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What do you think about public shaming as a form of discipline?

by Gia (follow)
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Many parents are taking to Facebook, YouTube and the streets to publicly shame/discipline their children.

What do you think about public shaming as a form of discipline?

#Public Shaming
#Child Abuse
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Top Answers
This is a difficult question.

I think maybe not something I would do, to my sons.
One never knows 'if' it could push one over the edge.
Esp with the amount of people we have now in our own worlds.
In the old days, one would live in a village, and really everyone knew each other quite well....It was one big family.

I feel I just could not put my son's thru something of this nature....I DO believe in
discipline, 100%.
Just not this type.
I think that shaming is a form of punishment and bears no relation to discipline. I know that's semantics but so many parents believe that punishment and discipline are the same when they are not. Discipline comes from within and very rarely does punishment lead to discipline. So I guess I fall within the no side of this one.
For adults it might be a good thing, but I think shaming has no place in parenting. Guilt = I did wrong. Shame = I am wrong. It makes a child feel like a bad person by focusing on them rather than the behaviour.
My first reaction is to say I don;t agree with it at all. Humiliation is not in my opinion a valid punishment and is likely to have lasting psychological effects. However I have no problem with the practice of putting the photos, from CCTV, of shop lifters or petrol drive offs, in shop windows, provided they are removed oince the offender is identified and reported to police.
What a good idea for these knob-heads of young criminals, who delight in robberies of shops, petrol stations, elderly persons et al. Smash & grabs, road rage, & car-jacking.

The sometimes physical injuries' they impart are disgusting, let alone the psychological ones' that the victim has to live with forever.

The reason I say this is: have you noticed how they AWAYS hang or cover their heads, when arrested? They KNOW they've done the wrong thing, so public humiliation would be an idea for them.

Let the rotten fruit fly!
Shaming is a cop out for those who shame someone. As to the 'shamed' it could be a form of notoriety for some or something more deeply psychologically disturbing.for others. Really not a form of discipline, there are other ways.
I don't agree with public shaming. As a parent myself, the discipline I handed out to my growing children was consistent, beginning in their earlier formative years. I'm not sure what is to gain by this form of punishment (I don't believe that it's discipline). Are the parents needing more folk standing behind them (supposedly) before they make their stand?
I'm not in favour at all.
For adults who break the law yes, for children no. Especially for matters that have nothing to do with the public like disobeying parents. If a teenager got sentenced to community service then they do not have a choice. But posting these pictures and videos of your child on the internet is not wise.
by Gia
The parents who publicly shame their children seem to think it's a smart move. I feel sorry for the children involved. Yes, they have done wrong, but what's happened to disciplining the child in a way they understand their indescretion is wrong and possibly harmful/hurtful? Good old fashioned slap on the bum used to work on younger ones and loss of priveleges for older ones used to work when my children were growing up. Nowadays we send children to the naughty corner or time out in their rooms where they can still play with their toys. That's not a punishment in my eyes. My husband had a different approach with our girls as they were growing older. He'd sit down and face them, talk through what had happened and then put them in his place as a parent about to dispense punishment and ask them what they thought the punishment should be. In the end both parties were happy with the punishment reached.
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