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What is one thing you would pay someone to do rather than have to do it yourself?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there anything you would pay someone to do rather than do it yourself?

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Top Answers
Definitely cleaning the house.

I DO also pay for most of the gardening as am unable to do it myself unfortunately -love gardening but just cannot do
by Finy
Clearing blocked drains.
Actually there are lots of things I would rather pay someone to do, emptying the bins (imagine if you were responsible for disposing of all your rubbish....), cleaning the house, doing the ironing, cooking, shopping, keeping the peace, building roads and houses, defending my country from invasion, making and supplying electricity.... the list is endless!
Thinking of paying someone to clean my unit as I just can't do it like I used to due to bad back (still do at present).....I already have a gardener for my small plot
by Fran
by Finy
'Plot of land' is an old saying, Finy!
We'd a 'big plot'....30 perches! And all the original were 40 perches=1/4 acre!
I cannot 'envisage' in Metric whatsoever; hate it!
Yet another thing that was forced upon us, like unleaded petrol, & turntable microwaves! Thank goodness, I've always bought flat-based m/w, which is marvellous, & far more practical! Cheers!
by donjo
My tax return.. I would stuff it up for sure
Lots of things. I pay someone to grow most of my food for me and make stuff like my clothes for me (like most of us do). If I could afford it I'd pay a professional to clean for me and wash and iron all our clothes.
Clean an oven.

No Way would I clean one.
I detest the job, and can't do a good enough clean( to my standards.)
It is a really hard job.
Housework! Such a thankless job!
Ironing and cleaning the housr
by AJ
I pay to get my legs waxed. Can't be bothered doing it myself. Similarly, I pay to get my toe nails painted (i.e. a pedicure).
Cleaning the house! My mother insisted THAT was 'my job' when I lived at home! Once I had my own home, got a cleaner in monthly. My husband liked doing the Hoovering, though! Never knocked that back! He cleaned the 'loo, too.

I enjoyed doing the washing, hanging out the clothes, collecting them & as I've an Elna Press, 'ironing' the clothes was never a problem!
I packed the Dishwasher & my husband unpacked it. Fair enough!
YES! To clean out our house & throw out all the stuff Iíve been collecting since 1990!
Jonaj: Buy yourself a self clean oven! Theyíre wonderful! Thatís 1 job I havenít had to do in our house since June Ď80!
Service the car, although I'd like to learn some of the basics of car maintenance, but getting underneath it would definitely by someone else's job!
Oh! sjcmm, when I bought my first car, I did two 'Ladies' Car Care Courses', through TAFE!

It was a marvellous experience, & I loved every minute of it!
Learnt much, which has carried me through to this day! I KNOW when there's something 'not quite right' with my car, & take him to my Mechanic, advising him of the possible 'diagnosis', which helps him from wasting his time. (And my money!)
All of us had a 'hoot' of a time!
by donjo
Filling and sanding all the rooms in my house, plus the outside of the house, that need painting. I don't mind the painting itself, but I hate doing the prep work. Plus someone to dig up and re-do my garden. The ground is very hard and I can't dig and hubby has a bad back.
I am with you for the painting prep. It has to be done right and is a tedious task.
by annfi
Brain surgery!
Washing the walls. Can't do things like that any-more due to having osteoporosis in both hips
and lower back.
Cut my toenails
It would have to be housework as Im not very quick to finish things. My legs give me a lot of grief and Im often in pain. I think I might be too young for home help.
If I had to pay someone, I would pay to clean my oven, and do the gardening as well.
Mowing. Yes, definitely mowing.
by Rice
Cleaning the house! Such a chore & such a thankless task!
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