestly I don't think I could. I always fight myself over stuff like this: I eat meat, but could I swallow live, crawling insects? What's the difference, really?

Right now however, I just don't think I could put myself through it, irrespective of the amount offered!
I don't know if I could eat a cockroach for any money, it would depend on how desperate I am at the time, but when I squash them they make a mess and I hear a crunch, to have them wriggling in my mouth not so sure!
Not even if my life depended on it. As for producers of these shows where they do have to eat these creatures, I think they are sick in the head. Anything for ratings!
by Rice
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