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Were you upset when Princess Diana died?

by Finy (follow)
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Were you upset when Princess Diana died?

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Top Answers
I actually was very upset and cried when I heard the news and cried quite often when I kept seeing the reports and seeing her children, and the funeral.

Odd how a stranger can affect me.
by Finy
I was a bit upset, and more importantly I got a project in school to make a photo book about her life. I remember collecting so many pictures and ending with her funeral pics. Sad.
by BK
I admit to being extremely moved by the entire situation,and very upset for the children more than anyone else. It was definitely a ' Where were you when?' moment! At least she will be forever young,just as my own mother will be, as when she also died far too young...
I felt sorry for Diana as each year passed, we saw her grow more confident, and lovely.
It is my opinion Charles was not a fit husband.

What a strange man he is, not able to love her for who she was.
I was very upset at his treatment of her over the years, but for her to die as she did....I will never believe in the Prince & Princess happy together, forever and ever.
Charles caused a lot of her bad actions, from his lack love.
She should never have died, and I think it was the people in charge that had her disposed of.
Poor Diana made some really bad choices, as she got older.
She was a lovely person, I believe......

I have never believed it was an "accident" either. It was far too convenient for the Monarchy. I still feel sad about the whole thing as I believe she would still have had a lot to contribute to charities etc. and would have always remained popular with the public.
Poor girl was out of her depth going into the Royal Family, and all those who oversee.
Well out of her depth!
by jonaja
I remember exactly when and where I was (driving) when the news came on the radio. I was deeply shocked.
I was driving too and also remember exactly where I was when the news came over the radio. I was very shocked and thought of her poor little boys straight away. It was sad and I did shed a few tears but I would not have been like some who were screaming and crying as the coffin passed by. A life cut short is always sad, I suppose that is what we were all thinking.
by Rice
I was only 14 when princess Diana died. I don't think I was upset due to my age but I do still remember where I was when I first saw the reports on her death
by AJ
No, not at all. As a child, when Lady Di first got together with Prince Charles, I was obsessed with her and wanted to be as much like her as possible but she behaved so badly that by the time of her death I really didn't like how she was or what she did. I'm sure her death was terribly sad for her friends and family but it didn't upset me one jot.
Yes it was upsetting and hard to believe but...I didn't breakdown or anything
by fran
I wasn't as I would be if someone I personally knew had passed away but it is a moment that has always stayed with me. My husband loves to listen to the news (over and over). I had said that morning not to turn the radio news on - "They'll tell us someone has died" I said. He turned it on and it was Princess Diana who was gone. That news was the first sentence we heard.
I was in Seville, & had just sat down for Lunch, when others' at table told me. Was upset for a seemingly nice person to die in such a terrible way. There was virtually nothing else on Spanish tv for the next few days'. I arrived home day b4 her funeral & like millions', watched it on the telly. Her boys are now strong, handsome young men, & William's a dad! She did the best by them.
I was too young to know what was going on. I'm sure I would have been upset if I had any idea. Such a tragedy.
by Vee
I felt sad, but then started to become cynical and x when it just went over the top. those dreadful magazines that are in every drs waiting rooms.
(i've taken other magazines in and asked if they could put them on the table for people who want to read something more than celebrity dumb down.). I felt Dianna's death was the beginning of celebrity worship.
The royal families from the begnning of history have always, and still do, choose the partners and those they think suitable to produce the next generation of royals. Charles was already involved with Camilla, but the 'firm' saw Dianna as the next candidate.
At least they cant cut off the heads now when they want to be rid of some poor woman (yes, i've just read Hilary Mantel,).
yes i was sad when i heard that Diana was being rushed to hospital and than followed by the terrible news that she had died, so upsetting as she was just so young.
Sad, so very sad - husband and I both cried. I'm so thankful Diana was given the time to show and instill in her boys compassion and empathy to the every day man even they themselves led a ver privileged life. She gave her boys so much love.
Only inasmuch as I would be upset about anyone else passing away at such a young age with young children. She was totally over rated and acted so badly, she was obsessed with her own image and had the stupid press at her beck and call making Charles look like the bad guy. That's just my opinion!
I was playing in a youth orchestra concert on that weekend, and saw the staff huddled in a corner, talking. Thought nothing of it, then heard the news on the car radio on the trip home.

At the next rehearsal the conductor told us the incredible story of how an item on our program (Elgar's Nimrod movement) had been on Diana had said was her favourite, when she'd come here in the '80s and attended a rehearsal - where the orchestra of the day was also doing that item.

for awhile after, when I heard that item, I couldn't help but feel emotional.
I was sad for someone so young to die that way. However, it did not affect me emotionally - I think a lot of the outpourings of grief went way over the top, and it really became a celebrity event.
Not particularly. She was a manipulative and sick person. She wanted to be Queen of England despite the fact that there was a big age difference, interest difference and clearly he was only doing his duty to his country. If you go into a marriage knowing that you cannot then claim that you are the injured one. She manipulated the press and the people who only saw a woman who could manipulate them. I am sorry for her children but she did the nation a favour.
I think I was more in a state of disbelief as opposed to shock. Thought it was just another false tabloid report to sell newspapers.
Yes, it was on the 31st August, & I was just leaving my nieces 3rd birthday party with my mum. I just couldn’t believe it, & thought there must have been some mistake, saying, “No, No it couldn’t be her”, & I was crying & shaking for hours afterwards.
I feel that too many people think that she is an angel or something. She was cheating in her marriage the same as Charles, but the world seems to think that it was Charles who was the monster, he was not they were both to blame. I think she was a media groupie her self and loved to be in the headlights, and the headlines. I did not shed a tear for her, I just think it was sad that she died when she was getting her life together, and she missed so much of her children growing up, marring and being a grandmother. Nothing more and nothing less.
I feel from the time she married Charles till they parted, all she wanted to do was be number one in that family. She went from the so called shy girl to soaking up as much limelight as she could get. She would go way out of her way to get her name and picture in the paper as long as it was going her was. If you look back you will notice that Charles was the one in the back ground she she was out front getting all of the press. She did not know how to act as was requested being a royal. She was nothing but a spoiled brat who got the fairy tale wedding but didn't the get the ending. That was more her fault than anyone else. What is good for the loose goose is good for the gander. You get back twice what you give out, beware, people see through that act, she was not a saint.
Yes, I was, I couldn't beleive it, and even now looking at her tributes I still wish she was here, I often wonder how she would make a fuss over the grandchildren, I think she would of made a beautiful and fun grandma, as she was allways hands on.
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