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What are your superstitions?

by grann (follow)
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What are your superstitions? With a mix of Greek and Anglo-Saxon heritage, it's no wonder I am immersed in them. I was brought up with closing the cupboard doors in case I let the Devil out, tossing spilled salt over my left shoulder, and exclaiming, "Sugar for joy," whenever I spilled any.

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Top Answers
I never open an umbrella over my head while being indoors. It is supposed to be bad luck. My mother used to always say that if you drop a sharp knife, you can expect a surprise, so those are the two that stick in my head.

Is the surprise having a sharp knife sticking out of your foot? :P
Not the surprise is not the knife in your foot lol! It's more in the understanding that you will receive done surprising news :)

by Debbie
I was about to say that I don't have any superstitions and then I remembered my dice. Gamers (of tabletop roleplaying games, like Dungeons and Dragons) tend to be a superstitious bunch. It is generally considered to be a massive social faux pas to touch someone else's dice, and I have seen a gamestore with a "certified luck neutral rolling surface" for "testing" dice to see whether they are high rollers or not before purchase. I have also observed people practicing "dice training" (where you always place them on the table with the highest number facing up) and "table training" (where you always sit in the same spot on the table because it's your "lucky spot." Personally I have a thing where if I put something into my dice bag it has to always be kept in there, even if it's a random thing that doesn't belong, like the broken tube some of my dice came in or the label from a video cassette. I can't say whether anyone actually believes this stuff has any real effect but we do it.
Surprisingly, I've never heard of the sharp knife one, Debbie. I thought our family had them all covered.
Good question. I guess things happen in three. And then break a match to stop the cycle!
Must keep the matches handy.
by grann
Not really the superstitious type, yet many people say that they believe that Friday the 13th is unlucky.
My neighbour has been able to get an investigative medical appointment on Friday December 13. Otherwise she will have to wait until February to see a specialist for her particular condition. No prizes for guessing why this is so. The thin veneer of civilisation!
by grann
I did throw salt over my shoulder yesterday, after spilling some.

I was shocked I did it.

I haven't done that before in 25 years....I don't really think much on superstitions.
But, it would seem one got away yesterday!
Unintentional Crossed knives on a table is bad luck
Yes. That was in our family's repertoire.
by grann
Always handing over the scissors by the handle to the other person, otherwise you'll end up having a huge argument/fight.

Weird! I can't help but abide by it.
Why was spilling salt a bad thing? My parents did that. Never thought to ask.
I don't walk under a ladder and I have a tonne of little ones that I can't think of - it's more along the why push your luck. When I gamble tho (craps or black jack) I have a million little rules I stick to in order not to get bad luck - it's hilarious.
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