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Should young children be taught about finance and law?

by kirk3 (follow)
K. Watkis
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Should young children be taught about finance and law? How young should do you think children should be before they are taught the essentials of finance, and the laws that exist?

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Top Answers
They need to be old enough to understand. I guess you could answer questions they have about it at whatever age they ask them and go from there.
That depends how young you're talking about. We unschool our kids which means that we talk about a huge range of subjects, and finance and law are definitely thrown into the mix, but not in a structured way. We expose the kids to that stuff in ways that they find interesting because they're involved with the conversation and it follows their lead.
Finance I believe as far as what money is, and how to take care of it...say about 5 yrs old is a good age.
It needs to be done very simple, because that is how most people learn.

Law about the same age.
It too is a vital part of being a responsible part of the community, and a healthy respect for the law.More so for boys, than girls.

So like with people like myself, having had 3 sons....it was taught very early to them.

Boys get up to more mischief in the main, but it must be part of any Girls life also.

We may not like some parts of the law, but we all have a common ground, that we must follow it.
On saying that....it should be done in a good way, and not drive home a total fear of ....To the point that it could cause rebellion later, in teenage years.
I think young children should be given a miney box and taught saving at an early age and so be taught the value of things. They should learn to count money as soon as they are old enough to be able. Law is a part of everybody's life, but I think teaching of it starts with house rules and later moves from there.
I would say it depends enormously on the individual child and the age from which you would talk about these topics would vary. Mostly kids learn by example not from formal lessons so the best way to teach them is to be money-wise and law-abiding yourself and they will pick up those values. Same with any other part of your life, your actions will speak far louder than your words to your child(ren) so if you want them to have similar values to you, you need to really live them.
I think it is never too early to teach kids about finances and laws. They will ask questions when they are ready to learn and it's a good idea to answer at an appropriate level to help them begin to understand these concepts.
Possibly at High School entry level, but no younger.
With the way some people CAN'T manage their Finances, it would be very useful.

Then each year to Grade XII, increase depth of subject.
Yes but only with age appropriate methods like giving them small amounts of money to mange themselves at the school canteen or maybe explaining simple road rules like why you stop at a "stop" sign when driving.
I think when they start to earn pocket money, save some and spend some, so they have appreciation of money.
Law, teach them right from wrong, respect the Police and authority, keep it simple so that they do not rebel against authority.
Sadly parents do not take time out and explain things.
The lead in to teenage years are the most difficult so start early I can only guess an age to start perhaps 7 years but depends on the child. Good luck with it as they are not so easy subjects especially with outside influences (other children).
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