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What does your typical weekday evening look like?

by Vee (follow)
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evening sky
Image by gtrfrkbob, morguefile.com

What does your typical weekday evening look like?

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Top Answers
Let's see:

Husband comes home from work anywhere between 2pm and 5pm. Showers for hubby and son.

Play with the kids before I start dinner.

Dinner is eaten. Dishes are washed. Kitchen cleaned. Lunch for husband is prepared. .

More play or TV wind down (Peppa Pig).

Husband goes to bed.

I read our son a book and say a prayer with him before he heads off to bed.

I am left with my daughter, who will feed/poop/sleep at any given time. I will check e-mails and Answer Angels and watch my shows, which I've recorded, and/or read a book.

Then I hit the hay, typically before 10.
by Vee
At the moment life has changed , my son will be still working on his business he has developed.I will be making maybe some of my hearts till dinner time, plus my little bit of time on the computer...My son will then even before dinner, ask me to revise some graphics on the computer, he has changed.
That can go on a long time.(this is every day).

I try to sneak away to make dinner, but still keep getting called to look over spelling, and also tiny little errors.

We have dinner, watch a 1-2 hrs of t.v. and back to talking about the graph's...and then (well if I am very tired I close my eyes and he says
''Mum bed time''!! so I get a free pass, till the next day! Then~~~~ it starts all over again, but it is very interesting, and great to see it is coming together.
LOL! That sounds exhausting but interesting, jonaj. What's the business? And any luck yet selling those hearts?
by Vee
The business is still a secret LOL in the baby stages.
Given away 48 hearts, not yet sold one! LOL.
by jonaja
jonaj! What?! 48?!
by Vee
Yup! 48 I'm going to stop at 50....lol
But it would be nice to have sold just one? lol
by jonaja
I start cooking dinner around 6pm. Daughter doesn't get home until around 7 - 7.30pm. When she gets home, we eat it. After dinner, we either watch some tv, or if nothing is on, tv goes off. Some nights I have to go out to meetings, other nights my husband has to go out to meetings, or Scouts. Whatever is on that evening. If my husband is working, he leaves for work around 9.30pm. If he is working, tv stays off, quiet music goes on, and I read, write or go on the computer until I feel like going to bed.
I head home from work around 5 most evenings. I live close to work so its a nice leisurely walk home. On Wednesdays I Lecture a class from 5:30-9pm, Fridays I have music rehearsals from 6pm. Sometimes I stay late at work to clearoff any backlog I may have.
I try to be up to tell my children a bedtime story otherwise, I eat and stay up a while but I am usually in bed by 9pm
At 5pm I let my chooks out to destroy my garden, I put food in their pen and check their water. I have three quail so I hunt for their eggs and make sure they have food and clean water. I usually stay outside and watch the day close, play ball with my dog, offer food treats to chooks and lizards. On dark I lock up the chooks and put the kettle on. My husband gets home around six and we have a cuppa together and talk about our day. He usually checks his emails while I get food organised and we watch tv with one eye while the other is on our various devices. We eat dinner and clean the kitchen , watch tv, shower and head to bead around 10 or 11 these days.
annfi, your afternoon sounds great and relaxed. I'd love to let our chooks out, but I have to get dinner done early as my husband needs to go to bed early. So by the time I've finished up in the kitchen, the chooks have gone to bed.
by Vee
I am very fortunate Vee, but it is true that the chooks destroy my garden. It is a happy scene watching them in spite of their destructive antics. Until recently my husband worked much longer hours and I didn't know when he would be home, so I guess we both really appreciate this time in our routine.
Have you many chooks, and have you kept them long?
by annfi
I know what you mean. My husband doesn't know when he'll get off work until a few hours before he finishes. And he often works long hours. We have five chooks. One sprained her leg today. The poor thing can't walk. We aren't sure what to do. I suggested taking her to the vet. The chooks belonged to my husbands grandfather, who kept chooks since he came to Australia in the 70s. We share responsibility for them with my MIL.
by Vee
I had a chook that hurt her leg recently. I kept her in a smallish space for 24 hrs as I was worried the others may pick on her or she might hurt herself more using her leg. When I let her out, she was nearly back to normal. All the best with your girl.
by annfi
My evening consists of by the time I've finished work and get home I've had enough, I don't usually have dinner, my family eats what ever is there, as far as the outside sky is I'm not sure how it looks all the time, but I have seen it pretty with pink.
However I wish it to look. LOL. Reading, computer, tv, no tv, ironing, not ironing, early bed, late bed . . . all of which involves two silly dogs following me from room to room because they seem to think I have an invisibility cloak. *-*
by Rice
trying to get the kids to bed by 7, generally eating dinner afterwards because hubby gets home late from work. Then cleaning up and hopefully in bed before 10 since my kids still wake me up during the night
How old are your kids, Belinda?
by Vee
Hi Vee

I have a 1 and a 3 year old and they keep me VERY busy, but they are adorable so I don't mind :)
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