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What would you say to this man?

by Vee (follow)
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Brooks Forester
Image sourced from http://fightthenewdrug.org/

It takes a brave person and perhaps an even braver man to wear a shirt like this.

This is Brooks Forester, he's a supporter of Fight the New Drug

What would you say to him?

#Role Model
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Top Answers
Wow! I'd like to shake his hand and tell him to keep up the good work.
I would give him a huge hug. That's a real man.
by Vee
YES HE IS!! and a great looker too :)
Some girl will get a fine catch, with those kind of
by jonaja
I would not say anything to him!
Had trouble reading the tee shirt but who cares what people have on their tee shirts -that is their personal opinion!

And none of MY business.
by Finy
It says ''Porn Kills Love'' and he wants people to think about it. :)
by jonaja
i could read it just had trouble! I still say, i would not say anything to him as do not agree -you cannot generalise on things. We are ALL DIFFERENT
by Finy
I agree.
by kirk3
whispers* . . . I didn't even SEE the writing! Now I have to revise my intended reply. \(_o)/
by Rice
I'd tell him that it was heartening to know that there were men who were prepared to take a stand on behalf of all the women and children who are exploited by porn!
I'm speechless!

He is one amazing guy.
It is the new drug, and a lot of people are affected by it every single day.
Once it is in a persons life, it is very hard to get it out.

I have had people come and tell me, and ask for help.
Definitely a message that needs to be shouted out loud from the roof tops! I would tell him I think it's great he's being such an active anti-porn campaigner, ask him where he got the shirt from and how he coped with any negative responses to it.
Follow the link in the text of the question. Navigate the site to their store and voila. :)
by Vee
Thank you!
Though I'd quite like the chance to ask him in person.... ;)
Forget the shirt, I'd tell him to shave his awful facial hair!

But no in all seriousness, I think he is great for wearing that shirt and standing up to something that most would not have the guts to.
I think his face looks amazing! :)

by jonaja
LOL! I have to agree with jonaj.
by Vee
What is the reasoning and motivation behind this man's advertising? Is it religious, or educational? Is he an activist of some sort? A simple chat could disclose the nature of his business; other than that, it is none of my business.
Maybe he an opportunist !
by fran.
"My goodness, sir, those sunglasses are SO 1950! However I admire your ethos".

by Rice
As my husband would say, goooood one.
by Vee
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
by Rice
That's an important message. I would say - Good on you!

Pmsl.....Well at first glance I wasn't looking at his tee shirt but rather for the "skirt" he was wearing. It wasn't until I started reading the replies that I realised he wasn't wearing a skirt. Bad me😎. But good on him. Hope people took note.
helga, I don't understand the "skirt" part...do you mean an actual skirt? And what made you think he was wearing one?
by Vee
Hi Vee. I misread the word "shirt" as I quickly read the statement and mistook it for "skirt". Then I wondered why the picture was cut short, not showing the skirt. That will teach me to take my time reading the actual wording instead of skimming over it.
by helga
Well, me being me, I didn't even notice he had writing on his t-shirt, & I was wondering why I would be talking to him, if I saw him in the street! But now it has been pointed out to me, I'd say, "Good on you"
by Miro
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