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What word/s do you dislike?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by RIAA, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

I canít stand the words d*ck and c*nt. I donít like the way they sound or the contexts in which they are typically used. Yuck!

Are there any words you donít like?

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Top Answers
All the words mentioned before I find pretty distasteful. However, the one I find most offensive is G**damn. Many people use it without even thinking twice. But this one above all irritates me.
Me too.
by Vee
The C word has to be my least go-to word when I'm raging. It sounds nasty, makes you sound like a total bogan, and it's just generally a horrible word to throw at anyone/anything. Ever.
N*a. I listen to a lot of rap and it makes me very uncomfortable. Also fgot. Generally swearing doesn't worry me, but hate words do.
I guess it depends a lot on the context. If used to put someone down or be hateful then yes, it's a problem. But sometimes they can be used for comedic value and I'm cool with that. We actually created a list of times when the Fbomb was completely appropriate... most involved serious bodily harm :D
Hahahaha. Oh yes, I use the 'F Bomb' quite a lot when I suddenly hurt myself.
by Vee
Words that are obviously derogatory, and especially those that denigrate a specific subsection of society.
Any word spoken for the explicit purpose of putting down another human being.
I HATE the c word with a passion but dont mind the F word and do sometimes use it myself.

I do not like when people throw it around and every sentence has to have a "f" in it.

So, sometimes, depending on the situation, I dont mind the F word -C word is somehow distasteful and disgusting and I would never, ever use it.

No other words spring to mind that I do not like.
I do not mind "d+ck"
I once knew someone names Richard Dick.....is that cruel of the parents, or what?
by Finy
That is terrible!
by Vee
Once heard of a horse named 'Richard Cranium'.

Think about it!
by donjo
Also there's TWO D@&$'s in Qld Parliament! Their Surname is D@&)!
Just what we need more of in Gov't!......NOT!
by donjo
by Vee
Awww. A dikdik is such a cute little antelope.
by Rice
That is hilarious! I just looked it up. They are so cute and so fragile!
by Vee
i just remembered another one: panties. I hate that word!
by Vee
Yes, it's a stupid word. The more you say it, the worse it sounds.
by Rice
. . and for some stupid reason it always makes me think of them as PAPER!! Hahahahahaha.
by Rice
Hahaha. Paper? I don't get that feeling. It just sounds so wrong to me.
by Vee
Disposable paper panties. Paper. Panties. Paper panties. Arghhhhhhhhhh! Awful.
by Rice
I remember them! So uncomfortable, & USELESS!
by donjo
Makes you wonder what they were thinking of. Ick.
by Rice
I cannot abide swearing of ANY description!

My parents' & other family members' didn't/don't swear. I was taught it's 'lack of imagination & education' that makes people swear!

My favourite exclamation is 'crumbs'! That hurts no one & isn't offensive!
I cant stand any swear words.
by Gia
I cant stand any swear words.
by Gia
Mucus. My other half hates "ablutions". Crazy, I know. If we are talking swear words, I really hate Mother F**.
by Rice
Oh Lord, I just spelled mucous the American way :(((
by Rice
It's ok Rice. We'll forgive you. :P
by Vee
Thank you, Vee, I was so mortified.
by Rice
I agree with the words mentioned. They seem to be mainly used by males. I also dislike "absolutely" used to reply to any question when it's used repeatedly.
I absolutely agree with you, helga. ;-P
by Vee
I hate smegma and discharge. Brings nausea on very quickly.
Gross. Thanks for the mental images. LOL!
by Vee
Probably the word - NO
and hearing a woman using strong foul language is a big turn off.
Men sadly bring it home from their work place mainly factories where the words are frequently used.
Sadly I have used expletives when other drivers have driven dangerously near me in our car.
Yes use Yuck or Christchurch or other word in its place.
I agree with all those swear words too as well as when women use the f-bom and s**t every second word uttered. That.....is seriously cringe worthy and I lose interest very fast.
The next which drives me nuts is the new Americanism is when said and now I see it's written and it's grammatically incorrect is " so fun" instead of "such fun". ie "it was so fun" instead of "it was such fun" arrgh,
Then tenses being muddled up. Then instead of than
The word pronounced 'orrff' instead of "off"
"Ov" instead of "of"
Comin' and goin" minus the "g'
Another which I've tried to pronounce but I just can't seem to get my tongue around it, is the word...." Arrksst" instead of "Ask" that one drives me nuts too. How hard is it to say? ie. . Bask to ask?
Swear words peppered in sentences I hear from time to time but the "so fun"I hear especially on US TV daily. :-(

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