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Should terminally ill persons have the right to end their lives?

by Gia (follow)
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Do you think people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness should have the right to forgo suffering and end their lives?

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Top Answers
I believe it is up to the person themselves. If they are terminally ill and their life is just wasting away in front of their eyes to the point of them becoming trapped in their own body but not being able to live their life, then I think it should be allowed, if that is what the person really wants. I dont agree with people doing it just as a get-out clause, but I think there are circumstances where it can be considered. We euthanase animals all the time on the grounds of preventing animal suffering, so why shouldnt a person be given the same choice.
I am totally AGAINST euthanasia. I saw my darling mother made peaceful ( I mean murdered by a cocktail of drugs) when terminally ill. And it is now 9 years later and I still have flashbacks. She no doubt would have died of her brain cancer anyway. But her life was hastened. And she never gave her permission for them to do it. It's only now I realise what palliative care actually means. My fear is for the elderly, (those without family) it is well known, that many of them are put to peace (to save medical costs, beds etc) we care more about animals than the elderly.

Otherwise, I would be FOR it. But no, definitely not. I will be marching...if it looks like it will go ahead. I will be at every protest in Australia, in honour of my beautiful Mum.
Well said :) you have my vote.
by jonaja
by Vee
I understand this is a sensitive topic, but there are thousands of people suffering around the world. I don't mean to sound crass, but should we just 'end' it for them as well?
by Vee
There's a difference. The question is about people who want to end their lives, not people who have not expressed a wish to die. The question is also about the terminally ill, where there is no chance of recovery. They are only going to get worse before dying from the illness, and instead of death being painful and drawn out, I don't see why they cannot be allowed to die in peace, at a moment of their choosing, when they are prepared, and have come to terms with everything.
Yes. If they no longer want to live, then what right does anyone else have to say they have to go on living. It is inhumane to make someone suffer when they clearly express a wish to move on. I consider it against human rights. If it is my life and my body, it is my decision what I do with it.

I work in aged care and see most people 'existing'. Seeing them using breathing apparatus, frail skin that tears, taking numerous medications and creams; if I knew I was going to be in the same circumstance at any age, I would not want to go on.
Very sensitive topic this and probably a dangerous one. After a news report the other night about elderly people dying in homes it seems to me that relatives with aged loved ones in care need to be ever alert that someone else doesn't feel obliged to make these decisions on the aged persons behalf.
I would wish that people would fight for their very last breath.
by Gia
No! Humans should NOT be playing God!
death is unavoidable. we will all die. And I think that people facing a long drawn out dying should have the option.

At the moment, you can choose to not have 'life prolonging' treatment.

I think that many medical interventions are like 'playing god', so it is illogical to suggest that hastening a dying persons death is such.

It is important that individuals have the right to what happens to THEIR body. They need to make their wishes known to family. Just because you find it difficult or it is not a choice you would make, does not make it invalid.
I have filled out the form stating my wishes that at a certain point I do not want to be kept alive.
My dr. and a jp have signed it, I have told my chlldren that my wishes are stored in an envelope. I do not want them to have to make a decision or to see me as a 'living dead' person. A difficult subject, but a decision that comes to us all
Well said. Bravo.
by poppy
If the illness is resulting in a loss of quality of life, that they are merely existing and in consultation with their family I think that person has the right to make the decision to end their life. After all it is their life and their decision
Most definitely. Having worked in this field I see people who are suffering unnecessarily all the time. I believe it should be up to the person who is of sound mind at a time of his or her choosing,once a diagnosis is made. The grey area though is what diseases qualify. I for one would nominate Alzheimer's. Cancer is another obvious one if there is suffering involved. There would have to be a lot of regulation around this, but people of sound mind should have a choice .
NO. Because it's Murder.
I think its up to the person to decide. But I find it extremely uncomfortable to watch someone you love dying in pain. I watched my poor Mother and complained that we would be up for animal abuse if we allowed to let them suffer. The nursing staff were wonderful and gave Mum drugs to ease her pain, she died peacefully. I didnt know that when we die it is extremely painful. So I think for the old saying [THE GREATER GOOD} and there is no hope of our recovery, Id say yes as we all the the right to die in peace
Yes, I beleive in this strongly, I think it should be up to the individual, and not up to the government to decide, it is very difficult to watch a loved wether away into nothing, and with such pain, they just want it over with!
Yes. After watching my Father wither away to nothing and suffer terribly, I would not wish it upon anyone. Though I do acknowledge that there are some people out there who would do anything to get rid of a relative if they thought it would benefit them (I have a couple of those who would sell their Nanna to Satan himself just to get a few dollars).
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