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Would you discipline someone else's child?

by VerityG (follow)
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If you see a child behaving badly or inappropriately, but their parent or guardian either hasn't seen it or isn't taking any action about it, would you discipline the child?

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Top Answers
I have to answer "yes" to this!
I was on a 13 hour flight once and there were two children running around, totally out of control and their parents just sat in their seats, doing nothing about it. They also didn't seem to have brought anything with them to keep the children occupied.... so I asked the stewardess to have a word, which she did but that made zero difference, so I then had a quiet word with the children, then went and tore a right royal strip off the parents, which got me a round of applause from the other passengers.

There have been other occasions when I've been forced to tell a child off, usually in playgrounds or at playgroups when they have hurt my child. That is not something I would ever let go by! Several times the other parent has then been angry with me, which goes some way to explaining their child's behaviour I think.
Go you!!!! I would have been on my feet applauding.
by Rice
I certainly would! But only if the child's own parents weren't doing anything about the bad behavior.
Only in extreme situations, like the one Verity has mentioned above. If a child is acting in a way that is hurtful or disturbing to others, that's simply not on. However, if the parents were around, I'd probably always speak to them first, politely but firmly. If the parents weren't around or the child was older or in their teens, I'd probably approach them directly, though.
I have indeed.
I will not ever stand back and some child with 'anger issues' takes it out on another child...or in years gone by mine.
That is not on...I could care less also if the child's parents asked me what I was doing.
If they do not take action, then what is one to do...look the other way.
If left alone, to continue this bad behaviour, these kids will grow up to be 'bullies.'
On the issue of kids running around on a flight, well that is something the flight attendants should have fixed, I feel for people who have to take the law into their own hands(as I have had to do).
What is wrong with these parents?.
Absolutely! Particularly if my child is being treated unfairly and the other parents are turning a blind eye.
If their parent wasn't doing anything about it and the child was causing damage to
somebody else's property or hurting another child, I would talk to them about it. Sometimes just the shock of realising that somebody is noticing what they are doing is enough to get them to stop, especially if their own parent is being in inattentive.
No I would probably not but depends if it is in my house.
I possibly would in my own house -not so much discipline, but ask them not to do something if the parent does not.

So often nowadays the parent just ignore the child's behaviour and I find this really annoying
by Finy
As a teacher this is second nature, so I have to really think twice when I see children behaving badly. It's particularly tricky when they are with their parents carrying on outside your classroom.
I would NOT like anyone butting in and telling my children off, What right do you have? You don't know their rules! It is either best to walk away or draw the parents attention to their child/s behaviour.
In extreme situations as Verity said, or in situations such as my partners younger brothers (big age gaps) where I know that I am allowed to and expected to let the child know it's not okay.
I have never been able to. This is probably why I avoid children. It would have to involve physical violence towards another child or a pet to provoke me into a reaction, I think.
by Rice
(I am, however, The Supreme Mistress of The Death Glare. Sometimes this is enough.)
by Rice
I think I would if I saw a child doing something which could endanger them or some other child. Other than that I bite my tongue even when I really want to let fly!
In MY home, I've disciplined others' children.
Not often had to, but no apparent grabbed their child, & left because of my doing so!

If I see a child running in a shopping centre, I'll tell them to 'stop', especially if they're running backwards, heading towards me!

I tell them they're NOT in a playground! ( go outside & play in the traffic instead, no-one ever said!)
Oops! Second line word's 'parent'.....bee autocorrect!
by donjo
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