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Where on the body is the best place for a tattoo?

by VerityG (follow)
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tattoos legs
"Tattooed legs" by GrishaMaslov via Wikimedia Commons

I would love to have a tattoo but can't decide where on my body to have one! Which body part do you think is best suited to a tattoo?

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Top Answers
I'm not a fan of tattoos - butterflies become moths as you get older! I don't know Verity, what do you decide first - the position or the type of tattoo? I think a small one on the lower back looks ok, if a person really must have one. Good luck with all the decision making. - you'll have to show us a photo when it's done!
I don't see the point of having a tattoo, a work of art, and then hiding it! I think they should be on display. I love men with tattoos, YUM! None of it should be overdone tho. I also would like a tattoo and cannot decide what to have tho. A small one of sorts, Some good places would be on the wrist, forearm etc. Somewhere I can enjoy it too.
Nowhere :) I'm not a fan of tattoos personally.
I love tattoos and like I said in the question, I would like to have one but I'm finding it difficult to decide exactly where on my body to have it done! I have a feeling that somewhere fleshy would be less painful than a bony bit but then would it look as good? Maybe the extra pain would be worth it for a more impressive tattoo?
Not a fan, of them but I guess the foot is nice. :)
Somewhere it can easily be concealed.
by Vee
Why? I don't care what other people think about the tattoo, I'm not having it done to display but equally I'm not going to make any effort to conceal it...
If it was me getting the tattoo, that's what I'd do. Just because if I were wearing a classy dress, I wouldn't want it showing. If I was in your position, I would get it on my forearm. What are you thinking of getting done?
by Vee
Fair enough :)
I haven't decided on a design yet as I think that will be influenced by where I have the tattoo! Total indecision here....
Oooo, best of luck! Let us know how you go! ;)
by Vee
Nowhere -many people regret this in later life as per the advertisement with the old lady with tattoos all over her arm!

However, if you really want one, perhaps the "derriere" is good as no one but you and your spouse see it and you would not ever regret it then!
by Finy
Well after a grand total of forty years, I find the only things I regret are the ones I haven't done so I don't think in another forty years I will regret having a tattoo, only not having one if I never do it.
Nowhere they are horrible just think what thet look like when you get older.
I dont understand the big elaborate ones on backs.Why go through pain and expense and never see it. I don t much like tattoos but if you want it, just do it - where you can enjoy it.

Ugly, painful, can't get rid of, 'look at me' personality!

W H Y??? Oh why, do that to yourself?
Yep. I often think that if I had had a little Marguerite tat on my tummy in days gone by, by today in 2016 I would have ended up with a large Sunflower in that spot.
They are awful, ugly and always look dirty to me.
by fran.
I'm in agreement with most others on here. I dislike them, more so on a female than a male. However as it's a personal choice I'd have it somewhere where most people couldn't see it. My hairdresser has one on her thigh which can't be seen whether she's wearing a dress or tights.
I probably would not get a tattoo because in two weeks time I am going to change my mind, also as soon as you put them on your white blood cells try to get rid of it which is why they fade....In 20 years time you are going to see a bunch of old people walking around with tattoos.
Plenty of opinions about this. I think it should be entirely your choice as you are the one who will have it on show (or not as the case may be).

I already have four tiny tattooes on my breasts (the result of tattoo marking sites for radiotherapy). However, if I chose to have one it would be a small red poppy - perhaps on my shoulderblade?
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