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What's your opinion of modern art?

by meggf (follow)
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Exhibit at MONA, Tasmania.

Do you think modern art is actually artistic or do you think it's silly. OR do you think it's a good mix of the two? Would you put a crazy modern art piece in your house?

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Top Answers
My opinion of modern art is the same as for ancient art (I studied cave paintings at university, no, really!) and traditional art. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, some of it is breath-takingly wonderful and some of it is sh*t. And a lot of it isn't art at all. I don't think modern art is any different from any other kind of art in that respect. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

And it's worth remembering that ALL art was modern when it was first created. The Impressionists who are so popular now were reviled and scorned when they first started painting.
Have you been to the cave art coastal France, recently discovered? Saw TV Doco. on it, & it looked better than Lascaux! Cheers in caving!
by donjo
I think some modern art is stupid, but some is thought provoking and interesting. The photo above is an exhibit at MONA that I found very interesting. Those are real goldfish swimming around. I think I prefer more traditional art to decorate my house.
But anyone could put two fish in a bowl with a knife, and place it on a chair. It doesn't show any artistic skill. It's just objects next to one another, and has no aesthetic quality.
Absolutely! But when you saw it it provoked thought. I wondered about the type of chair it was (my grandfather used to restore antique furniture) and I wondered about whether the fish were in danger lol So even t hough I wouldn't put it in the lounge room it was an interesting thing to walk past.
by meggf
I see where you'r coming from, but for me it can be provoke thought without being art at the same time.
I think it is pretentious waffle to be honest. Artist say all these things that the 'artwork' means and represents, but it doesn't mean anything. It is like saying a glass of wine has notes of wet sheep in a field.

The 'artwork' generally doesn't look very good either, and is often something anyone can do. The only reason it is considered art is because an artist made it. I've noticed with a lot of modern art, the artist didn't start off in that medium, but with proper paintings or proper pottery, etc. It was only once they were established that obscure forms would be recognised. If they tried to start off with these modern art concepts, they wouldn't get considered as art.
That's true :)
by jonaja
There certainly are pieces I can appreciate. That one up there? Not so much.
by Vee
Anyone could have thought it up, :)
by jonaja
LOL, I'm sure people have, and then quickly dismissed it!
by Vee
This blue painting here has sold in 2013 for $43.8 Million Dollars!

I think the world has gone mad, and it does my head in when I see such things.
I could paint that painting, I LOVE Art with a passion, but I refuse to be told that it's worth that much.

It hits a raw nerve with me, I can't understand what blue paint on a canvas could bring such a Price!
I like modern art, and I believe I do understand a great deal of it.
But sometimes I feel they are 'taking the public for a ride', to believe it and others are worth millions of dollars.
I have never understood this concept.
There's one at the Sydney Art Gallery that is black!!! A complete canvas of black. When you stand back you can see that actually there are 9 squares of different shades of black. It's bizarre lol
by meggf
I think the bulk of it is absolute rubbish.

I've seen 5 year olds with more creativity than most of these modern day "artists".

Any one that buys this kind of thing has more money than sense.
Yep.Your right
by jonaja
Like all types of art some is crap and some is great. Some is thought provoking and some just makes you wonder how anyone can consider it art. I'd rather pop a few of my toddler's paintings up on the wall to be honest!
I'm hearing ya! :)
by jonaja
Depends on one's individual perception.

Have seen some brilliant modern art eg 'Blue Poles', but much of it is c@&$!

I attend every Exhibition at GoMA, & enjoy majority.

Some paintings I just fall in love with, as they're just so beautiful.

One at the Prado is the beautiful portrait of a Lady. It's stunning in its' simplicity. I bought Keyring, & Postcards of it to remind me.

I'm VERY picky when it comes to 'Art', as have studied it, continue to do so, & I know exactly what I like in a Painting, Drawing, Woodwork, Glass, & Sculpture.

Have many beautiful ones around house, collected over the years', which I adore looking at.
Very relaxing!
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