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What do you think about wearing socks with sandals?

by BK (follow)
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What do you think about wearing socks with sandals?

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Top Answers
Ah! yes.

That's a very different breed of human.

There is nothing one can say, but just look or in some cases run the other way....from these beings.
Not a fan but what can I say about fashion these days.
by Gia
who cares?
Exactly :-)
by Rice
I see no problem with this, your image shown is lovely.
Men (older men) tend to wear socks with sandals, as they stop any chaffing from the sandal (I usually wear white ankle socks with sandals).
More power to you, farle :-)
by Rice
Nope, not a trend for me I'm afraid!
My kids wear socks with their sandals because otherwise they get blisters. To my mind it kind of defeats the purpose of wearing sandals (normally they're cooler). It makes me think of German backpackers.
Its fine for kids...they have too. :)
Grown adults, esp on men is a great (birth control method) big time. lol...lol.
by jonaja
No, I do not wear socks with sandals and nor does any member of my family - they would be shot if they tried to leave the house looking like that!
There were plenty of Germans who strode around with socks and sandals though, so I kind of got used to the look when we were living in Germany. Still don't like it though!
I HATE this and for me it is a real turn off if a guy is dressed like this.

It is very English as it is usually English men who do it.

I do not mind it so much on a female but I still think it looks rather stupid.....not my taste.
by Finy
Firstly, I would not say that the shoes in the picture are sandals, so it is ok for her. Secondly, wearing socks with real sandals is a NO GO.
by Vee
I agree , she looks rather nice. I could not find a picture with a woman wearing socks with sandals and that has rights to reuse. So I had to use this picture :)
by BK
Fair enough. :)
by Vee
Definitely an fashion no go
The shoes in the picture aren't sandals for a start. Okay - no socks with sandals - sandals are open and airy for summer. Socks are either worn to keep your feet warm or to soak up sweat so, pair either with runners, shoes or boots (in my humble opinion).
I must add that after winter, wearing sandals hurt my feet because of the raw skin against leather...and having wide feet makes sandals uncomfortable for me for awhile...
No way would I wear socks with sandals ever!
I have a bunion developing on one foot and the position of it means it's already hurting in regular shoes I wear.

I have seen older women wearing this 'fashion' even though it may not be the best because sandals are often the only type of shoe that do not rub against the bunion. (and mine alternates between burning pain and ordinary pain most of the time, going up through the big toe and sometimes I can barely walk)

A podiatrist won't consider anything serious until it's much worse.
Ouch, I feel for you.
It looks ridiculous. Sandals are meant to be worn over bare feet.
Who says so?
Ankle socks look tidy and stop chaffing.
by farle
Atrocious. Though it seems to have become fashionable with teens and young twenties these days. How embarrassing to use that phrase. Particularly black socks and a light summer dress, as in the photo. At 57, I do wear short white socks and sneakers, and as a a kid, I wore socks, of any colour, and thongs when it was cold.
I remember an Eastern European man catching the bus at my stop. Not only would he wear long socks & sandals, which, IMHO, looked stupid, he would also continuously seat-change the 25 minute journey into town!
Persecution complex methinks, poor man............
Awful! I HATE seeing people, but men esp' wearing socks with sandals. It makes me cringe German men seem to the be the worst culprits, & older Asian woman.
by Miro
I think it is ridiculous looking.....

this picture is not of sandals those are shoes????
I do think that is fashionable

It looks terrible no way you put it unless they are on a very small child other wise it looks terrible.
The picture shows someone in a typical shoe and these are not sandals. Sandals are open toed and very little else sometimes a strap around the back, but a sandal is not enclosed.
rather childish what has happened to elegance
no way
sorry another answer ,My Hubby always wore knee high socks with sandals, he was 22 yrs in british army ,so probably a leftover from that, as in the tropics they had to wear socks and puttys with tropical uniform and liked him in them, he always matched the colours, but on a woman no no no ,not elegant
Bad, really bad. Looks ridiculous. And whilst the girl in the picture has (really ugly, revolting colour) shoes rather than sandals on, the outfit still looks horrible. It could have been very pretty otherwise. But considering her nationality, it doesn't surprise me - they have NO dress sense whatsoever!
Wow. Lots of sock/sandal prejudice on this question! As I suffer terribly with my feet and have trouble getting comfy shoes these days, I can well understand people doing the (usually) Birkenstock sandal and sock thing. Quite obviously people wouldn't do it if it wasn't a secure feeling, comfy way to walk and I imagine they use sensible cotton socks too. Feet need looking after and I only care about peoples' feet if they are dirty and/or smelly. We Poms are sock/sandal guilty too.
by Rice
I've never worn socks with sandals, look's out of place, sort of like thongs and socks, what a mix!
Thongs and socks . . I feel that idea is plain dangerous and how painful to have the sock wedged in where the rubber divider goes. . . that one I don't quite understand.
by Rice
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