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What is the best bargain you have ever found at an op shop, garage sale or swap meet?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you go to garage sales, swap meets or op shops?

What is the best bargain you have found at one of these?

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Top Answers
I used to collect old children's books, and the best buy I found was a very old illustrated book by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, in perfect condition for $2.

This would sell in a shop for about $45 or even more...

There have been other bargains I have got in collectibles, but this was years ago when things were easier to pick up at swap meets.
by Finy
$45? AND THE REST!!!!!! Lucky you,Finy! I hope that you still have this treasure and that you often take it from your shelf and enjoy it! Personally,I am always enjoying all of MY old books as for me,this is the whole point of having them!!
by Jules
. . *GULP* . . . . just looked on ebay and some of her stuff is two, three and four hundred dollars.
by Rice
I have been VERY for in this regard.A friend of mine used to comment that I could put my hand in a bucket of s**t and bring out a Gold Watch! Not quite, but nearly! I once bought an old dirty par of opal earrings for $35 and took them straight to a jeweller to have them valued,as I knew they were rather special under the grime.I was given a written valuation for $3,600.00!!!! I am a serious collector of old children's books,and like Finy,have been extremely fortunate with more of these treasures than I can count! Often a couple or few dollars spent becomes an item worth well into the hundreds of dollars.The internet has actually been a super 'op shop' for me on many occasions! I must have a small angel sitting on my shoulder when I go to op shops here in Townsville,as there are so few of them now compared to when I first migrated here from Melbourne. Oh! I did manage to get a rare double sided Chinese Suzhou Embroidery from an Antique shop here for $25,only to find it is a very rare example and worth several hundred dollars!! I had only seen these in books previously,and was so amazed to find one here,and so cheap too!!
Yes,I am very lucky with this sort of buying!

Not me personally, but once my Nana bought a typewriter for 10p because the 'e' didn't work. She got it home, had a fiddle with it, and found a £5 not suck underneath.
Oh!!! Bless her heart!!! I just LOVE hearing things like this!!! I bet she excited cried out 'eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!'
by Jules
I donít think she was ever the kind of person to go Ďeeee!í lol, but it was a very nice surprise. I like stories like this too; itís so fun to find unexpected hidden treasure.
Never go to garage sales of swap meets, but have had some wonderful finds at op shops over the years. My favourite shirt in the world I got at op shop about 3 years ago and it's still going strong. Always get compliments when I wear it and cost me $3.
I haven't ever been to a garage sale.
by AJ
I don't go to garage sales but like to buy old books from people raising money at hospital jumble sales. Last one I went to I snagged a $4 Saba cardigan. Perfect fit!

Love poking around these shops and generally buy a bit of glassware and clothes but just can't think of a standout item at present
by Fran
A brand new Nike sports bra for $4! And an unopened set of fairy lights at a flea market for $5 (bought it two years ago and it still works!)
In both an op shop and garage sale, I found, at separate times, the same glass butterfly jewellery holder thing. I painted the first one for a friend who likes butterflies, then kept the second one for myself! The first time at an op shop it cost $10, the garage sale one was half that price.
when my husband got his commission with the Royal Navy he had to go to Greenwich Naval College for training. This was pretty posh and he was expected to dress for dinner every night. We were pretty hard up at the time, interest rates were at 15%, we had just had our second child and a toddler of 3 and I wasn't working. His promotion actually meant that he took a payout ! He went to Greenwich with 1 suit, 1 Blazer and a briefcase. I took myself off to the op shop and it was like a gift from heaven ... One Yves St Laurent men's jacket, perfect fit and only £5. He wore it for years and got many compliments. Unfortunately he left it hanging on the back of a bar stool in a naval shore establishment and it was stolen ... But that was my one true bargain find and couldn't have come at a better time.
My 1969 GT Cortina, which I grabbed for free in 1994 and have since restored.
by kimp
Yes. No. Yes.
Best bargain....some Arzberg (German) crockery. Never used. Complete setting $25! Couldn't believe my luck!

Yes I do - found a beautiful little Japanese netsuke in an op shop a few years ago which I loved for the cuteness of it. Whilst at an antique fair I had it valued an was astonished to find it was valued at $500 it was solid ivory and the real thing! Only cost me $1.50.
Sorry should have added that I have a great op shop near where I live at Kenmore which has some fabulous bargains in designer name clothing which I have sourced several times. I have to say though the netsuke was the biggest bargain ever.
by norma
Kenmore . . . hmmmm . . . . . might have to venture over one day. LOL
by Rice
Hi Rice - was over at the Kenmore op shop yesterday and picked up a pair of glass dragonflies which are really beautiful. They are very heavy glass and balance on their wings on my glass art deco dressing table - small one about 6" the large one about 10" long. Unbelievable bargain for $7 the pair. I have recently re-vamped by bedroom art deco style and they fit in perfectly with the decor and look absolutely gorgeous.
by norma
Oh my. They sound beautiful . . .you really got lucky there. Good on you!
by Rice
12 Litre weed sprayer on wheels . . . .$8! Sells for $45 plus when new.
by Rice
We women are great at picking up bargains aren't we? Of course, I'm presuming you are a woman Rice!
by norma
Yes! (who'd be a man? LOL)
by Rice
Yeh much prefer to be a woman. However.......... men do have their uses in various ways!
by norma
I saw a Cameo in a Op shop for $35 bought it.
Sold it at auction of fine jewellry for $440!

Then felt just awful, my conscience works over time, so made sure the Op shop over the next year got over the $400 worth of stuff to make money from.

Go figure?
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