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Which herb do you use the most, and do you grow this yourself?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Which herb do you use the most in cooking?

Do you grow this yourself or buy it?

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Top Answers
By far the most useful herb for me is parsley.
I use it on and in many of the dishes I prepare and especially if I am putting it on Recipe Yum, as that small piece of parsley just gives the photo a slightly better look.

I also really like parsley and often chop up a lot with chopped tomatoes -parsley goes with just about everything, and so I have it growing in several places.

I also use garlic chives which I have had growing for years however now it is start to not re-generate as it used to, so will probably re plant.

I also have coriander growing almost wild everywhere. I use coriander in quite a few dishes also. This keeps coming up year after year and I have many seeds I have taken from them which I also plant all the time.

Most other herbs I do not use a lot of so just buy as I need them.
by Finy
I use so many on a regular basis,and I grow all my own!!Curly Parsley,Italian Parsley,Chives,Garlic Chives.Lemon Basil(Yummy for Fish!!) normal sweet basil,tarragon,Mint,Rosemary,Culantro(Mexican or Perennial Corianer),Lemon Myrtle,Bay Leaves,and that is for starters!! I also have somehow managed to grow my own Lavender here in the tropics which is very unusual!!! Something which grows all through my yard is Arthritis Heb,though I have not found that it works for me!! Fresh IS Best!!!
The only one I have growing is Rosemary.
It is also great to keep some under your pillow to the side, it helps with memory
if you can smell it during the night.
Oh yes, I forgot about Rosemary. We pin it to guests at weddings as well as put it in our food.
by Vee
Vee what is the reason pinning it to people is it to bring good luck?
by jonaja
Probably garlic chives out of my garden. I like them in omelettes. I also grow, and frequently use, parsley, thyme, basil and oregano. I love coriander too, but if I try to grow it the possums eat it.
We don't grow anything since we are living in a house that is not our own on a temporary basis. Of all the herbs, I think I use oregano most often. I also use parsley, basil, dill and marjoram. I would love to have a herb garden when we get a place of our own.
by Vee
Unfortunately I don't have a garden so I can't grow anything
by AJ
Parsley & Mint: love 'em!
Used to, but I no 'green thumb' as they kept dying!
So just buy a bunch as needed now, fresh, & use it all.
50/50 parsley and mint, which I grow, but I also have 2 Rosemary plants. I find Rosemary very strong though.
by Rice
I use Italian parsley in my cooking, but I have to buy mine. It keeps longer if it's wrapped in damp paper towels & put in a sandwich bag in the veggie drawer. If i have some left over when I'm going on holidays, I'll chop it up, & put it into ice-cream trays, & freeze it, then put them into snack packs or sandwich bags, depending on how many I have.
by Miro
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