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What do you hate about Christmas?

by annep (follow)
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We celebrate Christmas because it's tradition, but this doesn't mean people love everything about the holiday.

You don't have to be the Grinch or Mr Scrooge to hate Christmas. As fun as Christmas is, any normal person can find something he or she hates about this tradition.

What about you? What do you hate about Christmas?

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Top Answers
I hate it when the office is closed for Christmas and everything is on hold. My workload is increased because I need to get things done before my boss leaves for Christmas.

I hate the preparation and the cleaning that come with Christmas parties. I also hate it when I walk out in the neighbourhood and there are old decorations above my head.

I hate Christmas shopping when I have to wait for ages to pay for groceries. I can't tolerate the crowd during Christmas time.
Which answer did you agree with, as I didn't know if it was Jennifers or mine...lol
by jonaja
Having to see, and try to be nice to, relatives that you really don't like. I don't see them virtually for the whole rest of the year (their choice-not mine)and yet for this time I have to paste on a happy face and play nice, when I'd really rather tell them exactly what I think!
An irregular routine, where everything shuts down and it is just you with your family. Christmas can also be stressful, with the abundance of people in the city shopping and hanging around.
I hate seeing Christmas themed products in the shops in September/October time.

I hate it when people don't bother to take their outdoor fairy lights down, and leave them dangling over the front door and windows all year round.

I hate the Christmas trees left out on the street that aren't collected for weeks.

I hate that far too much food is bought.
Hate is such a strong word, but I do dislike the crowds and queues at the mall.
I dislike the consumeristic expectations that the media places onto people. Aka, spending big is the way to everyone's heart at Christmas. This is so not the case! It's time they stop reminding us it's not how much we spend but what we purchase if we do for others! But yes, I am all for the retail industry gaining a boost because this means more retail staff are employed and that (in my situation) is a good thing when on university break.
People are oblivious....... to why they are celebrating Christmas.
Even though it may have not happened in December...it is a celebration in the main about the baby that was born.

Why do we celebrate such an important birth? not many know....and even if they do, it really makes no difference to peoples lives in the mainstream society.

The thing is that's NOT why a lot of people celebrate Christmas. To many people it is no longer a religious holiday. Instead it's about spending time together with family and enjoying each other's company. The feasting and gift giving part of things predates Christianity.
I agree. For many children, when thinking of Christmas, they only think of Santa Claus and gifts.
by annep
Jennifer...Jennifer not this old walnut again...lol

Do you remember what the question said

"What do I ''
I am answering a question, that's all.

You & I had already covered this topic in another question, and I took
notice how you defended your thoughts, I said 'fair enough'.

But now if you would just understand, there are others who feel as I do.

Same as there are others who feel as you do.

That is why we are all here, not to out do one another, but be fair, and please allow me to at least answer this question, without once again trying to tell me
the real reason.
That is your opinion, I do not share that same line of thought.

by jonaja
I am sorry, I didn't mean to make you at all reluctant to answer questions here. I enjoy reading your answers and your responses. I am sure other people do too. You said that people are oblivious as to why THEY are celebrating Christmas, not why you celebrate it. I had to disagree because I think most people probably do have a good idea what they themselves are celebrating. Having a different reason from you doesn't mean they are ignorant or confused about it. I get what you are celebrating, and completely support your right to do so, I just think you were generalising. That's not really what I was talking about in the other question. At least, I don't think so. I would have to go and re-read it. I didn't say I thought anything in particular was the "real" reason to celebrate Christmas. It varies from person to person. That was my point.
I agree with this. Too many people these days are trying to claim that Christmas is just a holiday with no religious connections. I totally disagree that this is even possible when the origin of this festival is to celebrate Christ's Mass hence 'Christmas'. By all means have your family get togethers, give each other gifts (as did the Magi give gifts to baby Jesus), eat special foods etc but please if you do not recognise Christ's role in this, call your celebrations something else!
by bever
Bever, if non Christians can't use the name "Christmas" for our celebrations, surely Christians shouldn't be allowed to enjoy any of the non-Christian aspects of the holiday (Santa, gift giving, Christmas trees, mistletoe, holly wreaths and the feast, pagan traditions all). It's only fair. Or could we maybe all just agree to let people pick and choose why and how the celebrate their holiday?
Funny you should say that...in my house there is no Christmas tree, for that reason.We have banned santa because we believe the fat guy gets all the attention, and we want Christ too.
The food, well that is ok for us as Christians as we have a birthday meal for all our Birthdays, and so we love that part of Christmas....Having a feast is part of the Bible for special occasions.Giving gifts! the three wise men had a gift each, nothing wrong with that I can see.
To me, it seems strange people who do not believe in Christ would celebrate Christmas.
Bit like buying a car, and you don't drive.but! that's my opinion only.
by jonaja
maybe we should leave this Topic to fade away.....now we have all had our say.
LOL :)

by jonaja
When I worked in retail the Christmas music playing everywhere all the time from November onwards used to really annoy me because I couldn't get away from it.

What else... Um, people trying to pressure me into eating more food than I want to because there is too much. I like food, but there are limits!

The way everything shuts down can be a bit annoying too. Most of the usual activities I take the kids too aren't on (that's more a school holidays thing than a Christmas thing) and it can sometimes be a bit harder to keep them occupied and a bit lonely.
I don't like the mass consumerism (and extra shoppers) that comes with Christmas and the fact that people will go into debt to buy things for others that they don't need. Everything else about it is great!
Just the rush of everything - I've still not put up the tree and unsure when this will happen!? Need to squash in a visit to santa and our weekends are full - last weekend we had three events to attend on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday - it's just exhausting!
There are many things that annoy me about Christmas: some of those things were mentioned here, like crowds, everything is closed, things become more expensive etc. For this reason, we celebrate Christmas with food and family. We don't do gifts, because we have Giving Day which happens at another time or two times a year when prices aren't through the roof and shopping centres aren't busy. This works for us and the kids love having Giving Day a few times a year.

That sounds nice.
Christmas is OK but I have a son who has his own agenda and no other family so it doesn't mean much to me. What I hate is that after Christmas all the Easter stuff appears in the supermarkets which we have to endure for 4 months. Easter eggs and buns should be appropriate to the occasion - it's just another money making scheme by the supermarkets.
Yes, the stuff appearing in the shops so early is annoying. This year I saw Christmas puddings in the bakery next to Halloween cookies.
The biggest thing that really annoys me about christmas is that it was a Pagan festival stolen, like all others, by the christians. Their way of ethnic cleansing. Then they have the cheek to get on their high horses because you are then forced to take a holiday for something you do not believe in. You are stuck at home because the price of everything has doubled and you can't go camping or on holiday because everywhere is full of children.
The mangoes which were $12 a case last Friday are now $19.99 the Saturday before the big day.
The crass commercialism!
There's nothing for me to hate about Christmas in fact I love Christmas because it's the time of the year where family members from far and near gather together. Lots of joy, laughter, and happiness. However, what frustrate me is gifts buying. It's time consuming to carefully think about what would be a meaningful and practical Xmas gift for each and everyone (especially if you have a long list of names to buy for).
Not being a child anymore and being oblivious to the preparation involved!
Oh and dont forget no longer getting awesome presents, like one year I got a pig!! and REAL PIG!!
ALL of it, particularly the way it's been totally commercialised. Just hate it.
Invisible Bow Slipper

I hate it, every part of it.
Particularly since it has become the reason for greedy commercialisation. Gross & crass to the nth degree!

It's the cause of people becoming very unhappy, to the point of depression, & beyond.

It's when people who can't stand each other for the rest of the year feel they HAVE to get-together, even though it's hot, they eat too much, & definitely drink way too much alcohol, thus affected, 'words' get spoken, & then there's a rip-roaring argument or fight, to the point, in extreme, that people have been killed.

People spend money they don't have, on gifts that recipients' don't want. The amount of food wasted would feed a third-world country. Excesses, in EVERYTHING, abound, in the 'name' of it.

Hate Xmas carols. Must drive shop assistants' nuts having to listen to them EIGHT hours' a day, for approx TWO months' prior!

Am SO pleased when it's ALL over, & have twelve months' before the stupidity starts again,
Hate is probably a bit strong but I definitely dislike the commercialism that surrounds that time of the year. Other than that I like Christmas as it is a lovely time to be with family and friends.
That people seem to insist that Australia in secular but then celebrate Christmas
trying to get presents for everyone
Virtually everything
by Finy
Having to buy people gifts to to buy them a gift.
Usually it is something they don't really want or need anyway.

I prefer to buy gifts for people throughout the year when I find something special they really would enjoy.
The shopping! And the shopping centres. So busy, noisy and crowded. This year we donating money to a charity in lieu of shopping for the adults in my family. I'm so pleased. Giving money to worthwhile causes feels much more "christmassy" to me than spending money in shops.
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