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Who is the most annoying movie or stage star?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Which actor/actress annoys you the most?

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Top Answers
I know I wrote the questions, but I cannot think of one who I dislike -i know i dislike some but must be having a Seniors moment, or minute, or hour as have been thinking about this one for about 30 minutes now!

aha, i know Jim Carey in some of the comedies he does!
Phew glad I remembered one!
by Finy
I cannot abide Jim Carrey,Adam Sandler(except in the Wedding Singer which I really enjoyed!) and Chevy Chase! I really do not like Steven Segal either. Funny how they all seem to be male actors who I do not like.I do not go to the movies much at all any more,so there are most likely a whole lot more who would annoy me intensely!!
Jules . . . I am beginning to think we were separated at birth . . . . . . . !
by Rice
Yes...Me too!!! But I do wish I knew your real name .Not that there's anything wrong with Rice!!! In fact I love the stuff,especially the sushi from the local sushi place in our Woolworths supermarket!!
Seriously though,we seem to see exactly eye-to-eye on so very many of these questions!! Thanks so much for letting me know that I am not a total nut-case!!!
by Jules
Oh, of course we're nuts. It's just much more fun that way!! Bahahahaha.
by Rice
Hee hee hee!! I certainly do not mind being the 'nuts'part, as so many are so delicious!! But I am a bit wary of being a Nut-CASE!!!!
by Jules
Francine Joy "Fran" Dresche from The Nanny. I don't think she herself is annoying, but her character in The Nanny was annoying. (First female actress as a reply)
Oh happy Mom, yes to the nth degree!
Her VOICE was just horrible. Obviously her parents couldn't afford elocution lessons for her. It was probably one of THE roughest voices I've ever heard! And in my job, I've heard tens of thousands!
I find it really amazing that a person with disgusting vocals can become an actor or actress. After all, their 'voice' is their 'tool of trade'!
by donjo
Burt Lancaster.

I can put up with all kinds of folk, but this man just got to me.
The way he acted, talked you name it.
Oh! and Russell Crowe.
That man is so arrogant, he makes me want to slap him.
by jonaja
oh no, I am sorry you think Russell Crowe is arrogant. I really like him.
I second Russell Crowe!
I also second Russell Crowe -forgot about him -will not go see a film if he is in it...sad he is australian as most of the rest are so nice.
by Finy
Rusty was born in Wellington NZ.
He's no Aussie.....you can breath easy. lol...lol.
by jonaja
Oh my gosh, I think Russell Crowe is great!
by Vee
Vee: I will forgive you it's ok :)
by jonaja
I'm with you, Finy! Can't stand him! I really, really had to push myself to see 'Les Miz'. If it wasn't for the fabulous music in it, I wouldn't have!
by donjo
by Vee
The guy out of the National Lampoon movies ... Can't stand that character!

There are too many to name! One that immediately comes to mind is Robson Green - the Extreme Fishing man.
by Vee
Wait, he's not an actor. Oh well, he is still annoying.
by Vee
yes, he is an actor on television -I will accept your answer this time...hehehehe
by Finy
Robson Green was excellent in Wire in the Blood and many other british series, I don't watch him in the fishing one as I am not sports orientated...
by brigi
I didn't even realise he acts LOL. But after watching his fishing series, I don't think I'd be keen to see his other work.
by Vee
Robson Green is an excellent British actor. He's currently in 'Grantchester' & plays his role (cop) superbly. Leaves the 'lead' actor, whom I've never seen before, but his CV reads well, for dead!
by donjo
Oh, Robson and Jerome singing together. NICE :-)
by Rice
Benny Hill...yuk! Yes Jim Carey in more modern times
by Fran
Yes, Fran, have never liked Jim Carrey & like him even less after the disgusting, rude comments he made about Mr. Charlton Heston, when he died in 2008.

Carrey is just an ignorant pig!
by donjo
There are certain actors who I would be a fan of but I can't think of any that actually annoy me. There have been characters who I haven't liked but not the actor.
by AJ
I can't stand Vince Vaughan. Have seen him interviewed and he's just so rude! Never going to pay to see a movie he's in.
Hi Finy.....
Who are actors 1, 5, & 6 in the photo?
Actor 1's name is in my brain somewhere as I do recognize him. But the other two.......
I think 6 is Richard Farnsworth.
by Rice
Could number 5 be John Gielgud . . . . ?
by Rice
No, Rice, I'm still searching! The makeup is so good, I can't envisage who it is!
Top left is Richard ? , can't think of his surname, but he was in movies in '30's & '40's! The others' are still unknown to me, but will keep searching! Cheers!
by donjo
Okay . . . I am now fairly sure . . . (!) . that top left is John Garfield. STILL stumped at the other one . . and other half was no help either, other than to say he's English. Big woop. LOL
by Rice
. . . and I am now thinking Sir Donald Sinden as our middle man.
by Rice
Hi Rice.....here goes what my brain has misted out....,,;
1. John Garfield, as you correctly said.
2. Great Garbo
3. Clara Bow
4. Catherine Zeta-Jones
5. Robert Donat
6. Still can't get.....looks like Ward Bond, on a bad hair day, or R M Williams unshaven! Lol!
by donjo
Oh! Rice, it's not Sir Donald Sinden.....he was a big man. I was in Row 1/centre seat, when he, Sir Derek Jacobi, & Dame Diana Rigg played in 'The Hollow Crown', a few years' ago, so I was about 8' away from them!
by donjo
Okay . . . 8 is Olivia Hussey and 9 looks like Frank Zappa. Back to the drawing board I go for our middle man :(
by Rice
Bother. Forgot to say 7 is Mila Kunis.
by Rice
Double bother. 4 is Milla Jovovich.
by Rice
Oh! Rice......#4 is a young Catherine Zeta Jones.....#8's not Olivia Hussey......sorry!
by donjo
#4 . . "Milla Jovovich au festival de Cannes. 2000. By Georges Biard". I stick with Olivia Hussey as #8.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, there seems to be a couple of posts to you missing! Oh dear! I was saying, I wonder if 'mystery man' is Brian Dennehy? It's difficult as only side on face to work with isn't it? Cheers!
by donjo
Sacha Baron Cohen. Will not watch him at all.
by Rice
George Eads (CSI)
Deeks (NCIS:LAX)
Weatherly (NCIS)
Jim Carrey....absolute pig!
Russell Crowe....absolutely just soooooo arrogant, & ignorant.
Toni Collette
Adam Hills
TIm Minchin
Josh(?) Young, blonde comedian bloke
Marieke Hardy, just plain annoying

Actress(?)who plays Erin's daughter in 'Blue Bloods'. She contributes NOTHING to the show; don't even know WHY they have her on it! Thank goodness she's not featured in story lines too much! Just wish they would 'write her out' of it by packing her off to her TV father in 'Frisco!

Simon Baker, once he started in adverts for bank which purportedly 'lives in my world'. What absolute bollocks, in every way! He's a millionaire many times over. Did he REALLY have to associate himself with such a crass ad? It's not like he needs the pay! Stopped watching his show at that point! It's now xxld anyway!

That's all I can think of at the mo.
Timothy West, & wife, Prunella Scales, for their disgusting verbal abuse at Airline check-in staff at a NZ airport, & here in Oz.
They were SO bad here, FedPol was called to stop the terrible scene!

They tried 'throwing their weight around' with the hoary old 'don't you know who we are' trick. It didn't work.
It was all to do with having to pay more money, in regards to their Airline Tickets.
They've been banned for life, I heard, from TWO Airlines.
Good riddance!

Wow. Didn't know that. Well, she has dementia now so they won't be at that caper again, one would think.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, very nasty 'pieces of work' when they DIDN'T get their own way, apparently. I never liked her at all before, always thought she had the opinion of herself that 'her s@&$ didn't stink'. That's the way she came across on the screen, to me. I thought he was a good actor, but think much less of him now.
Their son is actor Samuel West. He's been in many BBC drama's, & also narrates Doco's etc.
by donjo
Has to be Mrs Brown ??????
Oh! Rice, respectfully, look at photo of Olivia Hussey from 'Romeo & Juliet', then do same for 'Death on the Nile'......#8's nothing like her! Cheers!

Also, could #6 be Brian Dennehy???
Argh! Google is being stupid and not showing photos properly. I am still leaning towards Richard Farnsworth as he was left handed and the line of his ear and nose matches . . . I think Brian was a hulk of a man and I can only find one or two pics with any facial hair. The trouble is that so many Hollywood actors fit a stereotype that it can be so hard to tell them apart. Look at Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel. The there are the ones that look like clones due to surgery. *shudder* Onward and upward, donjo :-))
by Rice
Oh! Rice, oops! These are the 'missing posts'! Forget had raised brand new comment! Senior moment!
Who's Farnsworth, not heard of him. Will google now! Cheers!

Off on a tangent here.....how sad about Alan Rickman......he'd one of the best speaking voices. I just love a beautiful, well cultured speaking voice. Some I could listen to all day, & Alan's was one of those. RIP
by donjo
You are so right. What a loss :((
by Rice
Oh dear . . and we have just lost the sweet Dan Haggarty from Grizzly Adams. Poor old Celine Dion is having a bad time with two deaths to deal with :(
So much cancer :(((((
by Rice
Yes, Rice, there's multiple cancer strains everywhere, & this is why I get just so angry with the various 'billionaires' &'millionaires' in this country, & the rest of the world, who don't bother donating even a small portion of their largesse to R&D into such an insidious disease.
One of them would prefer to spend money on 'pie in the sky' projects!
They just make me sick!
by donjo
Yes . . . like this . . . > Blind Freddie could see this was never going to work . . all that money. SHame, shame, shame. :-((
by Rice
Bother!! Sorry . . My copy did not take. Woolies ditching Masters. 600 million down the toilet. Scandalous waste of money. Imagine all that for cancer research. Grrr.
by Rice
Yes, I've never liked John Wayne nor Jim Carey, Sami Davis Jr, the 3 Stooges, & I can't think of any others, right now, but I may, after I've put this question away!
by Miro
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