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What do you think of Dooms Day Preppers?

by Gia (follow)
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Dooms Day Preppers, Source: channel.nationalgeographic.com

Preppers have taken proactive action to prepare themselves for the end of the world as we know it. The have stockpiled food, built bunkers in safe location in case anything should happen.

What do you think of Dooms Day Preppers?
#Dooms Day Preppers
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Top Answers
I would like to be closer to self sufficient, which is why we grow some of our own veggies and fruit and keep chickens, partly for its own sake but also because it gives us a safety net if we are ever cut off from shops or they are all closed for some reason. That wouldn't even have to be a doomsday scenario, it happens in the case of natural disasters like the big floods we had here in 2012. Prepping like that makes sense to me. Storing guns and the like not so much. In a truly horrible post apocalyptic world I'm not sure I would even want to survive.
I agree. I grow some vegies and have a stockpile of cans and packet food on hand in case of an emergency. Which is more likely to be my car breaking down or illness rather than the end of the world.
I can totally see the value in prepping but some of them are a bit crazy with the guns. I've spent the last few years learning to grow a vegetable garden and we hope to buy a house with more land than we have here and get some livestock so we're more self sufficient. I'd love to take my power off the grid too. I think we'll look into it a bit more when the kids are older. I won't do it because I am terrified the earth is going to implode or anything, I just want to be more self sufficient.
This has now been going on for years and years, about 'Doomsday'
I have been following it, and then started to wonder 'why' was Hollywood making so many movies too, on the Topic.

You now have a huge following in America, and a great deal of people feel it could happen.
If you look at the ''Doomsday Clock'' on the Internet...we are now at 5 minutes to Midnight.
I have had talks with my family, and they have taken it into consideration.
We do have a plan, and we have been well informed.
I find them truly fascinating! Not that I would want to do that myself.
Secret confession: I think these people are bat-shit crazy, but OMG if I had the time and money I think it would be fun to make a bunker and stockpile food etc!! Not keen on having guns, but the rest would be fun to plan out! I live in far north qld where we are warned every year about cyclone season and making sure we have food, batteries, radio, first aid supplies etc in case we are cut off so it would sort of be like that but on a bigger scale. We're trying to grow our own food and I can't wait until we move to a bigger place and have more capacity for self-sufficiency...just to be self sufficient, not because I think zombies are about to take over!
I believe in planning for disasters an keeping extra supplies on hand. This Prepping though seems to be a bit over-the-top for me. I prefer to enjoy life now and not worry about the future.
by Gia
I quite like the show for amusement purposes!
I think they are over thinking things a little too much. I hope nothing ever happens to justify there preparation.
by Gia
I am totally impressed! Watching it makes me feel a little guilty for not preparing in the case that something should happen.
by Vee
If it makes them feel better, so be it. As for myself, what will be will be.
This " doom's day " preparation reminds me of a Gary Larsson's cartoon where
an old grumpy couple is living in a bunker all packed wall to wall with cans of food and the wife is blaming the husband for forgetting to bring in a can opener !?! It always cracks me up !
by olgac
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