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What do you think about people who don't put their rubbish in a bin?

by gbrow (follow)
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I don't like people who don't put their rubbish in a bin.

I hate seeing rubbish laying around.It's not hard to put it in the bin.

What do you think?

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Top Answers
It makes me quite dispropately angry.I don't know why exactly.

Once I was bushwalking with a group of teenagers and one of them started throwing lolly wrappers into the bushes as he walked along in the pristine national park. I kind of flipped out and shouted at him because it seemed like blasphemy in such a beautiful place. If there's no bin nearby just put it in your pocket and take it with you. It's not that hard.
To me anyone who leaves rubbish around
is a Total
I wonder what their home is like
I think they are rubbish - lazy, selfish and ignorant.
by Vee
This is what happens when people don't put their rubbish in a bin. It gets washed down the gutter and into the drain and then could possibly end up in a rock pool.
These people are nasty, selfish and short sighted,
Grubby little pigs with no respect for others, their surrounds or themselves. They are a disgrace.
Hate it. Really makes my blood boil.
by Gia
They are absolute pigs.
P I G S Strega
They need a good sift kick! when you ask them to do the right thing they swear at you as if it our fault and they have done nothing wrong!
They're just lazy slobs.
What do i think about that? Itía desisting habit.

I walk a 3k walk around where i live, most days. Most days I take a plastic bag, picking up rubbish as I walk.Then I deposit it into the correct bins when Iím passion those bins, which are outside peopleís houses.
3 mistakes I made on my original reply! i=I...desisting=disgusting...passion=passing!
by Miro
Yay for you. I too pick up rubbish when I am out and about. If I see someone picking up rubbish I wish I could tell them how proud of them I feel. Good for you. I hope it catches on.
by annfi
I hate anyone who is too lazy to pick up their own rubbish. Where I live, in a retirement home, People here who do not want the "local" paper, pull it out of the letterbox and throw it on the ground!! They seem to think that the fairys come and pick it up after them. One time a young lad who used to visit my son used to throw out his flavoured milk carton out the window as he drove off.
I collected these over several weeks, and handed them back to him, in a bag, and said "these belong to you" put them in your own bin
Good on you Phil. I saw a chap sitting in his car drinking coffee outside where he was living, toss the container out the window and over the top of the car to land on the grass verge. When I travelled past the same house several days later he was again in the car drinking coffee and when I returned the car was gone but on the grass verge lay quite a few containers and food containers as well. Days later when I drove past the rubbish was gone but it made me angry that people could be so lazy.
by helga
They are just pigs and inconsiderate
by Rice
Part 2! Years ago I was walking past our local takeaway. 3 guys were sitting in the front seat, 1 throw out his milk shake container, so I doubled back, & throw it back into the car! He got the shock f his life!
by Miro
I hate it when people leave a half drunk takeaway coffee on the train, it then falls over with the jerking around that happens, and makes a nice sticky line in the area. Sometimes I see empty seats but it's because there's a mess on the floor and no one wants to sit there.
When I was in Gujarat in India the ground was covered in deep swathes of litter. When our friends left India and one dropped some rubbish- I picked it up and explained that in Australia we do not drop litter and that you can be fined. We live in a clean country and we must work to keep it that way. Ever since, my Indian friends have been anti litter and have helped spread the word.

On more than one occasion I have chased someone to return their rubbish. I hand it to them and say- Here .You seemed to have dropped this.
Sometimes they look a bit embarrassed and sometimes they get angry. I am happy to talk to them about their rubbish ending up in the ocean.
I think people who litter are lazy and disgusting, but sometimes they are ignorant too.
I admit sometimes I have been too cautious to confront litterbugs- I am not prepared to get hurt for the cause.
I admire people who pick up litter and hope that more and more people take up the cause. They are an army of superheroes.if you are one, I thank you.
Dirty and lazy.
I wish there were more bins at shopping malls. The other day I just could not find one and I had my hands full. What are we supposed to do? Surely it is worth it for management to supply and maintain a few bins where needed?
I think of those people as lazy slobs! I can't stand it, the same with people that but their cigarettes out the window, it it's not good enough to put in your car, then wait, or don't light one up, why should the road be their ashtrays! another slob(s)
A lot of people just donít have any pride in their environment. This added to a ď itís someone elseís jobĒ adds to the mess left lying around.
Maybe some large littering fines are in order.
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