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What is/was the most memorable pet you've ever owned?

by dwatk (follow)
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What is/was the most memorable pet you've ever owned? What unique characteristics made that pet so memorable?

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Top Answers
My dog.
He loved cars so much,that he would jump into anyone's car that had the door open!
He was a very silly dog :) but loved.
My cat. I was allowed to choose an animal when I broke my leg as a child. Best companion ever! ;)
My most memorable pet is a community dog my kids affectionately named "puppy". It wasn't our dog officially but once I fed him, he never really left our yard for too long. In our play time puppy has taught me that animals are really fast and strong. I could never out run or out maneuver him. He is just a medium sized dog.
Josh, our Alaskan rabbit, who we had for 11 years since he was 8 weeks old. When we bought him, we were told he was female and called him Jennifer, but then after he started running circles round our female guinea pigs, discovered he was a Joshua.

We had Josh for so long, he was a true part of the family, and had such a cheeky personality. In his later years he used to perform the dying swan act on us. He would lie on the floor while we stroked him, and gradually his head would sink deeper and deeper into the carpet, and he'd barely move. Getting worried, we'd stop, thinking we were about to lose him. As soon as we stopped, however, up he'd jump, right as rain, and hop off to his favourite spot behind the sofa.
Oooh. I had a dove that I swear used to pretend he was dead just to seeing me running to the cage to check on him!
by Rice
They know how to get our attention, don't they?
Our chooks were so cool! 2 of them came with the house we bought and then we bought another one. One of them pecked my dad and now he thinks all chooks are out to get him!

Let's see, my husband's cat, Gillie. Probably because he was the only real pet I had access to. I had fish as a child, and a dog apparently. But that was very short lived because, apparently, dogs poop in the yard and some people are imbeciles.
by Vee
They sure are :((
by Rice
A little white Maltese terrier named Bubbles. He was sweet and a real character. He was our third child and it broke our hearts when he had kidney failure and we had to gave him put to sleep. He was a real mate and I miss him every day!
The first cat my wife and I got. We used to run a construction company, and he found us while we were working late one night. We left to get a coffee and when we returned to the job site he approached us. We pet him for a few seconds and then went to work. He followed us up the stairs of the condo building we were working in. He sat in the hallway while we worked for hour or two, then followed us to our truck when we were done. We opened the door to the truck and he just jumped in. We only had him for a month. He went outside one night and never came back. We later found out that there was a lynx hunting in the area. In a three week span, it killed five of our neighbours 7 cats/kittens. We figure the lynx likely got out Kitty. We now have three cats, they are indoor only.
Our part dingo dog. I can still remember our l7 years together, wonderful memories.
And a little pinto horse we bought for a few $ as a companion to our fence destroying t/bred.
He was 30 when he died, but turned out to be the safest, most honest, clever horse. He
carried our daughter safely for many years,(and managed to come in lst in whatever competition she did.). No wonder I spent more on his winter jackets than on my own.
I've lived ALL the pets I've been lucky enough to look after, but the most outstanding as my beautiful Welsh Pembroke Corgi

She understood every word spoken to her! Whilst we all ate Dinner, she was sitting in her fave spot, next to us, & was included in the conversation.

She adored greeting our son when he alighted from his School Bus.

We had her for 151/2 years. She died of kidney failure.
That was 16 years' ago, & I still miss her everyday!
I hope the 'Rainbow Bridge' poem is correct, & I'll get to see my beloved pets again.........
Max a Labrador, he was loving and devoted companion.
For me it would be all the dogs I have had in the past.
I can't say which was my favourable pet, as I loved them all, and they all had different personalities,which is how I remember them.
I've loved all my animals but two stand out. Elvis a budgie we had when I was younger who used to sing and dance, and Domino our black and white part Persian cat my younger daughter could do anything with. She used to dress her in a specially made Brownie uniform, complete with hat, wore her draped around her neck around the house, pusgphed her in a dolls pram and slept with her, on her back, on her special pillow with her paws over the sheet just like a human. She was probably the most loved cat.
I have loved many pets and each was loved as equally as possible.
My most memorable pet was my Rottweiler name Roquie. She had had 4 or 5 homes before mine and was estimated to be 5 when I adopted her from a family member .
She was my dog, or rather I was her person. She wasn't a dog that liked a lot of touching but she watched out for me. She chased a naked man who was up to no good and watching my son and me. She chased off a dog that ran up and bit me when it escaped into my yard.
We were in tune with each other and really understood each other. Once when working with some loud equipment I realised she was trying to tell me something. I looked at her and knew that someone was at the gate and too scared to come in. They weren't expected and it wasn't a common thing to have visitors. I believe she communicated telepathically with me.
She lived to be over 17 . A guardian angel on earth.
Every one I've ever had. All my pets have been like siblings to me so they have all been special in their own ways. I always think I'll never get another until somebody sneaks into my heart. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits . . had them all, loved them all. I do get a bit sick of crying when they die though :(
by Rice
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