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Would you be any happier if you never again had to see another scantily-clad woman or man in public or the media?

by Vee (follow)
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nude statue
Image by Seemann, morgueFile.com

The quality of my life would vastly improve if I never again had to see another person's bust, butt or beaver in public or the media.

Would you be any happier if you never again had to see another scantily-clad woman or man in public or the media?

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Top Answers
I think life has taken a very quick turn.....from being modest.

Now we are shown just about it all.

I HATE that show on t.v. ''Embarrassing Bodies''.

Like do these people have no shame.

It is not as if they could not afford to go to the doctor?
If it were something a lot less 'showing' sure, but they get right into it.

I have banned that 'so called show'.

That's just 1 part of it.

I think a female body is a lovely thing to behold in Art and the like.

I hate the way we see so much nakedness on t.v.
In magazines, and don't get me started on the hard core stuff!

Yes I feel if we had less of that content, it would be much more pleasant....to watch t.v.

As for Kim...well that was 'who cares cover up that butt girly''!!!

I totally agree. It seems like modesty and respect went out the window. Now,people today have no shame or self respect anymore.
'Less is more' - words I remember my mother saying. Everyone has a different opinion about what is sexy I guess.
The most attractive women that I remember seeing was a woman in black pants (of course), a yellow rain jacket, carrying a basket of yummy bread, in Paris, and that was l5 years ago. I young aboriginal woman in a simple long dress, slowly walking on a beach in nth qld.
and... Marilyn Monroe in her last movie, 'The Misfits'
We see so many bodies now, its a case of nothing new, seen that before... of course I'm wrong otherwise they wouldnt keep doing it.
'buff' ozzi men with legs and necks like tree trunks, fooball and pies never appealed either.
Just seen a clip of gregory peck in to kill a mockingbird.... a beautiful man, imo. class all round
I concur re: Gregory Peck. He was a TRUE gentleman, all his life.
One of his best friends was the late, great Mr Charlton Heston. Watch their movie 'The Big Country'. Mr Heston was also a true gentleman, & a good Christian.
Very few in Hollywood now, can match their abilities', & good moral characters'.
That's sad.
by donjo
I doubt would be happier, but it would be much appreciated.
Good Grief! There's lots of stuff that offends me more. Like, littering, garbage, drug takers, criminals, potty mouths. I believe in modesty, BUT the bronze lady depicted is beautiful. We aĺl should be so lucky.
Well executed nude paintings or sculptures of either gender are good to see. The art work in many of them is stunning eg Michelangelo's 'David'. The 'Venus de Milo'. Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa'.

These Hollywood

'tramps' are so boring, disinteresting, & trashy. They can't see how stupid they look, that many people couldn't give a brass razoo about them. That their 'looks' are as fleeting as fog.

Think of ALL the 'classy' actresses who've gone before, & THEY could act!

Sick of seeing the female form exposed as often as possible, mostly for males' primal urges, all the time.
Over it all, well & truly.
Thanks for weighing in donjo. I can always count on you for a refreshing outlook.
by Vee
Hello Vee! It's nice to be appreciated! Thank you.........
by donjo
by Vee
It does not worry me in the slightest.

I love embarrassing bodies -I find it fascinating that people let themselves be photographed like they do.

And who am I to criticise what others do? I would not do it, but doesnt mean it is right or wrong for someone else to do.

Nude bodies do not offend me in any way whether they be public on a statue or on TV
by Finy
Perhaps I should have specified. Shows like 'Embarrassing Bodies' don't offend me either. I think it's all about context.
by Vee
The problem I have with Embarrassing Bodies, is that with female gynaecological conditions, the camera crew have to just about have to have the lens contact the skin of the person (exhibitor). The only person required to be that close, in a majority of the conditions, would be an actual gynaecologist.
I don't believe for one moment, that the people showing their bits, are not paid for their appearance. After all, the vast majority would only have to visit their local emergency section of a public hospital or their GP or one who bulk bills.

There is only one reason that people would appear before a camera, in front of a camera crew………….. and that is money. No pride nor self respect.

by fran.
Actually, now that I think about it, maybe they don't receive cash to appear on Emb.Bods. Maybe they get the (plastic surgery) paid for. But they might just be exhibitionists - like those people that appear on the Daniel Lanzer show, (thankfully late at night). Amazing, and the same people would probably ask for a private room in hospital, to protect their privacy.
by fran.
Yes thank you. If I ever forget what the whole package looks like, I can stand and stare at myself in the mirror for 1 hour before I get into the shower so that it's burned forever into my brain !!!!! Seriously - I'd rather look at something worth viewing (take chocolate for instance.....)
wotsy you made me smile. Such true sentiments. :)
by Vee
Statues are okay but humans NO.
I do not understand these folk who have to show off their bodies to all and sundry.
whatever happened to "decorum"?
I have no idea. But I certainly agree with you. Thanks for weighing in. :)
by Vee
I saw a movie about a hypnotherapist recently which showed a full frontal hairless female and I was shocked that they showed her all, twice. The Director was obviously impressed. Can't say I. was, All the fellers had their privates covered.
That reminds me in a little way, of the volley ball contests, or beach volley ball. The women are all wearing (very skimpy bikini bottoms) and the men are all forced into wearing 3/4 leg cotton shorts. The women look OK until they start adjusting "wedgies", and you can't help but notice this because the camera-people keep zooming in on the buttock areas of the girls. I can't help wondering why the poor girls don't complain about their skimpy costumes, when the men look reasonable (because it's a sporting competition) in the "sensible" shorts.
by fran.
People who are "famous" for nothing than their own exhibitionism & narcissism, I find quite boring. I usually just bypass & move on to something interesting.
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