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What do you think of Shin Takagi's endeavour?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by sebastiansantanam8qnfs, morguefile.com

Shin Takagi, a Japanese businessman, manufactures life-like child sex dolls in an attempt to help people with pedophilic tendencies from acting out.

What do you think of Shin Takagi's endeavour?

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Top Answers
I had a look at what this man is making on the net.

My moral compass went into overdrive so we won't be getting a pic from me! on this topic.

If for one moment anyone thinks this will help men with 'Pedophilic tendencies', they are

What this does is a few things, and none have a good ending...I have spent the last 15 years of my life working with (only men) in max security jails here in Australia.

I have some idea of the thinking on how a unhealthy mind, can convince itself that to break the law is O.K.!

Firstly this man in Japan like's to think he is helping other men.

What he is doing is saying :
''It is o.k. to make a life like doll, of a little girl around the age of 8 years and up.

Make a doll with lifelike internal parts, for a grown man to have sex with.

That is what he feels is not only a good thing, but will help other pedphiles from doing such an act....on a real child.

It not only sends out a message that ''It's o.k. to have such feelings'', but we can help you.

In time, and it will happen...this person has become tired of his doll, what do we think he will do?

He may just go and invest a lot more money, and start all over again with a new doll.
One that looks different, maybe.

In time the same thing will happen again, and in the end guess what! we have a man who has had confirmation that his desire for sex with a child doll ''is o.k.'' because there is a factory producing these dolls.

The human mind is very complex, and it has to have the correct amount of care and mental help possible.
People who have likes in a vein of being a crime, in the end if frustrated enough will act-out given the chance.
They don't care what will happen, and especially to the victim.

Shin Takagi endeavour will fuel the problem.

Instead he makes money, that will drive the appetite of these men in another direction.

He has lost the fundamental idea, he is dealing with human beings with real lust's.

A Pedophile is a person with a sick mind.

They have real urges, that at any time can become overwhelming, and they will seek to heighten their experience.

They can do all the research they want on this topic....but in the end, no one knows how human nature will play out.

I have not even touched on the 'moral ground', with this and should I really have too?

If anyone in their right mind, thinks that this is ok, then they really need to take a very BIG look into a mirror.

Equipping men with a doll that looks like a child, and has what is needed to perform a sexual act on this doll, due to their mental illness will Never help anyone.

The fact that Shin Takagi wishes to empower 'Pedophilic Urges' is a dangerous road to travel, let alone the Bone Chilling pictures of these dolls.
This idea is sinister from beginning to end.

I can appreciate that Shin Takagi wants to 'help' people with pedophilic tendencies from acting out. And if this prevents them from assaulting actual children, creating these dolls could be seen as an acceptable way of pedophiles expressing these urges. But this is a very big 'if' and it begs the question, to what extent will people like Takagi be satisfied with a doll before the desire to 'possess' an actual child sets in?

Michael Seto from the University of Toronto also has his concerns. He speculates that Takagi's work could go two ways: some people's desires may be fulfilled by the dolls, others may be further frustrated.

These two concerns, I think, are valid enough without considering the fact that the production of these dolls, and the simulated child pornography they are used to create (I turned off 'Safe Search'...), validates the feelings and urges of pedophiles. And this is where my greatest fear lies. We cannot accept this kind of attraction as healthy and 'ok'. It is not healthy and it is not 'ok' to feel sexual attraction to a child or a doll that resembles a child. First and foremost, people who have urges such as these are unwell and require specialised and intensive care - for their sake and the sake of children.

I rememver reading an article about a couple who were convicted of raping a two year old and circulating a recoring of the crime. What I read in that article will haunt me until my dying breath. While I can appreciate what Takagi is trying to do, nothing should be done to encourage pedophilic tendencies. Nothing.

by Vee
by Vee
Whoooo. Where to begin? Well, our Queensland Premier wants them banned from coming here and she is hoping people will sign the online petition regarding them. I can't see how making dolls in a child's image is going to dissuade a person from acting on their impulses at all. I feel it will only make the impulse stronger. When the whole "doll thing" becomes old hat they will still want a real child, I'm pretty sure. I have read several articles about this man and it seems to me that if he felt so sure of being right he wouldn't refuse to be photographed and he wouldn't be hiding in the forest an hour north of Tokyo. He also said they are made with extremely dangerous carcinogenic chemicals.*Yay* As there have been no formal studies of any kind into this subject, I feel that his refusal to be photographed means he wants to be anonymous if the Fit Hits The Shan. He says it is because he doesn't want the purchasers to see him as the "father" of the dolls. Yuk. Because Shinto (religion) sees the dolls as having a soul or life force, he says they have to be returned to him and a ceremony has to be performed to "send them off' so to speak - they can't be just disposed of or discarded. The thing that REALLY creeps me out about the whole affair is the choice factor . . . . you see, they are not all like Barbie or Skipper . . . . they are made to order. Okay. Made to order. Got that? So . . . tell me this . . . WHY would you ask for a doll of a CHILD that has a SAD face??? A. Sad. Face. A. Child's. Sad. Face. Even if you think it is okay to be playing hide the sausage with a doll . . . surely you can't think there is anything right or normal about looking at a child's sad face while you're doing it. Sorry, not in my universe :((
by Rice
Forgot to mention . . . he makes little boy dolls too, if that makes any difference to anyone's thinking.
by Rice
by jonaja
Sick, sick, sick!
Help them what, live out their fantasies? Bloody hell some people are as mad as a sack of toads.
I believe Pedophiles think that acting on their urges with a doll, makes their behaviour acceptable to society at a certain level. I find it horrifying that animated child pornography is thought to be acceptable and quite popular in Japan.
Just because actual children are not used does not make it healthy. Pedophiles already think that children like to have sex and it is only Social perception that creates a problem.
This subject triggers bad memories for me.
I'm sorry to hear that, annfi. In any case, the popularity of animated child pornography in Japan was a fact I found incredibly surprising. I also read of an effort to have this stuff made illegal or at least limit children's access to it. Would you believe people opposing this effort were professionals including high profile businesspeople and lawyers?!
by Vee
Thanks Vee. I wonder if the people opposing limiting access to animated child pornography, actually believe that it somehow protects flesh and blood children? Maybe many of us really want the same thing, but have different ideas about what will help most.
by annfi
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