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What would you do if your partner came home with this haircut?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What would you do if your partner came home with this or a similar hair do - would it bother you?

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Top Answers
I would try not to laugh probably firstly!
Then I would probably go quiet for a while.
After I while I would have to say something, no, that is wrongly put - I would have to NAG!

Perhaps on a girl, this would not be so bad but on a man it looks awful albeit it is innovative and unusual!
by Finy
If I had that much weight on top, I would go crazy! . . . . hence the once a month answer to your previous hairdresser question.
by Rice
I would do nothing and it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. Hair is only anathema to me if it's
d i r t y. (however . . Himself would look beyond ridiculous with that particular style! Bahahaha!) When I was a kid that style would have indicated a Teddy Boy or a Spiv. We also had Mods and Rockers. Jeez, I'm old.
by Rice
but not as old as me!
by Finy
I've always felt old . . .too much responsibility too young, I suppose.
by Rice
I actually rather like this look - on a man or woman. I think my wife could rock this style, she'd never do it, but I think it would look great on her.
Well, after I recovered from my jaw dropping to the ground, and stopped laughing after about a week, I would march him right back to the hairdressers , and ask him if he had been temporarily insane !!!!
Hahahahaha! A buzz cut would be the only cure. Poetic. :-))))
by Rice
I would say ''how much did that hair art cost''! and then think lucky him :)
I love it.
Maybe not the price, because that is some serious hairdressing right there.
Hell yes! This guy looks ridiculous - like an alien extra out of the old Star Trek! And there wouldn't be a straight guy anywhere who would think that this would attract a girl.
My husband is bald, shiny head bald, so I would be surprised!
I like this cut and agree that it is indeed art. I applaud people who have the courage and confidence to carry such a statement.

Personally I'm not keen on those cuts, but also depends if it suits a person!~ it would not suit my husband, and therefor I wouldn't like it!

I wouldn't do much. Probably just say much
Looks like a matte Elvis Presley to me. Must need a lot of "product" to keep that in shape. Wonder what it looks like when out in a stiff breeze ?
Probably laugh
by AJ
I have no Idea what I would do except laugh! This hair style looks like a mix of a Pompadour and the Sydney Opera House!
I would freak out probably.
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