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Which animal do you think is the greatest threat to humans?

by dwatk (follow)
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Which animal (land or sea) do you think is the greatest threat to humans?

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Top Answers
Other humans, hands down.

Other than that, I would say maybe mosquitoes, since they spread a lot of disease.

That looks like a tree snake in the picture. Most tree snakes aren't dangerous to humans at all. They're not aggressive and don't have much venom. They just eat rodents, small birds and bats. There's a nasty African one called a Boomslang, but that's not what it's in the picture.
Thats actually a black mamba which is considered one of the most venemous snakes in the world.
by dwatk
Is it really? I stand corrected. That is not at all what I thought a black Mamba would look like. The most venomous snakes here in Australia have a quite different head and body shape.
Holy Moses! Here I was thinking how cute it was!!
by Rice
Type in Sacred Geometry of the Universe and God.
by jonaja
What, just into Google? Yeah, there's a lot of stuff people have said about it in the history of the world. Interesting stuff, but really not the same thing as scientific proof, and nothing to do with humans being animals.
Me too, Rice! Big eyes like that.
when I supply you don't take any notice end of lesson full stop .
by jonaja
I was hoping for something a bit more specific, like information on what the person you mentioned had actually said- an article, a link maybe. Presumably there was something specific you read at some point to make a claim like that. If you just search a vague term "sacred geometry of the universe and god" like that a LOT of stuff comes up, I don't know which of the bazillion things (half of which contradict the other half) you want me to look at. That's not "not taking notice". I tried. I can't just sit down and read half the internet and hope I figure out what you meant. It would be like if I said I had scientific proof that kittens were behind 9/11 and instead of producing proof suggested you type "cat videos" into Youtube. You'd find a lot of videos all right, but your chances of finding what I was talking about, if it even existed, would be slim to none. If I linked you to a specific video that would be something (still just a Youtube video, so not scientific proof, but at least you'd know what I was talking about). This is a huge digression from the question. I agreed with you that mosquitoes were dangerous. If no proof of the other thing is forthcoming let's move on.
Just read, watch or listen to the news. Humans are hands down the most dangerous animal and not just to other humans. Humans also kill more animals and destroy more of the environment than any other living being.
by mpwhe
Animal as a threat is Lions.
But! we do not all come into contact with them.

The biggest threat to humans world wide is a
tiny little fella called 'Mosquito's'.

They are voted by the World Health Organisation of killing 725,000 humans a year!

They carry Yellow fever
Malaria and Dengue fever to name a few.

Nasty little critters :(
Ah you beat me to it Jonaj. Yes, mosquitoes do a lot of harm.
are Not Animals.....
by jonaja
Yes we are. Specifically, we are apes. We can do some stuff other animals can't do (and vice versa) but we're classified as animals (as opposed to plants, viruses, bacteria, non living things...)
LOL....that's very funny but No no human was the product of ''down the line''.
Apes and all that, it is a Lie.
Now science is doing a back flip, saying there had to be a creator.
That's not me saying it...but science.
by jonaja
No, science doesn't say there had to be a creator. That's a matter for belief, and I wouldn't try and dissuade you from it but it's simply not true to say that it's proven by science. If it was you would be able to produce the studies where this was proven ( and you wouldn't need to because it would have been such huge news that everybody would have already heard about it). Where is the evidence? Lacking such proof it is just you, and religious believers saying it, not science.

Setting evolution aside, what it is about humans that you think makes us not animals? We eat, sleep, reproduce, feel pain, fear and affection the same as other primates (maybe all other mammals) do. The similarities are undeniable. We're smarter than most other animals, insofar as we can measure intelligence accurately), but compare a smart chimp with a baby or someone with a low IQ- the chimp is smarter so intelligence can't be the only criterion.Mammals demonstrate empathy, grieve their dead, their young play at adult behaviour like human children. They're made of flesh like us, they bleed like us (well mammals do at least), they die like us.
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, thinks very different to you Jennifer, it's not just me...Plus he is not the only one but it's no use, it all falls to the ground with any subject like this, you have you view.
Michio and I have ours, oh and a few more too.

by jonaja
He seems like an interesting guy but I can't see anywhere where he claims to have scientifically proven that there must have been a creator. Can you point me to where he does?
I don't even want to argue about it, I'm just genuinely interested in seeing the proof you say you have. It's a little frustrating if you say it exists but refuse to provide it, but if that's what you want to do, that's your call.
His Wikipedia page contains no mention of it. If he had discovered something that important you would expect it to be pretty prominently mentioned.
7 answers to my 3....hummmm?
by jonaja
Questions rather than answers. I was interested to read what the physicist you mentioned had to say, hoping to learn something. I went looking, but can't find anything about it, which seems odd. Thought since you came back to comment you might provide a link, but apparently you don't want to for some reason. Okay then. I didn't come here to debate the existence of god with you. That's not what the question was about. Have a nice day.
always got to have the last word
by jonaja
Yes, jonaj, you're 100% correct in that!
by donjo
Who me?
by jonaja

For one tiny creature, they sure do carry many debilitating, & lethal diseases'.

Having been in TPNG, then PNG, am familiar with having to take anti-malarial medication, & was very pleased that Science had invented such!
Malaria is one illness I don't want, along with all the other 'nasties', caused by them!
I agree with Jennifer...definitely other humans!
Other humans. Oh, sorry Jennifer, I just saw your answer :-))
by Rice
The mosquito for sure. Malaria, Chica virus, zika virus, dengue fever, yellow fever, west nile virus etc.
The human race is slowly, but surely, killing each other. From diseases to terrorism. Humans are worse than animals. That, is my opinion.

Definitely humans - look at all the strife in the world - it's mostly man-made - and usually in the name of religion.

As far as disease I would concur with several others on this site - mosquitoes. They carry so many diseases dangerous to man.

Then, back to humans, there is biological warfare.
Scary, idiotic creatures aren't we norma? :((((
by Rice
We sure are. Never seem to have learned through the centuries.
by norma
Defining animal I include mosquitoes mainly because I do believe they are the biggest killers all over the world, with such things as Malaria, Dengue fever Ross River fever, yellow fever etc. and latest Zika fever.

Animal that is the greatest threat to humans ? Has to be Donald Trump
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