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Why is an unborn child a ‘baby’ when accidently killed, but a ‘product of conception’ when intentionally aborted?

by Vee (follow)
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human baby at 10 weeks gestation
An unborn human aborted at ten weeks gestation by drsuparna

There certainly is a double standard in the way unborn children are perceived in different circumstances. Regardless of what we know, and what the scientific community supports to be true in the way of foetal development, why do we continue to dehumanise our unborn by referring to them as “clumps of cells”, “products of conception” and “blobs of tissue”?

Why is an unborn child a ‘baby’ when accidently killed, but a ‘product of conception’ when intentionally aborted?

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Top Answers
It is a human being any way
you look at it.
I have never seen a picture of a baby aborted at 10 weeks .
As I looked at the little fingers, eyes.... everything...tears rolled down my face.
Now to be put where.....out with the rest of the medical waste.
What a world we live in.

by jonaja
If life would have continued to develop without intervention then to halt that life for any reason short of self-defence is clearly the m word.
I cannot believe that people allow themselves to be influenced into this action.
The people who are involved in this activity will carry it on their conscience and regret it for life.
I actually feel compassion for them as well because they are victims of the corruption in our community.

I agree with you. I recently found out that somebody close to me was advised to terminate her pregnancy. To this day, she doesn't know why her doctor recommended she do it, and she deeply regrets her decision to go ahead with it.
by Vee
It will generate sadness for your friend for her entire life and lead to long term depression. We are a community that has made a very poor judgement on this subject and will pay for it the rest of our time. Thank God for the spirit of forgiveness.
by kstew
They are also sometimes referred to as "products of conception" in the medical profession when talking about miscarriage (which is very insensitive if said in front of a grieving woman who hoped to be a mother). It's a clinical term. "Baby" is an emotive term, and is not as precise (it doesn't tell you the stage of gestation, whether you are dealing with a tiny embryo or a baby right about to be born).
Not too caught up in it, the baby is killed either way through some event. Still a tiny little human.
Your so right...still a human.
by jonaja
It's just a word. Don't get caught up on it. It seems as though you're asking a different question to the one that you have asked.
I am pro choice.

Everything on earth is just a clump of cells.
Well, the living things are. The non living things are clumps of atoms.
I look at the picture posted of the 10 week old
and only see a human being.
by jonaja
Me too jonaj. I once gave a speech about abortion. The research I did beforehand deeply scarred me.
by Vee
When I look at a child I see a living creation not a lump of matter.
Perhaps you should have gone to Spec savers
by kstew
kstew, great call!
by Vee
Sorry May Hyde, I just realised how insensitive my comment could have seemed. I don't know if you have seen the Spec Savers ads, but the call was so fitting. Everybody is entitled to their opinions. I'm sorry if I seemed dismissive of yours.
by Vee
An unborn child is a human all the way from the combination of the sperm and egg. To terminate this life would be infanticide whether the child was born or not. Especially if this child was killed because he/she would interfere the woman's life style or because of some "birth defect". I'm Pro life.
So am I. :) I always found it ironic that the US were outraged (and rightly so) when 2,753 people perished on September 11, but nobody bats an eyelid at the fact that about 3000 children in the US are killed by their mothers every day.
by Vee
kstew, did you intentionally leave your response blank?
by Vee
No I am just unable to find any words to describe the way I feel about this issue. Perhaps shame that I am part of a community the stands by and allows this.
by kstew
As far as I can tell kstew, you have made your voice heard. You are not one of those who condones it even if others around you do. It's not a popular opinion, the one we share, but I believe it is one worth sharing.
by Vee
At the instant of conception, there is human life. Abortion, at any stage, is the murder of a human being.
Guilt assuaging phrases mean nothing.

Thank goodness the 'law' now recognises that if a pregnant woman is killed, that there're TWO lives lost.

IMO, irregardless of the 'reason', a woman who purposely aborts her baby, has much to answer for. Maybe this is the reason they're wracked with guilt for the rest of their lives. Punishment, somewhat?
It'll be 'interesting' on their 'Day of Judgement', to 'hear' their explanation.

donjo, I have heard of women who are not wracked with guilt, as you have said, and that scares me more than anything. I can understand - though I do not condone - women who find themselves in some circumstances, but those who do away with their children out of sheer selfishness - they're the ones to fear. Emily Letts is one of these women. These women I cannot understand.
by Vee
Hello Vee........who's Emily Letts?

I'll tell u a story. I knew of a female of Eastern European ancestry, so too, her husband. Both had high falutin' jobs & liked to travel constantly. Her first pregnancy she aborted because the baby had 'Spina Bifida' & having to care for that baby would interfere with 'their lifestyle' of travel. I heard her boast, quite happily, that she spent $800 on cocktails whilst in Fiji, for a week!
She was a big, fat, lazy slob, & much disliked by her workmates', who didn't know of her 'past'.

When they tried to conceive next time, she couldn't. Both subsequent children were IVF, & the $$$$ cost was astronomical, as she had several failed attempts each time.

You're correct in what you say, this female couldn't give a square ; she's selfish to the nth degree. Always 'big noting' how much money they had.

I believe in karma, & one day, she'll get it in bulldozer loads, I hope. On the occasions' I was in a group, as she was, I ignored her as much as possible, because what she did was SO wrong, & I couldn't accept that, in any way whatsoever.
And, they're 'supposedly' of the Catholic faith. Go figure!
by donjo
I know I should not judge, but oh my... On a more selfless note, I recently heard of a woman who was told three times that she should abort. Twice, her unborn children were ill. She refused and they were born. Both died a short while after their birth, but she was so grateful to have had them. The third time she was told she had cancer and should abort in order to go ahead with chemo. She went ahead with the pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy child. Unfortunately, by that time, the cancer had spread and she died a short while afterwards. Apparently, people are calling for her beatification. This woman had real courage. Real faith.
by Vee
Oh yes, donjo. I quite forgot about Emily Letts. She filmed an abortion she had and posted it on the internet to demonstrate to women that having an abortion can be a positive experience. It's too bad there is no footage of the procedure from the inside. Once one sees what really goes on, the idea of a 'positive abortion experience' becomes nothing but a gross fantasy.
by Vee
Thank you, Vee, for your reply.

How CAN there be a 'positive abortion experience'?????
What a load of codswallop! Obviously she's wracked with guilt, & trying to convince herself, that she's done nothing wrong! Pfffft! She'll be sorry.............

Glad I won't be in HER shoes, along with the millions' of other females, who've aborted their babies, on Judgement Day.

If it was a choice of my dying, & my baby living, I'd let ME go, & have baby alive & well!
by donjo
P. S. That top photo is SO sad; & pro-abortionists' say it's a 'lump'. REALLY????
With beautiful eyes, little fingers & toes, strong arms & legs, perfectly formed little human.

Sad, just so sad.
We've lost any claim to being 'civilised' when we still perform abortions, IMHO.
by donjo
I am never going to be able to unsee that photo. I can't answer, I can only cry.
by Rice
Rice, I'm sorry. And I am even more sorry to say that the above photo is merely the tip of the ice berg. I am subscribed to a news service that reports extensively on abortion issues...I am now beyond tears. There are no words.
by Vee
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