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What do you remember being delivered by horse and cart when you were a child?

by Gayle Beveridge (follow)
Gayle Beveridge
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Horse and cart.
Horse and cart, I remember them well. (Image by revwarheart via morgueFile)

So much was delivered by horse and cart when I was young. I remember them well, the clip clop of ther hooves in the street.

What was delivered to your home by horse and cart and do you remember how long ago you last saw them?

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Top Answers
Nothing was delivered by horse and cart when I was young! My grandma could remember such deliveries from the early years of the last century but since then.... I don't think so!
We did have a very old rag'n'bone man who came round on a horse and cart but he took things away rather than delivering and he must have stopped when I was still quite young as I can only just remember him.
The rag'n'bone man had a street cry that went, "Any rags, any bones, any bottles?" with an upward inflection on "bottles". I last heard that cry in Wellington Street, Wooloowin, Brisbane, when I was almost 5 back in 1951.
by grann
In England I remember
The 'Coal man' we would use that to keep the fire in the home burning.
The 'Veg' man(fresh veg & such).
The 'Rag and Bone' man(he would take all kinds of junk.
Oooh yes! I had all those in England too.
by Rice
In the late 50s and early 60s I helped an old lady deliver milk and cream around the town of Wyong. In a lovely sulky.I was about 5yo when I started . My pay, per year, was one new pair of gum boots. Even today 50 years later to ride a horse an cart or sulky takes me back in time.
Wow...no...there were no horse and carts at all where and when I grew up. I remember seeing one for the first in Banff when I moved to Alberta about 12 years ago, but there is only one and it's a hire-on coach for tourists.
At the risk of revealing my age, I remember the baker coming by horse and cart. I also remember that when my mother would ask for half a loaf
he'd break the loaf in half and rub it on his trouser leg to remove the excess crumbs before putting it in a paper bag. Imagine doing that now!
I missed that ere by quite a few years I daresay! But I love reading about other people's memories of it.
Way before my time! Although I remember my grandparents talking about this.
I am originally from a country where horsecart deliveries are probably still used today. Anyhow, when I used to visit in my childhood, horsecarts used to deliver milk in the morning, then there would be several visits by vegetable vendors, fruit vendors, rubbish or recyclable collectors, and sometimes even food vendors like BBQ corn on the cob, etc. (It was not always a horse cart, sometimes it would be a donkey cart). I was so amused back then. I am talking about the 80s.
When I was young in the country the milk man came by horse and cart. Us kids used to love running along sied the cart. I remember they were clydesdales. The baker also came in horse and cart. I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly but I think the pan man came by horse and cart as well.
None, but mum and dad you to have ice and milk delivered and the dunny man would take away the you know what
I remember the lovely bread the bakers cart delivered, arriving home from school a slice of fresh bread and melon and lemon jam spread on it. heaven.. where is this type of bread and melon and lemon jam today.? I think the jam was IXL..
Nothing really. I have seen a bullock cart or two where I come from, that too only on visits to rural villages but never saw a horse and cart.
The baker did his deliveries by horse & cart. The horse was so smart, he would know exactly how far along the road he needed to move to the next house & then he'd stop. Then the baker renewed the basket to deliver whatever had been ordered from a particular house. If we kids hung around sometimes we would be lucky enough to be given a free bread roll, all warm & crusty - yum!
I lament that this is definitely before my time. I wish that I had stories of my own but love to listen to others talk about this topic. It's sad that this part of our culture has changed.
Milk from a tank and poured into an aluminium billy. Ice for the ice box with the carrier having ablack leather apron and a large metal hook.
milk and mail
Yes, I remember bread being delivered by horse and cart in the early '60s in Griffith.
One of my earliest memories is hearing the clip clop of horses hooves and tinkle of glass milk bottles as the milkman made his deliveries while I lay snug in bed in the very early morning. The milkman collected the empty bottles left at the post box and replaced them with fresh full bottles. Money would be left with the new bottles. and I don't remember there ever being any issues with money going missing. Money was also left in the post box for bread which was delivered by the baker in a horse and cart. I also remember the ice man who delivered blocks of ice for the icebox. As children we would run after him to grab loose chunks of ice which had broken off the blocks. I'm not entirely sure whether he had a horse and cart or a truck. This was in the early 1950's in what was then a new suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The streets were unmade, there was no sewerage and our entertainment was playing games in the street. It was great! Tesha
Fish, bread and rabbis for a while and then the rabbitoh changed to a tiny little station wagon type vehicle. And that was in an inner city suburb of syndey in the 1950s
Logs for the fire. The woodman had a German Shepherd called Rex. I used to go for a ride around our village with them. Ah, memories :-)
by Rice
We had the baker and milkman deliver by horse and cart and those lovely clysdales would be the most patient horses ever. The milkman lived in the next street so we were allowed to watch him hitch up ready for his daily rounds. The baker was a couple of streets away so we'd often walk around to get an extra half loaf of bread if we ran out and pick the middle out of it on the way home trying to convince mum that was the way the baker sold it to us. Can't remember if the iceman came in horse and cart.
Though I was quite your I remember timber being delivered by horse and dray to build houses. Milk was delivered by horse and cart
as a child milk, bread, coal,and beer being delivered to the Pub on the corner rag and bone man Iam *0 and the memories are from Scotland and England
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