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Would you back answer an elder?

by Smita (follow)
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By David Castillo Dominici, www.freedigitalphotos.net

Do you feel back answering is disrespectful? Would you just listen to any crap just because the person is older than you or would you give them a piece of your mind?

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Top Answers
I would never talk back to a grandparent, teacher, employer, etc. I would, however, answer back to one of my parents, but only if I think that they're wrong, or that my side of the situation/point of view has not go through. If I know know I am in the wrong, then I won't answer back.
I did when I was younger, although I think I shouldn't have. Most of the times I was wrong as time eventually proved it.
Sometimes have to back answer or people take you for granted. As far as possible I try to be quiet or ignore without taking the conversation to a bitter level. But if gets over the head then I do back answer, I'm a hot-tempered person!!
Yes. I know that respecting your elders is generally considered polite and that it's often also good sense because people older than you have usually been through more stuff and might know better. However, everyone is wrong sometimes and sometimes when you're wrong you need to be told so. I don't think being old gives you a licence to just talk any old rubbish and expect to never be challenged about it. If an older person is being cruel or rude, or just doesn't know what they're talking about I think it's perfectly fine to openly disagree with them, though you should be respectful about it, as with anybody. People of different generations can learn a lot from each other if we're willing to listen. That goes both ways.
Not unless it's absolutely necessary! But yes, there have been times when I've had to stand up for myself and back answering seems to be the right thing to do.

Principles, man.
I tend to keep my mouth shut, so as not to rock the boat (and they are born in a different time so often have outdated ideas due to that)
Yes, of course I would as I AM AN ELDER....

I would not have when I was young.
by Finy
Hahaha, I love the image.
by Vee
Yes. My Pop loves it when we backanswer him.

At least I think so...
I was told to always be respectful of those older.
In fact! it was something young people were taught.

Sadly today, I believe we have lost that.

In my view, it builds the person up to know boundaries, and gives them an edge....If your not able to control what you say, one day it will bite you right back, and twice as hard.

I feel a person who has no boundaries is a loaded gun, waiting to fire-off at the slightest thing said.
We all have to know what to say, how and when.
Sadly younger people are not given that change to learn,today.Parents are not as strict, and of course their friends at school are not always the best examples.
When I was even in my 30's I would not even then answer my Mother back, I would disagree in a polite manner.
To me it would have been quite 'shameful' to be disrespectful to her at any time.
Now I am nearly 60, I would never talk badly to anyone older than myself...that to me shows a bad character, which in turn will embarrass me totally.
You can disagree, and if done with respect....you may even win that battle!

Back answering is definitely disrespectful. I would not back answer my elders. When I was a teen and my mom would quarrel about a matter, I would just be quiet and hope she would stop soon.
We were brought up withthe adage "children should be seen and not heard" which we adhered to. However as mum aged and her comments were often wrong, at times we just let them slide, but when she really went over the top, we had to correct her. It drove us mad at times.
I was brought up not to speak back to an elder, if I did there was a punishment.
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