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What's the worst cooking disaster you've ever had?

by Ivana Katz (follow)
Ivana is passionate about travel, writing, photography and website design. Visit her at: www.web4business.com.au
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cooking, burning food, exploding eggs.

What were you cooking? Who were you cooking it for? How did it happen?

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Top Answers
When I found hard boiled eggs stuck to my kitchen ceiling!!!!!
Last night! I can't cook but I decided I'd make this rice noodle thing (it's like I forget my ability sometimes) anyway, they didn't drain properly, and kept cooking in the strainer and turned into a big pile of glue. Even the kids just looked at it horrified. Thankfully I keep a supply of baked beans on hand for just such an occasion. Waste of $14 of chicken tho...
Burning the Anzac Biscuits in home economics once in high school. My friends laughed, yet an older friend was kind enough to give me some of hers.
I had a disaster when making marmalade. I cooked it inside a pressure cooker with the lid on, then left it. My mum saw it, and in a panic, took the lid off, and it exploded all over the kitchen.
Well, my worst cooking disaster was when I burnt water, literally. I was heating up a pot with water to prepare my dinner when a friend came over. She was telling me about her latest conquest and we totally lost track of time. When I remembered and ran back to the kitchen, the pot was dried, with black magma-looking marks at the bottoms and a weird smell that until this day I can't really tell whether it was from the pot or the water.
Oh, that's an easy one! I put on a curry to simmer and forgot to turn it down to real low when I went to pick up my kids, got home and hour later and not only had all the liquid dried out, but the chicken had burned so much you couldn't even see it. It was so bad I had to throw out the pot, we had ash in the kitchen and a burnt smell through the whole house for weeks afterward. I learned an important lesson that day - never leave a pot on the stove when you pop out!
Scary! That could have been a lot worse.
When I burnt the risotto....because I was too lazy to keep stirring!
I was cooking a pizza but instead of turning the oven on I accidentally put it on grill. I left the kitchen for a few minutes, thinking it was safe to do so, and when I came back I could smell burning and the pizza was already completely black.
I was hosting Christmas lunch for about 20 family members. My oven decided not to work on Christmas Day! We still had a nice lunch but it was a very limited menu. How EMBARRASSING!
Putting way too much butter in a batch of shortbread, then watching the dough spread and spread and spread in the oven until the cookies became a giant gooey mess covering the entire tray!
I was trying to make jelly for an epic dessert when my friends were coming over.

The epic fail occurred when I realised that I was supposed to put both HOT and COLD water into the bowl of jelly powder. I was left with raspberry cordial in a bowl!
Probably the time I accidentally poured a whole batch of freshly made fudge down the back of the fridge when I was putting it in to set. That took forever to clean up. So much stickiness!
The night I had 4 guests to dinner and dropped the roast chicken as I was removing it from the oven. Fortunately I beat the dog to it.
I've worked very hard to suppress this memory, but here goes: I made a pasta dish with avocado and macadamias. It was inedible.
by Vee
I'm lucky enough to have not had any major cooking accidents apart from burning a meal or two. When my wife and I first started dating, she had a cooking accident in our first apartment. She was going to deep fry some French fries in a pot with oil. She set the pot on the burner, and forgot about it. When she took the lid off, the oil started smoking and spitting violently. She tried to bring the pot to the window to get the smoke out but taking it off the burner made it spit more violently, a bunch of oil landed on the carpet, melting it instantly. Luckily none landed on her. The whole incident could have ended way worse than a little bit of burnt carpet.
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