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Why do dogs eat grass?

by dwatk (follow)
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Why do dogs eat grass?

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Top Answers
I also heard they ate it when they felt sick to make themselves feel better
Growing up, we always said our dog was eating grass because his tummy felt sick.

It's true that if they eat a lot of grass they will then throw it up.

But perhaps it just helps them "keep things moving".

I also once met a lady walking her dog who said hers ate grass as a way of getting water.
I never knew dogs did eat grass, so this is an interesting piece of information to learn.
I believe dogs eat grass when they have tummy problems. And according to some specialist, eating grass (which generally follows with vomiting) helps with treating intestinal worms.
The fibre in grass helps with digestion.
I want to know why dogs eat poo. It's disgusting! I definitely don't want any puppy-love after they have had some. Yuck.
by dwatk
Also why do they roll in it??
There are theories about poo eating- some speculate dogs do it to get valuable digestive enzymes, probiotics or a nutrient they are lacking. There are several animals that have to do it because their digestive systems don't work well enough to get nutrition from food with one pass.Rabbits and Flying Foxes come to mind.
Unfortunately some dogs seem to do it because they like the taste- agggghhh. If you have a dog who does it, try feeding them and other dogs in the household pineapple. It is said to make the droppings unpalatable.
by annfi
Louise - your question about why do they roll in poo. You know dogs are predominantly carnivorous, they hunt in packs. They roll in poo so they don't smell like a dog to their prey and can sneak up on them.
It is gross, but most carnivores eat their prey's stomach contents first- that is one way of getting vegetable matter in their diet. Feeding a dog only meat does not give them a natural balanced diet which may be another reason dogs eat grass.
by annfi
I suppose for the same reason that cats eat grass. It is good for the digestion. There are certain things that they cant digest without the enzymes available in grass.
Hi there. Dogs eat grass for a few reasons. Yes sometimes because they have an upset tummy but more commonly because dogs are omnivores they need vegetables in their diet and know when they are lacking so they help themselves.
because they CAN, mine are always eating it - supposedly to do with digestion, but it often makes them vomit
by Finy
Don't exactly know why, but I always thought dogs would eat absolutely anything, they eat their own faeces, roll in dead birds and other animals. Don't know.
I have observed my dog and she will eat a little sometimes. I think this is when she needs a little digestive aid. If she eats a lot it will make her vomit. I guess at times something doesn't agree with her and she knows it needs to come out.
Interestingly I watched my older dog teach her to eat grass. He started doing it and she copied, watching him the whole time to see if she was doing it right. It made me wonder if it is instinctive or learnt.
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