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Would you be happy to work on Christmas Day?

by VerityG (follow)
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Christmas hospital work nurse navy sick child present
By U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Sandra Ramirez via Wikimedia Commons

Some professions have to be available for work on Christmas Day - emergency services, broadcasters, hospitals, the hospitality industry, power suppliers - would you be happy to work on Christmas Day?

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Top Answers
Before I had my son, I would have been perfectly happy to work on Christmas Day. Now though, things are different and he is getting so excited about Christmas that I don't think I could possibly go off to work and leave him at home!
I understand why some professions have to work over Christmas and I am very grateful that they can find people who are prepared to give up their holiday but some of the folks who have to work.... don't seem so essential to me. If they have really volunteered then fine but I do worry that some people might be pressured into working when they would prefer to be at home.
there are many people who are not Christians and who do not celebrate Christmas, Verity -it would be good if all these would do the Christmas day work, but guess life is not that ideal
by Finy
That would be a very neat solution! But I guess that in an historically Christian country, like this one, even if someone isn't a practising or even a believing Christian, they want to celebrate Christmas. And most of the essential services must be affected. I wouldn't want someone with no medical training manning A&E, even on Christmas Day....
It would not worry me if I was in the work force.

I do not really celebrate Christmas day, so I would be happy to work and let someone who does, spend the day with their family.

However, I am no longer in the work force so it does not apply to me!
by Finy
Tee hee I'm not in the work force either, except as unpaid childcare, cleaner, taxi, washer woman etc etc...... which will all happen on Christmas Day just like any other day :)
I didn't really celebrate Christmas either before parenthood, probably why I would have been happy to work then too. I was just never asked!
I have and it was heartwarming.
How old were your sons then, Jonaj?
by jonaja
I can see the older ones would understand you working but how did you explain it to the little one? Though I do think it's a good lesson for them to learn that sometimes looking after other people is the priority :)
I have been in ministry over 21 years, and it is part of the job.So kids have to adapt. :)
by jonaja
This is a tough one. Unless I was in an industry that truly required it like aged care, emergency services and volunteer work, I would not be happy to work on Christmas day.

The place I used to wait at operated on Easter - thank goodness I didn't have to work then.

I am a practicing Catholic, so it's important to me that I am able to observe these two very special holy days.
by Vee
I have eaten out on Christmas Day before now and felt a bit sorry for the chefs and waiting staff! Never thought about Easter though. I'm pleased you were able to celebrate both appropriately :)
Yes I would be ok with this. Especially if hundreds or even thousands of persons depend on my service.Somebody has to do it.
I like the idea of having that day off. If I had to work then I would but I'd rather not.
I have often worked on Christmas Day.....if you are a nurse in either public or private hospitals, you split the shifts - either home for Christmas Lunch or home for Christmas Dinner. Never worked in a hospital where the shifts weren't arranged like that (and I have worked in a lot of hospitals).
I have worked on Christmas day before. i have no problem with it.
by Gia
Xmas Day & Good Friday are two days I would not have worked. Ever.
Did work Boxing Day once. Boring as bats@&$ it was.

Shift workers' get big penalty rates on those two days, & so they should.

As a day worker, had all Public Holidays off.
Yes. I have worked on Christmas day many times. The atmosphere is very festive and everyone is happy. There is not as much to do, and the money is great !!! I am usually home to spend either morning or night time with the family. I don't see what is the problem with working this day.
Yes, I'd love too, if it was double pay, & I was working in a hospital. I'd love to see the children's faces, when Santa walked into their rooms! Lots of people have to work their shifts on Christmas day, boxing day. My other 1/2 worked shift work for 16 & 1/2 years, so he was working a lot of those Christmas days, (but no, not in a hospital.)
by Miro
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