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When it comes to pasta, do you prefer red, white, or pink sauce?

by Vee (follow)
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When it comes to pasta, do you prefer red, white, or pink sauce?

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Top Answers
I seem to always just use Red (tomato etc).

Not sure what Pink is?

White would be a bit heavy for us.

Need to know about the Pink~ I think. :)
(yesssss, let'ssss asssssk. lol)
by Rice
LOL. Ok, so I should have clarified in the body of the question. Pink sauce is a combination of tomato and cream. It's good, because it's not too heavy and not "too tomatoey"* (refer to my response below).
by Vee
I have to try it!!!!
by jonaja
Vee, your Italian background is showing . . . . and my ignorance is too. Red, pink and white . . ? Tomato and pork ragu are about it for me. Oh, and Alfredo (?). I don't think I know the difference between red, white or pink. I just love pasta.
by Rice
It appears you have the subject specific terms there, Rice. All I've got is "cream", "tomato", and "pink" (a combination of cream and tomato - LOL). It's nice. I like it.
by Vee
We eat mainly red, or tomato based sauces. I do like white sauces, such as carbonara and alfredo, but we don't have them very often, because they are very creamy, and therefore not that good for you ( or for MY waistline anyway !!). I am not sure what pink sauces are, but suspect that they are a combination of red and white, such as a creamy tomato sauce?? Feel free to set me straight, as I am just guessing. I have a recipe called pasta with tomato and ricotta. The sauce is not quite red, and not white. It is a creamy tomato sauce, so maybe that is a pink sauce, not sure.
You're right on the money!
by Vee
No preference! I like them all..

I am guessing pink sauce is Tomato based with cream?
Yaaas. It is very yummy. My husband complains that cream is too heavy for him and tomato is "too tomatoey". LOL. So pink sauce is always a safe option.
by Vee
I prefer white sause over all especially when having just vegtables. I go for red mainly with meat.
not fond of pasta, we do not eat it at home, when given to me as a salad when out I just leave it on the plate.
Red all the way. I've never gotten into white sauce, it just seems like a lot of cream to me.
Pink can be nice, I used to go to a place which made an excellent Carbonara which was pink, have never been able to find it again.
Like them all but have a preference for certain dishes, like garlic prawns I prefer creamy white sauce.
I need to find a nice recipe for creamy garlic prawns. Is there one in particular you would recommend, helga?

by Vee
Hi Vee. I make my own with crushed garlic and thickened cream. There is also a long-life thickened cream I always have in my pantry in case I don't have the fresh one in the fridge. It just boils down to how much garlic you like in the sauce as to how many cloves you use, or the crushed one in the jars.
by helga
Sounds simple enough. Thanks, helga. I'll have to keep an eye on it though...Five times out of ten, I burn garlic...
by Vee
Vee, I read ages ago that to avoid burning garlic, don't cook it first, rather cook the prawns on one side, then add the garlic.
by helga
I tend to go for the red sometimes if I make a bolognese, but my son prefers white, he loves carbonara.
A good carbonara is hard to pass up. :-)
by Vee
Tomato sauces don't like me. I love pasta and I like it with olive oil, chilli, lots of garlic, prawns,anchovy and maybe some little fresh Tiny Tom tomatoes. So not red sauce for me. Probably would like pink, and like white as long as it's not too thick.
fran, you just described a dish I would eat in a heartbeat. :-)
by Vee
Yes Vee, but the rest of the family ask me why I don't just pour olive oil over fresh pasta. I lovely olive oilY pasta like the one with olive oil, garlic and fried breadcrumbs (I think maybe there is parsley or some herb in there with it). The better half reckons I'd be the cheapest date you could take out to dinner !
by fran.
Fried breadcrumbs, fran.? I have never heard of this. But, hey. Sometimes the simplest things are the most satisfying. I think I may go out and buy some anchovies! LOL.
by Vee
Yes Vee, it is not an unknown recipe. I have had it whilst dining out but I just don't know the name of it. The fried breadcrumbs are obviously fried in olive oil til they turn colour, there is a bit of green in it like parsley maybe and there is a saltiness to it - like maybe from anchovy (you know how when you put that heat into anchovies they disappear). Might also be a few chilli flakes. But with nice hot pasta like maybe spaghetti or linguini it is just so light and lovely ( My family don't agree with me that it is nice and light, because they ALWAYS consider I am too heavy handed with the oilů..which is too bad for them.
ps There is a strong smell of garlic in this breadcrumb dish as well.
by fran.
Only red sauce.
I find that anything else has been bastardised from the origin of the dish. Noting beats fresh produce with pasta.
Pink sauce?
I like all food.....
by Finy
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