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What do you think of this type of ear piercing where they stretch the skin on the ear lobe?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

What do you think of this type of ear piercing as per the photo, where the skin gets stretched right out?

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Top Answers
I think this is so ugly -I believe a tribe in Africa do this, and that is different as it is their custom.

I have not seen anyone without the ring in, and thick it looks gross and would probably look worse without the ring, and the skin hanging.

I can't imagine why anyone would do this if it is not a tribal custom.
by Finy
Ouch , ouch and ouch !!
oh, that is so gross! BUT is probably a tribal thing...
by Finy
When I see it up close, when out in public....I get faint.

It is very confronting. My step daughter's ex has it and he is a creep and a thug. For me, it is a resounding YUK, I'm afraid.
by Rice
YUCK is right!
by jonaj
I absolutley hate this and I think the wearer's will too in years to come when they are sick of the plastic rings and all that's left is a big floppy hole.
I ave never liked this look at all.I cannot fathom why anyone would want to do this to their ears.When it is done as part of a traditional tribal custom,that is a whole other matter,but I STILL do not like it!!!
I wouldn't want to do it to myself but then there are plenty of things I don't want to do that others think are a good idea! I have no opinion either way on other people doing it - their body, their decision. It doesn't make any difference to me, so why should I care one way or another?
Absolutely agreed.
I agree too, don't care what others do to themselves as long it is not hurting anyone else... this is not for me... don't know anyone with this type of ear piercing so don't now how I would feel about it then? Don't know how the ear reacts after taking the ring out either...
by brigi
I really like it! In my opinion each to their own. I have had my ears stretched to 10mm. I wear wooden plugs so the holes aren't obvious unless I wear tunnels. I would love to go bigger but am happy with my collection of tunnels and don't want to have to buy more!
would like to see a photo please
by brigi
Totally agree with Finy's answer
by fran
I am not a fan of that sort of ear piercing. I've always wondered what happens when someone decides they don't want it anymore. Seems it would be difficult to grow back? Shrink back? How does it work!?
probably doesnt! depends on how big that hole is I guess.
by Finy
You can get it fixed surgically. It just leaves a small scar.
10mm is the biggest size that the hole can be stretched to, and will return to it's original size once the plug/tunnel is taken out. any bigger than this and surgery is required.
What I think is not very PC to say. Lol
I have seen it without the ring and it sags. They would need surgery to restore the original shape.
by Gia
It's very obvious and requires surgery to reverse so it's the kind of body modification that you'd need to really think through before getting (whether it would hamper your chances of employment etc.) I probably wouldn't get one myself (I'd be nervous about snagging my earlobes on something and ripping them since I saw a documentary where a girl had someone rip hers on purpose while she was out clubbing) but to each his or her own.
Absolutely horrible. Just another fad that they will soon come to regret. My friend works for a plastic surgeon, and they get people in all the time having to have surgery to fix it. Really ugly look.
I'm with you Finy.

by kimp
Quite simply - Yuk!
Her ears are going to look great at 90!

NOTHING looks great at 90!
by brigi
I look half my age NOW, so at 90 should look like a 60 yo! Lol!
by donjo
Just absolutely ugly. but I think nose studs are ugly too, because I can't imagine having a cold and negotiating one.
by fran.
The people I've seen with this type of piercing are the types who are unlikely/don't want to get conventional jobs anyway, so it's either a way to say they don't want a job or they don't care and employers have to take them as they are.
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