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Which do you prefer, front or top loaders?

by Vee (follow)
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washing machine
Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Front loaders may be more water efficient, but top loaders seem to fit more into them. Which kind do you prefer, front or top loaders?

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Top Answers
I have a front loader, which initially we bought because a top loader wouldn't fit in our bathroom (we didn't have a laundry). I like the efficiency of it, but while it was good enough for two people, now that I have two kids I'd rather upgrade to a top loader.
Jennifer when you do up grade...look into high speed spinning.They really are a wonderful washer.Fisher & Pykel make a good one.Clothes are nearly dry when they come out. :)
by jonaja
Thanks for the tip.
Top loader not because I think it washes better simply because it is easier on my back.
That is a very good point Shelley.
by Vee
We have a top loader for washing and a front loader for drying. I prefer top loaders, because in our narrow kitchen, you can't get past the tumble drier if the hatch is open.
Top Loader for me every time, can get more into them.

With Very high speed spinning.
Hello, Jonaj!
Your photo reminds me of the washer my Mum had, when she owned & managed a Hair Dressing Salon. All the towels from there were washed each night.
I remember she caught her hand in the wringer-part. Her hand was a mess. I cleaned, sanitized, lotioned & bandaged it for her. I must've been about 14 at the time. I gave her some painkillers, a cuppa & made her lie down. I prepared a light meal for her of what she 'felt like' that night. It took ages for it to heal. My poor Mum was really in shock & a lot of pain. I was really angry that I wasn't old enough to drive to get her to the doctor.
by donjo
wow....your poor Mum :(

you did well to help her.
by jonaja
Oh! Jonaj, thank you. My fabulous Mum died of cancer one month after I got married! She was only 63; way too young. I miss her every day, without fail. I suppose nobody, but nobody, can replace one's Mum.
by donjo
I fully understand....lost mine to :(
by jonaja
I had a small top loader but upgraded to a front loader when the old one died. It has an 11 kg capacity, so I've never had any problem fitting a lot in. I used to have to get doonas washed for me, but can now do it at home.

Front loader for me. As a renter, I move a lot so I've used a lot of different washers, and I much prefer front loaders. Of the models we have in Canada, the top loaders are well-known as the inferior models. They don't wash as well, don't fit as much clothing and use both more electricity and water.

That's funny. All the top loaders I have used fit far more clothes in than the front loaders I've used (eg. with the top loader I could wash all the sheets in one load, with our front loader I have to split it into two). I wonder whether in Canada you have smaller capacity top loaders or bigger front loaders.
We must. Every time I watch a real estate, travel or renovation show based in the UK or Australia, and I see a washing machine, I'm always like, "Seriously, look at that thing it's tiny!". It sounds kind of ridiculous, but the difference is so obvious that it's hard not to take note of it.
I have had a front loader for quite a long time now, and I would never go back to a top loader...
In my recent memory, we've only had top loaders, and like Shelley, they are much gentler on the back. But I don't think my washing comes out as clean as I would like it to, so I am not sure if it is the machine or the detergent.
Definitely front loaders -easier to manage, wash better, and fascinating to watch as well.
Also gentler without the thing in the middle churning.
by Finy
Have always had the highest load weight of Simpson brand. Actually, had ALL Simpson appliances for the last 40 years!
Wouldn't have a front loader, as too used to using top-loader!
I prefer front loaders, with my mum always having one and a woman I shared with for around a year had a top loader.
During the wash it would suddenly stop and start beeping because towels or other big things had become caught around the middle spool thing, so the wash always took longer than needed.
Top loader, every time. Once you've started a front loader you can't stop it. Nothing worse than realising you've forgotten to put in a t-shirt or something and the cycle has already started. At least with a top loader you can just lift the lid and throw it in.
I open my front loader all the time to pop extra items in. Press pause, open door, throw item in, press pause again and off she goes. No water flies out.
by Rice
I have used front loaders for the last 20 years & would not change. Much gentler on your clothes,
Newer models can be stopped to add during the cycle, & they use a lot less water.
My front loader...
Front. My mother had a Bendix brand front loader, 70 years ago, & when she loved house in '79, she bought a new front loader. We've always have a front loader. I love them. Our daughters have front loaders, as well as my 2 sisters. 1 friend has aways had a top loader & says she'd never have a front loader.
by Miro
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