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What would you do if your neighbour's dog barked incessantly?

by Finy (follow)
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If your neighbour's dog barked incessantly, what would you do?

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Top Answers
I think it would be most unpleasant having to go and talk to a neighbour as they possibly don't even know their dog barks when they are away, however if it was at night, I would go and tell them it is disturbing me and ask that they do something about it.

Not sure what I would do if they did not, as would hate to report an animal who is innocent...I would try to get them to leave the dog inside perhaps as a first step and this might stop the barking.

I would not want to lose a good neighbour and be hostile because of this.
by Finy
What I have done in the past.
1.Go and have a few very Polite words....
2.Go and have a few more polite words.
3.Phone the Council(as said problem never got better).
4.Do what the Council has said to do!(Record on paper all barking and times.
5. Send the report to the Council.
6. Wait for action.
The barking has stopped!! Thank God!
I have dogs of my own,so I would do what I would expect any decent neighbour to do when and if MY babies make too much noise!! I would TALK to the neighbour concerned. The thing is,dogs bark for a reason!! It is their way of communicating.When they bark it is usually to let us know that something unusual is happening in our vicinity.and though it may seem to be incessant,on many occasions it is not so lengthy at all. My dogs,along with all the others in my street always carry on when the postman is doing his rounds.They can hear something within the motor of the scooter for two blocks
and it does seem as though this hullaballoo is almost never-ending!!! However,it is over and done with before any of us at home ghave a chance to really go and tell them to bee quiet!! It never bothers those who work at all!!! If the dogs bark at night,I quietly go out to see if I can see what is causing their ruckus,If they are barking at a prowler or unwanted person wandering the street,then they are simply doing their 'job',and I have noo issue at all with it.If they are barking at a cat or other animal,I tell them to be quiet and they come inside straight away! I expect that my neighbours do the same things as IA do.We all get on very well so we do all talk to each other if there is an issue with dogs barking.
I would talk to them and ask them to correct the dog's behaviour.
I own a dog and have taught my dog to not bark so it is something I know all owners can do without too much difficulty.
The trouble is that most owners who have dogs that bark will say "my dog does not bark' even though they are not there to witness or hear their dog barking.
I just wished that neighbour's would take it in good faith when advised that their dog is a barker and a nuisance.

First thing done with every dog I have ever had . . . teach it the "No Bark!" command. When I was a kid I was always teaching my dogs tricks so I find it easy to be boss dog. I like dogs and children to be well mannered. Sadly, dogs are usually better.
by Rice
Buy ear plugs!
by AJ
What happens in the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time?
I give up Matt -what?
by Finy
Hi Matteo......
Answer: It did NOT bark.
From 'Silver Blaze', a Sherlock Holmes Mystery, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Saw that in the brilliant Jeremy Brett tv series.
BTW, that particular episode was Jude Law's acting debut!

by donjo
I would try to tolerate as much as I can and hope that it would stop on its own, or another neighbour will complain. I don't think I would approach the household myself.
I have actually closed my windows loudly in the past because of this (live in a duplex) so close neighbours....this did the trick, they must have given the little yapper what he wanted or something!!
by Fran
We've been in this situation and first up we tried to speak to our neighbours about it. They didn't do anything so we recorded the dog barking all day and played it to them. They still didn't do anything so we were left with no option but to complain to the council. They ended up moving - thank heavens because the neighborhood was really sick of their dog!
Many years ago I had this problem. I put a letter in their letter box saying that if they didn't shut it up I'd poison it. OF COURSE I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE THAT but it worked and I slept much better . as I imagine did the rest of the neighbourhood!

We keep our dog in at night so he doesn't disturb people. He isn't much of a barker but it's about respect I figure!
Oh, meggf, I just LOVE your devious little mind and I wish I had thought of that!! Heehee. These days somebody would probably forensically test the paper, get your DNA, report it ASIO and you'd be in clink for terrorism. Hahahahaha. (I still might try it . . .)
by Rice
Being a dog owner and lover myself, I'd advise them that, while dogs have their own personalities and need to be given a little bit of grace at times, there are Council bylaws & regulations that provide for quiet enjoyment of one's neighbourhood, and it would probably be a good idea for them to familairise themselves with them, for when some other neighbour exercises his/her right under those laws (I no I'd hate to have my dog dealt with under those laws, so I do the responsible thing and ensure my dogs are not incessant pests)
by kimp
Had this problem. The owners' were nothing short of feral. Got paperwork from Council, duly filled it out.
All of a sudden, dog kept inside & they got double-glazing on their back windows & sliding door.

Short of 'bumping off' the dog, this is one's only recourse!
had this problem years ago with a neigbour the dog started as soon as they left for work they would do nothing about it. so i just hosed it over the fence this worked.
Heard a Policeman talking about this on TV just 48hours' ago.

He said NOT to approach neighbours, to phone either Council or Police, to deal with the problem.

Too many people are being injured, or even killed due to problems with neighbours'.
Amen to that. Lots of crazies these days.
by Rice
My neighbours dog barks all the time during the day. As they work all I do when I go to hang out my washing or the cat decides to follow me to the clothes line, is tell it sharply to be quiet or occasionally bang on the colorbond fence. I'm sure it's just bored as I've never seen them walk it at all.
This has happened to us, neighbor didn't believe that there dog barked all day whilst they were at work, I recorded the dog barking for two hours and played it back on loud speakers straight at there bedroom windows for two hours 10pm to midnight every night for a week , not sure what happen to dog but barking stopped
no use talking to neighbours as they take no notice,. dog barks most of the day and all hours during night.
Rex the wonder dog (heavy sarcasm) over the back barks ALL the time, day or night . . . I have two, my next door has two and my other back neighbour has two . . . . NONE of them bark back. He is a bl00dy nuisance BUT because I am an animal lover, I just fret because I know he is neurotic and can't help it. What P!$$3$ me off the most is that in 8 years I have NEVER heard anyone call him, tell him to stop, or even react!! Morons. It's pretty bad when at least six others dogs don't react because they know he is a fruit loop :((
by Rice
Oh! Rice, may I suggest if you still in said situation, get onto your local Council, or Police.
by donjo
Yes, I fear it may come to that :(
by Rice
Usually I just ignore it, however, once in a while I just crank my kick ass vintage stereo system that has mega base. I have a 1979 top of the line Kenwood amplifier and a pair of Vintage Cervin-Vega 12" speakers. He's just lucky I don't have a sub-woofer (no pun intended.) LOL
I did happen to be walking past of the owner of the little dog, 2 doors up, when he was bringing his dog home after a walk, 1 afternoon, & I asked him nicely, did he know his dog barks when the family have gone out. He said he's looking into it. The dog only barks for about 5/10 minutes a couple of times a day, when no-one is home, sometimes, but is starts of the other 2 dogs, on either side of his house, sometimes as well.
by Miro
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