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Whatís the hardest thing youíve ever had to do?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by Natalia Rivera, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

One of the hardest things I have ever done was say goodbye to certain people in my life.

What's the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

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Top Answers
I have to be honest here -bury two of my children.
by Finy
I could Not imagine that grief.
by jonaja
You're strong Finy, I admire your courage to share.
by Vee
I was going to ignore it and lie however decided it is not something to lie about!
by Finy
That's very sad Finy. I'm so sorry. Not having kids, I couldn't begin to imagine what that must have been like for you.
thanks Therese, I dont often tell strangers like this as I don't want people to feel sorry for me!!! But that question was just too important to lie about.
Same as when I get asked how many children do you have -is extremely difficult to decide what to say.
by Finy
OMG Finy, that's definitely very sad. I am sorry to hear that. My grandmother had to live through the same grief and two of her brothers had also passed away tragically in their youth. And one of her grandsons also died when he was only 7. I know how much she missed these people throughout the last days of her life.
thank you happy mom -i feel a bit "silly" having started this conversation on here!!!
not really an appropriate place to start it -HEY -THAT WOULD BE A GOOD QUESTION for AA! r personal things appropriate on AA

It is very kind of you all who have commented as as people often dont know what to say.
Probably why I do so much on this site! Can't think so much when working.
by Finy
I am so sorry that you had to know pain like this ... I can't even begin to imagine. a work colleague of mine also lost her two daughters several years apart.
by Aliso
Oh Finy. I am so sorry. X
by annfi
The hardest decision in my lift to date was putting my little silver poodle to sleep. It was the most difficult decision I have faced and took quite a lot of time for me to reconcile my feelings and thoughts about this event.
I hear you Selena. No matter what they say about it being the best thing for your baby, it is just the most difficult and heart wrenching decision to make.
Being separated from my children, until I found a place to live.
It took money, time(6 months), and a dreadful amount of tears.
The worst time in my life, nearly gave me a breakdown in the process.
They stayed with their Father.

I can't imagine that jonaj. I feel terrible leaving Baby for one day, let along six months. I suppose that you've got to do what you've got to do.
by Vee
Life is hard at times, thank goodness we move on :)
by jonaja
I don't think I've had a hard life to be honest! Nothing that's particularly bad so far. And hopefully my lucky runs continues!
The hardest thing, although out of my control, was watching my Mum die of cancer & not be able to do a thing about it. The other was having to make the decision to put our cat down as she was really sick. Other cats we have loved have died of different causes but having to actually make the decision to take your fur baby to the vet for that final visit is just horrible.
Therese -check out an article I wrote on Ready for Pets on bereavement -it was written for a dog but could be applied to a cat also.....
by Finy
Live through a broken engagement.
Say goodbye to my brother before his life support machine was switched off
Failed a Course in College and had to sit out the other next year before I could complete it.( That course wasn't offered within that year. )Then having to go back and sit the course all over with my old professors and former classmates asking seeing me and asking 'what are you doing here, didn't you graduate already?' And then having explain that I failed a course. Embarrassing!!!!

'Awkies' - as my sister would say. LOL. I could just imagine. How did you go the second time around?
by Vee
Having to euthanise my 21half yo cat & 15half yo Corgi. The last words they ever heard from me was my telling them I'd loved them all their lives.
That was 30 & 15 years' ago, respectively.
I still miss them incredibly. I'm bawling my eyes' out as I type this. I can't help it. It's just me.

I live in hope that the 'Rainbow Bridge' exists & I'll see them again, when we can have hugs, cuddles & smoochies galore!
Walk away from a job. It was nasty but I have forgiven the people involved.
by Gia
I have had a tough life in some respects. I found happiness when I met my husband. Living through his death and the end of a happy period of my life was the hardest thing. I was only 24 and had a three year old son. My husband and I had been together seven years . He was my best friend and to not have his support going through something so sad was hard. I was very lonely and the pain was powerful.
annfi, "sorry" is inadequate, I know. But I am sorry. Thank you for sharing that with us.
by Vee
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