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Would you be interested in owning a drone?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you be interested in owning and using a drone?

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Top Answers
My son bought one 6 months ago.
Yes, they are expensive....but what they can do is nothing short of amazing!

Even the Surf Lifesaving folk have them, how great is that.
Not for everyone, but a family with children, it is a wonderful learning tool..Has GREAT advantages for builder's and surveying land...I think the word Drone makes people think 'what '.?
My son go's to a huge park, and let's his fly, and then the video is played at home...He is able to show the children 'where' they live, what the area they live in looks like....and it really is just great tech.

Wonderful application for Farmers, with their livestock, and even for people who just have a big farm.
Drones can also bring about a new hobby for some folk.

Bird watchers would be able to see new nest's.

The application for a great deal of people I feel is there.
The cost will come down in time, and then more people will just want one.
There will be some who just won't. but that's like everything.
I know Drones have helped Police find people,

Whoever invented them, was a genius.
Even weddings now have them, yep I want one....May start saving :)

No. Not interested at all.
Probably not as I cannot see what I would do with it!
However I said this about i pads when they first came out and my son wanted me to get one! Now i use it all day long, so "never say never".

Just at this point in time, I cannot imagine what I would do with a drone or why I would want to own one as so many people do and want to do.
by Finy
Goodness no. I have nobody to spy on, they have caused a few injuries, there are privacy issues and I bet they cost a fair bit. My dog has a conniption fit whenever the Appliances Online blimp floats over my house, she'd probably faint over a drone. LOL
by Rice
Oh yes, I certainly would.
good on ya :)
by jonaja
No. Doesn't interest me.
I have absolutely NO interest in owning or 'playing with' a drone of any type!!! I have many other other interests to occupy my time and am content to just let others enjoy the drones!!
Yes definitely. I go hiking and climbing mountains and have seen the incredible photos and videos taken by drones. Can get images from all sorts of angles and perspectives. For great example, have a look at

Wonderful! :)
by jonaja
Yes. Will be fascinating watching how people grab this new technology and run with it. In a short time I think everyone will be taking photos from drones. Imagine a wedding video from all angles. Wonder if they will allow them in churches.
by motch
Prefer to take OW trip to Ganymede!
Ooooh. Moonbathing on Ganymede! I'll come too!!
by Rice
Oh! Rice, we could be twin 'Moon-bubbies'! Yay!
by donjo
I bags shotgun!!
by Rice
Absolutely no interest at all.
I probably couldn't use one because I'm not good at using remote control cars, planes, etc. But I would be interesting is seeing the footage.
by Vee
Hubby I bet would LOVE one! am I right :)
by jonaja
When you're right, jonaj, you're right! LOL!
by Vee
Heck, nobody's windows would be safe, including my own , if I was in charge of a drone. *smash, crash, tinkle*
by Rice
Smashing windows are not a problem. We could just go to Narnia.
by Vee
Oh well then, I'm in!
by Rice
I cannot think of a use for myself at present but never say never is correct. They have been used in the military for spying as you know and yes there are issues with them flying around pumping into poles and trees etc, however Jonaj mentioned many good uses for them though. Has anyone had food delivered by one yet?
Yes I would like one. I am an artist and I would love to take photos of countryside, surf etc from different angles.they would be a great creative tool.
I do worry about privacy and security issues with drones though. I worry about how they could be used by criminals. I would hate to have one checking out my house.
Oh my, I hadn't even gone that far, that's an awful thought. Good on you for putting that forward :-)
by Rice
(That was not meant sarcastically . . . . I meant that it is really good that you brought it to our attention.)
by Rice
Sorry Rice. I didn't know how to reply to your comment. No offence taken.
by annfi
Thanks Rice.

by annfi
I came back and looked at it and I thought, "Oh dear, THAT could be taken the wrong way" . . . . then I would be mortified if I had upset or embarrassed you. (ᵔᴥᵔ)
by Rice
Not at all Rice.
by annfi
No thank you, I'd rather send my money on a little gold coloured Apple laptop, so my husband could have the 1 I use now. The little gold 1 is a bit smaller & lighter in weight than the 13' 1 I use, & it would be a lot easier to carry to Melbourne when we go, but I've got WAY of the point here, Sorry.
by Miro
A drone is not on my wish list.
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